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I’ve been thinking and feeling deeply about Multiculturalism. I do believe in multiculturalism – *after* one has made Peace with one’s own People.

Folks who run from their own cultural context because it is a shambles will not likely find Peace elsewhere.

First we face the folks who look most like ourselves – because they are the aspects of ourselves closest to our Hearts, our Brains and our Guts. When we have mastered ourselves to the extent needed to embrace those close to our core with a whole Heart, we can, and should, turn toward integrating our more external limbs.

I also feel that our Soul resonates with our Soil. We have to make Peace on our own Soil first before we can think about sharing our seeds elsewhere or even transplanting ourselves. We must be able to understand that our necessary and desirable, but ultimately expendable if need be, limbs are Others’ Heart and Brain and Guts.

People think I am racist when I say that the colonists all over the world need to go home and the descendants of African slaves need to go back to Africa. Those who can see my Family album will know that I am not a racist. Also, my Family has lived on 4 in the last 4 generations. I know of which I speak and have only Humanity’s best interests at Heart.

This is also the answer to the question I get receive quite often: ‘Why don’t you leave Israel if you’re so unhappy there?’
Can you think of a People more in need of those who individuals who understand the need to make internal Peace to remain within the Body of the People than the Jews?

Praise for Agnostics

Praise for Agnostics

Agnostics are my favorite people. They are not in the snarky, know-it-all, belligerent place of the atheists. But they’re not buying any false beliefs either. They have the courage to say: I don’t know and I’m not believing in anything until I know. I love the Agnostics. Used to be one.

I’d like to tell the Agnostics out there what I wish someone had told me to make my journey a lot shorter and easier.

Real religion will give you this: You will no longer have to live in reactive mode. You will be in a world in which you pro-act on the world because you have reached the level of Love, Compassion and Self-Control to be able to override the lower dictates that create lower worlds.
Don’t settle for anything less.


The Reasons Why Most People Don’t Realize They Are God

The Reasons Why Most People Don’t Realize They Are God

People do not realize that they are God because of two basic misunderstandings.

The first is that they do not understand the nature of miracles and superpowers. This is due mostly to ingratitude.

The second reason is the translations of Torah into other languages made it appear that God is speaking in the first person to the second person and sometimes about a third person and we have not yet grasped this: That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside Me; I am the LORD; and there is none else;  I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I am the LORD, that doeth all these things. – Yishayahu (Isaiah) 45 : 6-7.

The second reason, clearly, is related to the first.

Thich Nhat Hanh is right. You have been taught that walking on water is a miracle. Therefore, you think that walking on land is not.

You think that being able to heal a leper is a miracle. Therefore, you think that making a sad person smile or restoring hope in a heart in which it was dwindling is banality and a small thing.

You think that God is able to do anything God wants just by willing it. You do not realize that everything God wills to be God must find in the infinite infinities of its own Self and that doesn’t happen easily.

As for God speaking in first, second and third persons: Do you not talk to yourself as though you were another all the while knowing full well that it is you talking, you listening and you clarifying the matter to yourself?

Do you not have levels of your consciousness on which matters are more clarified than on others?

Does your Heart not talk to your Head and vice versa?

Do you not talk to your Body as though it were other?

Scientists Have Found that Memories May be Passed Down Through Generations in Our DNA

Scientists have found that memories may be passed down through generations in our DNA

These effects are very, very real. They color and shape our every perception. Any Ancestor we had who did not die at peace and with a clear conscience is acting through us trying to make amends. This is why we encounter strange, uncomfortable, painful and stressful situations that also seem non-sequitur to us.

To the extent that we have an Ancestor who is trying to gain moral equilibrium through us, we do not have free will. They are overriding our will and attracting experiences to us that they need to get straight with someone and find peace.

Our Families are those who are acting within the same ancestral framework as we, each on their own aspect of it.

Anyone we encounter in our lives with whom we have some kind of interaction that impels, compels or dispels or otherwise moves us and/or impresses us deeply is almost surely a descendant of someone with whom one of our ancestors had unfinished business.

Is that fair? Well, our very lives are the gift these people bequeathed to us. We are still living in their house, so to speak. So, they kinda determine the rules. Until…we become the Masters of the House. We do this by having compassion on our Ancestors who loved some, danced and sang some, joked and planned surprise parties some and also sinned some.

When we have Compassion on our Ancestors we become the Savior of our Families. This was the original and true meaning of Savior. The Hebrew word for Family is Mishpacha. You can hear that it contains the same letters as Mashiach. The descendant who reaches a high enough level of Compassion to forgive all of the sins of their antecedents is the Savior of their Ancestors.

The Hebrew word for Compassion is Rachamim. Wombs in Hebrew is Rechamim – same letters, slightly different spirit of pronunciation.

When we have Rachamim (Compassion) on our Ancestors, we flip time over because we are now taking our Ancestors into our Womb and rebuilding them. We have become our Ancestors’ Mother and we restructure those Ancestors of ours who need to be morally reborn because they were less just and compassionate than we. We conceive, incubate and birth them again in our higher Compassion. (Guys can do this too, but Women obviously have a physical Womb and thus do it on a higher, more actual, less spiritual level).

The person who does this will not only put their Ancestors to rest, they will also change the nature of the whole world because they are acting on all of the interactions of all of those Ancestors and lifting them to a higher level. Also since our perceptions are shaped and colored by our Ancestors (we are using the eyes they bequeathed to us after all), we will interact differently with matter when we gaze on it from a higher level of Compassion and change the very structure of matter and the natural laws of the physical world.

Scientists have found that memories may be passed down through generations in our DNA




Every tourist who goes to a country wherein the local yokels speak another language (like Canada) is advised to have a little handbook with a list of the words you are most likely to hear and that will help you in situations you’re most likely to find yourself in.

Here’s my suggestions of the most commonly heard terms in Israel that you should know.

Alimoot: violence

Atzabim: nerves, a case of the nerves

Balagan: mess, shambles, confusion

Boged: traitor, renegade, turncoat

Combina: artful manipulation or clever ruse, scam or Ponzi scheme

Dafuk: fucked up, non compos mentis

Hasata: incitement, sedition

Hotza’ah L’Fo’al: The Repo authority. Every town has one. Far north, out of the way Kiryat Shmonah is about it get one. If you need a bathroom nearby and quick just ask anyone on the street: Ayfo Hotza’ash L’Fo’al?

Ma’Am: no, not lady. Value Added Tax. It’s 17% here. Suck it up, bucko.

Maatzar Minhali: Administrative detention

Mayseet – agitator, inciter, firebrand, instigator, troublemaker

Mesukan: dangerous

Mesukan me’od: very dangerous

Mesukan me’od me’od: extremely dangerous

Mesukan me’od me’od me’o-o-o-d: ultra dangerous (like sitting in a coffee house, for instance)

Mishtara: police

Oshek: Extortion

Overdraft: overdraught, overdraft

Pachad (guttural ch): fear

Pachad Mavet: something that scares you to death (like a knock at the door after you’ve posted Hasata)

Refurbished: an electric or electronic item sold as new

Shakran: liar

Shiga’on: insanity

S’tom!: Shut up! (masc. but the ladies’ll understand too)

Terror: terror

Tzava: army

Tzava’a: will and testament

Va’adat Hasamah: The committee of social workers, and sometimes other pros, that met without legal mandate to do so and without informing you so that you couldn’t be there to put in two words who are now informing you, with the full local Mishtara in force, that they are taking your children away to an undisclosed setting. No. No. It wasn’t because you were abusive, or even that they think you are. It’s because they need to meet the local quotas of kids to put up for adoption or institutionalize and you seem vulnerable because your Hebrew isn’t that good.

That’s it. That’s all you’ll ever need to know to feel like a real Israeli.


Some Jewish Mothering for B’nei Noach

Some Jewish Mothering for B’nei Noach

A Friend who is a Ben Noach told me he thought that it wouldn’t hurt B’nei Noach to feel some good, old-fashioned Jewish mothering. I kinda fit the bill. So, here it is.

I’ve been harboring concerns about the B’nei Noach for some time now, and I have kept my peace – until now.

I see that your desire to get close to the God of Israel is genuine and innocent – and with that comes considerable vulnerability – and that is what has been causing me concern.

I have to be honest with you and tell you that the Rabbis pretend to a Wisdom they do not possess. The Rabbinic tradition is not genuine Judaism. It is an ersatz that was made up by rebellions sons who could not hack the moral rigors of the ancient, Prophetic path of Judaism – which is the only path that leads to God.

The Babylonian Talmud is riddled with idol worship, superstitions, precautious measures born of paranoia and not a small amount of the kind of mind muck that serves as the best grease for the business machines that shred Body and Soul whole cloth.

I do not trust the Rabbis to lead you either in Wisdom or in selfless Love. I most certainly do not trust them to lead me. I cannot desire less for you than I want for myself. I cannot settle for less for you than I require for the Peace of my Soul and my Body – which is the true, ancient way of our Holy Mothers and Fathers.

The Rabbis are control freaks and they have taken all of the on-the-fly spontaneity, the joyous dance, the natural grace and the straight-up fun and humor out of true Judaism.  Instead of dancing the Dance of Life in holiness, they drag it, limp and their steps are measured, stilted and, frankly, fake as all get out.

Instead of magnifying and exalting the moral development in Judaism, they have taken to attempting to barter with HaShem for the moral imperatives they blithely ignore by doing lots and lots of “mitzvoth” and taking on additional ceremonial burdens – which is expressly forbidden in Torah.

Halakhah is the Walk of Life in Holiness at every step. The Wise, those who follow the ancient, true Path, do not set Life aside to attend to weird ceremonies.

To keep their control over their hapless students, the Rabbis obsessively-compulsively demand that everyday life be conducted according to meticulously performed ceremonies and rituals. Any lack of attention to the endlessly growing minutiae is taught by the Rabbis to be a great affront to God and they dare to go so far as to say that women die in childbirth if they do not separate challah or a pregnancy might be aborted if one steps on a fingernail clipping. So, if one is not very, very, very careful to collect and burn one’s fingernail clippings they can be the cause of the death of a fetus. One wonders how much collective time has been spent searching for fingernail clippings instead of, oh, maybe helping with the laundry or taking out the garbage. There’s more fingernail nonsense every “religious” Jew must know. There is a prescribed order in which one must pare their fingernails, so the Rabbis teach. And there is a prescribed ritual to tie one’s shoelaces. First put your right shoe on but don’t tie the laces….ask the saintly geniuses who are teaching you for the rest of the ceremonial details. You’ll want to be sure that you’re putting on your laced shoes such that you don’t offend saintly Jews who put on t’fillin. And water must never be kept under the bed at night because there are demons there. There is some other nonsense about becoming blind if one doesn’t do something specific about washing their fingers after eating and salt from the Dead Sea gets in the eyes.  That happened quite often in Poland and Hungary, to be sure. God, gratefully, has made me forget the exact details of that particular idol worship sick joke. Does this sound to you like some of the witchcraft you’ve heard about in European traditions? It is! These are the things that the Rabbis who presume to teach you how to find your way to God busy themselves with in all earnestness.  Don’t believe me. Ask them.

It embarrasses me to read your threads asking if it is OK for B’nei Noach to eat this or that or do this or that. Just go with the flow of Life, man. Worried about what Kashrut laws apply to you? Just be a Vegan, that covers all the health and moral eating bases you need to concern yourselves with. Starting to obsess if you can or cannot do this or that and how and when and…Just don’t screw anybody over and you’ll be just fine. Are you worried that you’ve sinned so awfully that you’ll never get “clean”?

God knows what is in your Heart and your every pure and genuine desire for Holiness will come to you just in time. All you need to do, all anyone, including the Jews, need do is this:

Wherewith shall I come before the LORD, and bow myself before God on high? Shall I come before Him with burnt-offerings, with calves of a year old?

Will the LORD be pleased with thousands of rams, with ten thousands of rivers of oil? Shall I give my first-born for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?’

It hath been told thee, O man, what is good, and what the LORD doth require of thee: only to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God. – The Prophet Micah 6 : 6-8

(One Prophet trumps a full house of Rabbis).

One more thing: Get your spontaneity and senses of humor back, FFS.

Love, Ima Devorah



No Jewish man, not matter how great he is, not any Rebbe, can attain the level of the Jewish Woman. Only the Prophets attained that level because they could hear the Voice of God on the level of Mother and they received those Teachings without imagining themselves to be greater than the level of Supernal Mother.

The Name Elohim begins with Aleph and ends with Mem – Em – Mother. Understand this!

The author of the Zohar did not understand the Heart of the Jewish Woman. The Lubavitcher Rebbe did not. None of the famous Rabbis with big followings reached that level. Jewish men must find the humility to accept this Truth.

Only Jewish Women can understand the Being of Jewish Women. For the men that level is called ayain – because they cannot perceive it. The level of the Jewish Women is where Jewish male mystics “black out” and cannot perceive though they know there is Godliness there.

If we are going to repair the world, we Jewish Women are going to have to recall our true Place. No Jewish man can help us with this because it is above their hearts and above their heads.

This is the Tikkun that only we can do my dear Sisters. Let us stop running away from this Truth. The entire creation depends on Jewish Women in full God consciousness.

The tikkun of the Jewish men is to find the humility requisite to be able to accept that the highest orders of Heaven are for the Jewish Woman and accept that with joy and love.

Let me explain why the Rabbis didn’t want us Jewish Women to know the truth of our Being.
You see, when a Woman gets to the level of Compassion of knowing Torah (Torah is equal to the Hebrew expression: you are pregnant) profoundly, and gets deeply in touch enough with her Body so that the process of pregnancy is made *conscious* to her – she then knows not only to build a Human Body, but also to dissemble it and return it to any embryonic state and even before conception.
And the knowledge of building a Human Body is one and the same with knowing how to create any World. A woman who knows how to create a Human Body in her Womb necessarily knows how to create Universes.
That is what is called Ma’aseh Beresheet – Genesis. Male Jewish mystics talk about Ma’aseh Beresheet. A Jewish Woman in full-on God consciousness can actually do it at will.
And yes, my Jewish Sisters, we all have that knowledge within us. The Jewish woman is Elohim.
It is time we came out of denial.

Jewish men: What do you *really* want – Tikkun Olam or to continue your position of power based on untruths about Torah?


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