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They Are Legion – But So Are We

Satanism among the Jews is unlike any other form of Satanism and immeasurably more pernicious and powerful.

The Jews do not believe in Satan. They do not believe that there is a duality of Good and Evil at war with one another. They harbor no such reassuring illusion. Reality is far more dangerous and they know it. They know there is only One – and they know that that One can take either the form of Good or Evil – in accordance with the acts performed in the phenomenal worlds.

I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I am the LORD, that doeth all these things. – Yishayahu 45:7

The terrible reality is: God in Itself is neither Good nor Evil. It is what the Jews make of it. Those who are Good  have *chosen* to be Good. They know that there is no punishment in some afterlife if we are not Good. They know that the effects of Goodness are immediate in this world. They are dedicated to Goodness because that is Who they have freely chosen to be. Only those who are evil teach that if you don’t do as they say you’ll be eternally damned. So, you do as they say – and make this created world into Hell.

When a Jew performs evil acts and acts of idol worship (self worship as evil) and intentionally pervert God’s Intentions in their interpretation of Torah, and does so in God’s Name, they *become* Satan and God becomes Satan. They make God Satan. And, yes, the Jews have the Power to do this. Only the Jews have the power to do this because they are HaYehudim. Most do so unknowingly, having been inducted into what they genuinely believe are the Commandments of HaShem as Children by those they loved and trusted the most – who were, more likely than not, also dupes who were inducted and sincerely believe they are doing “the mitzvoth”. But they are doing evil in HaShem’s Name – and thus this world is indeed the progeny and creation of Satan. There are a few at the top of the pyramid who know exactly what they are doing. They not only have tremendous monetary and political power, they have the power to induct Jews, en masse, generation after generation, into evil because they are respected and revered. When someone who is evil is called a Tzaddik (righteous/saintly) it is a perversion of reality itself. Evil becomes Tzaddikut (righteousness). Lies become the Truth.

In every generation there have been a handful of Jews who have known the Truth and who have been good Sons of the Most High. But they were up against The Legion. They “fixed” what they could, but could not root out the evil. Being Sons, their Power was limited because they did not have the Power of Mother. The Hebrew word good is equal to the Hebrew word that means identical. The Righteous Jews are identical with God’s Will. But, the Sons do not arrive at the highest levels – the level of Birth – The Brith.

Jewish Women, who do have the power to bring about HaBrit HaChadasha (The New Covenant) did not do so because they were taught that they had to learn Torah from the male rabbis. The rabbis presumed to teach the Mothers Torah! That is to say: the men taught the women what Supernal Pregnancy is! When one realizes how colossal the arrogance and presumption is, one’s Head spins! And the Women, covered their Heads and submitted to this travesty – which is more astounding and horrifying still. That is what happens when Modesty is twisted to mean submission to evil.

Yeshu knew this and he believed that if he sacrificed himself he could root out the evil. But there is a contradiction in that. God, as the Supernal Mother, most certainly has no desire for the sacrifice of her Children – most especially not those who intentions are basically good, if misguided.

There is a Higher Way.

There is only one Power that can combat this. The power of the Mothers and their Rachamim/Rechamim (Compassion/Wombs)

HaBrit HaChadasha is a new INCEPTION. The Name Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) is equal to the Hebrew phrase I Am Pregnant. HaBrit HaChadasha is the Inception that will bring into a being an actual world that will resemble Sarah and Rivka, Leah and Rachel, Zilpah and Bilhah. Their Characteristics and their Wisdom will take on the shapes of actuality.

The Hebrew word Brit is equal to the Hebrew phrase Pregnant with A Daughter or Daughter is pregnant. They are One and the Same because the Daughter is Identical to the Mother. Mother and Daughter are the letter yud in HaShem’s Most High Name. In fact, it appears get again as two Hey’in – showing the Two Who are One – Mother and Daughter

All of the Power in the Universe is the power of Birth. And this is why We, the Mothers, must unite. We have to understand the Most Holy Name is not God in and of Itself. That is the level we *pray* to, but it is in the uncreated real. The Most Holy Name of Four letters is the highest Manifestation of God that a World can endure. It is Wise Motherhood. We have to make ourselves like the Supernal Mother and attach our Hearts to the Holy Mothers in YisraEl. The Name YisraEl is equal to the Hebrew expression Your Mother.

Again, we PRAY to God the uncreated. But we make ourselves identical Daughters and good Sons of the Holy Mothers. The Mothers are on a level higher than their Husbands. Their voice is the highest Manifestation of God any world can endure. We must hear that gentle voice in the Colors of the Light.  The light is the expression of their Wisdom if we know how to interpret it.

And God said unto Abraham: ‘Let it not be grievous in thy sight because of the lad, and because of thy bondwoman; in all that Sarah saith unto thee, hearken unto her voice; for in Isaac shall seed be called to thee. – Genesis 21:12

The English word Color is comprised of two Hebrew words. Kol is voice or sound. Or is light. The light expresses the will of the Mothers.  It is their Wisdom. Observe it and listen carefully.

Rachamim/Rechamim (Compassion/Wombs) must be mitigated with what is called Sekhel – Reason – the Ground of Being, the ground from which our Bodies are built. Unreasoned Compassion can be as destructive as unmitigated cruelty. Wisdom is Loving and Generous and Abiding, but it is not “emo”. It is not foolishly sentimental.

We Mothers have to know what an Inception is not viable and threatens the lives of the healthy siblings. We have to let it fall. We must let it go. The decision to allow the evil to be aborted is the Sekhel (Reason) within Rachamim/Rechamim (Compassion/Wombs). We will bleed and we will cry and we will mourn. And if it our Will, our tears will water the conditions that will allow for the resurrection of those we had to allow to fall when the conditions of their healing in existence were not yet formed.

The time has come to stop calling Evil Good and stop brooding on sentimental hope.

We have to let the Evil fall because they are not only endangering our Good and healthy progeny – they intend to infect the Supernal Womb itself such that no good and pure progeny will be born any longer.

We have the power of all that births Life and all of the truly righteous *from every generation* with us. Every Mother, of every species, in every generation, in ever time, in every place who wanted Health and Joy and Peace for her Progeny are with us.
We are legion.

Hebrew proofs are on my Hebrew blogs below this post.


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