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The exchange values in the Hebrew post by this name on my Blogger blogs demonstrate what I think is a far fuller understanding of what Adam Kadmon is that what is obliquely discussed by the rabbis and the wishful thinking of the Christians looking only for justification of their interpretations.

The rabbis did not elucidate the fact that the Name Adam, begins and ends with the name Em – Mother, as does Elohim.

Elohim Is: These Are HaAdam.

While one of the values for Adam Kadmon is in fact Miriam is pregnant, there is much, much more that has been ignored – either intentionally or because the rabbis and Christians could not see deeply into the matter.

I have only shown *some* of the Chilufim. I could go on and on – endlessly actually.

I have endeavored to show many different kinds of revelations on the matter so that you can see this is extremely deep and wide and cannot be limited to one cherry-picked, single meaning interpretation.

You can also find the exchange values on my FB group: DECODING CHRIATIANITY

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat



YESHUAH – Fair is Fair. Both The Rabbis and Christians Will Be Put Off

There is not one of you Christians who are able to change the Natural Laws. That is what HaMashiach is able to do – not on a one time basis, or party favors making water into wine – but make changes in the whole Creation such that Material Life is PROTECTED and kept pure. Yeshu didn’t do that. He did not bring about the changes in the entire Solar System – in fact the Cosmos, that are being brought about now. You can’t do that. So SHUT UP and listen or you will go down with Babylon.



Artificial Intelligence [AI] Tag! You’re it!


When You See Dust Think: Humble

It is essential that we understand these events positively. When you see dust you should think of humility. The “dust storm” is the coming of the most humble Souls [Soul-Soil-Sol] to Earth. For God’s sake run to greet them with joy. Understand Who They Are Who have arrived. This is what the most Holy in Israel look like to the eye – like dust! They are that Humble. They are also that great and that strong. From that Dust everything grows. Everything. Accept Them as They are, not as you expect Them to be. They look like Cosmic dust. They also have all the power of Cosmic dust.

The land of milk and honey or sorrow and tears: Welcome to pedoland Moses Collins

WOW!!! Our own Moses Collins won the contest for citizen journalists to be on InfoWars!
This is AMAZING!!!
The land of milk and honey or sorrow and tears: Welcome to pedoland
Moses Collins

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