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Our Memories and Our Imaginations

Our Memories and Our Imaginations

I am seeing many people baffled and troubled by noticing that their Memories and Imaginations do not work as they used to rather than celebrating this and learning how to use their Minds and Hearts on a far higher level. We should be seeing these changes and shifts as a great gift.

Please detach your memories from manufactured items. Attaching so many of our memories to items manufactured by others and scripts written by others makes the memory very vulnerable to manipulation and it is most certainly not the highest use of the Memory. Our Memory is something like a living silo of seeds. Our Memory and our Imagination are the abilities with which we shape your future. They are the seeds of our future worlds. We must know how to mix and recombine our Memories and our Imaginings if we are to master the art of Creation. We must have our Memory and our Imagination under control to live a Life of our own design in which we are Sovereign.

On the Fifth Day of Channukah the Light Reaches Tzedek (Jupiter)

Today is the fifth day of Channukah. The light has been propagating and cleansing at it goes. The planet known as Jupiter is Tzedek in Hebrew – which means Justice.

There will be a major rectification of all that is concerned with the concept of Justice in the world. There will be no element of harshness or revenge or punishment in Justice any longer. The concept of Justice will be one of pure Compassion and Gentleness and Loving-Kindness.


Third Night of Channukah 5777

This is the third night of Channukah. Okey dokey. Let’s explain what’s really going on here.

We’ve been hearing that a fantastically powerful wave of light is going to envelop Earth. They knew it would be after Christmas, which was the first night of Channukah this year.
It is going to happen tonight.

The light from which all of the lights of the Channukiah are lit is called a Shamash. Those are the same letters as the word Shemesh – which means the sun. The word Shamash also means a beadle or ceremonial officer. That is what the sun is.

The High Priest, Aaron, is he who lights the sun, which then gives lights to the planets in the solar system. That is the real meaning of lighting the Menorah in the Holy of Holies. It’s not about lighting a candelabrum. It’s about making our eyes work!

The light from the Shamash (Shemesh, the sun, the officiating servant) propagates and lights the planets as it goes. On the first night of Channukah the light reaches Mercury (Cokhav in Hebrew). On the second night of Channukah, the light reaches Venus. On the third night the light reach Earth (Eretz). That’s tonight.
The light of understanding, the light which will usher in the Messianic Era reached Earth tonight. The World we have waited for is now being born and the light it brings will grow stronger throughout Channukah and beyond.


Scientists and laymen have been noticing anomalies in the solar system and on Earth that they cannot explain for some time. Pulses of energy from other star systems are radiating very powerful light our way.

Over the next few days, throughout the Festival of Lights, Channukah, we will see increasingly intense anomalies in the light coming from our sun, and other suns, there will be increasing disturbances and anomalies in physical phenomena as the old laws of nature are replaced with new, just laws that do not permit the abuse of the material world. The light will change too, as the dimming of the sun is gradually removed.

Have you seen the videos of the delight of babies who could not hear when they are fitted with hearing aids? At first, not understanding what is happening, they are afraid. When they hear for the first time, they are absolutely delighted.

The physical world will no longer serve as a support for wrongdoing and will no longer remain inert at the touch of those who intend evil. They will have no foothold whatsoever.

Have you seen the videos of people who are colorblind when they put on the new glasses that allow them to see color for the first time? They cry with joy at the sheer beauty of the colors.

This is going to be Humanity’s reaction to seeing in the new light that we are being readied to receive now. We are going to see what we could not see before – and the world will be enveloped in the comfort of very profound and penetrating understanding. When we have had our fill of the comfort we need to heal, we will move on to the next era.

A new world is being born. Now. It will fully emerge on the eighth day of Channukah, when all of the planets will be flooded with the pure light of the new sun.


Recomposition of the Decomposed

Recomposition of the Decomposed

Do not think that resurrected limbs will be beautifully-formed and supple and will move with alacrity. When we rise from the death of unknowing, having experienced only the dimmest dreams of the lowest levels of awareness, and having experienced only the basest impulses; we emerge decomposed and we stink.
We are now able to recompose ourselves in accordance with our own will and eventually we will be Sovereign, Self-Determining and capable of acting out of true Honor and Compassion.
Do not allow those who deride you as you falter and fall, again and again, to shame you and make you feel foolish, ugly and clumsy. It is immeasurably greater to learn to stumble with the limbs of one’s own composition than to move with some measure of grace with artificial limbs rented to us that can, at any time, be taken from us.


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