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The Rabbis Couldn’t Refute Christianity Because It’s is Based on their Own Lies

How the Rabbis Teach Torah

Imagine that you are, I dunno, a Spanish nobleman and your Name is Juan Carlos Fernando Jorge Rodrigo Salvador Alfonso Alfredo.

But they call you Rodrigo. They only call you Rodrigo and have never told you that you have other names.

Your Family, Friends and everyone around you also only call you Rodrigo.

They, like you, are only called by one name.

Now here’s where it gets weird as hell: Everyone talks about Juan Carlos Fernando Jorge Salvador and Alfonso as though they were other people who lived long ago and far away. Sometimes they use the Female forms of those names too.

They’ve told you that Jorge and Salvador were very great saints and you can never so much as hope to be anything like near their stature in greatness.

They’ve also told you that the name Alfredo, which they mispronounce, is God’s Name and you must never, ever pronounce it or the mountains will melt.

They’ve told you that Alfredo, which they mispronounce so as to protect you, only talks to people as great as Jorge and Salvador. Only they can be close to Alfredo.

What state of mind would you be in?

That is exactly how the rabbis teach Torah to their students. And that is how they learn Torah. And that is how they translated Torah. And you get to read a 4th generation translation of total schizophrenia and think it’s the gospel truth.

Know too that the Hebrew word for Names is also equal to the Hebrew word for Place. Names generate a world, a locus. So when someone tells you you have only one name and calls you only by that one name, they isolate you into one place and identity as well.


Christianity and Islam are God’s Confrontation of the Rabbis with their Own Heresy Taken to its Logical Conclusions

The Rabbis could have easily shut the Christians mouths in its inception were they willing to give up their own lies.
The Prophetic, not the rabbinic, tradition shuts Christianity’s lies down easily.
But the rabbis would not give up Babylon.
So, God gave them Islam as a two-fer. Hopefully, the added pressure would drive the rabbis inward to seek the truth. But no…
It is precisely because the rabbis had minimized, and even outright rejected the teachings of the very Prophets who served as models and bases for the Yeshua figure and could not see the truth of those same narratives relayed correctly, because they were too busy with the Talmud that they could not roundly and quickly put the lie to Christianity.
Who better to defeat the claims of Christianity than the Prophets Yishayahu, Yirmiyah and Yechezkel themselves who are the real item? But one has to walk in their footsteps and be attached to them Body and Soul to do so. One has to know them intimately and learn Torah as they do in order to recognize the sham. One has to be their loyal Son or Daughter to know their Hearts.
Christians and later Muslims confronted the rabbis with their own BS in a magnifying mirror. But the rabbis still could not give up their heresies. They had caked the mud of Babylon on thick and baked it on and could not longer crack through it. Neither did they really want to.
Had the rabbis been willing to be Torah-true and really real, the Christians and Muslims would have surrendered in Peace and accepted the Truth willingly.
It’s like in any relationship. I can’t ask you to knock of your BS and drop your mask, if I’m not willing to do the same.

Here’s a perfect and simple example. Yeshua is quoted as saying “I am Alpha and Omega” in the Book of Revelation.

What you don’t know is, that the Gematria of the Prophet Yishayahu’s Name is aleph [alpha] tav [the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is omega in Greek]. You can hear how close Yishayahu is to Yeshua. The Name Yishayahu contains Yeshua. Yeshua was modelled after passages in Yishayahu and the name was shortened so that the identity would not be immediately apparent.

ישעיהו = 401 = את

You do not know the the beginning, Bereisheet, is Feminine too.
And ‘the end’, HaTachlit, is too.

Now the Hebrew word את, a number of things at once. It is a word that means with. It is a word that relates to an object. And it is the work At, which mean You in the Feminine Singular in Hebrew.
In all places in which the Gematria of the Name Yishayahu appears, Israel is being addressed in the Feminine Singular.
The rabbis did everything they could to cover the Feminine in Torah.
They even made Yeshuah into a masculine concept.

ישועה = 391 = פה אשה

They did not teach that Torah is You [At] are Pregnant.
They did not teach that the Name Elohim is equal to the word מדברת, which means speaks in the Feminine singular. So everywhere we see the Name of God and Elohim after it, Torah is saying that God is speaking in the Feminine singular. That and more. The Name Elohim is equal to the expression the Jewish Woman who is Mother.

אלהים = 646 = מדברת = אם היהודיה = כתר הויה

The rabbis were so insistent upon their Babylon and their male supremacy and the shutting down of the true Prophetic Tradition, which is Feminine, that they allowed Christianity to continue without the lie being put to it once and for all – because putting the lie to Christianity necessitates putting the lie to the rabbis interpretations.

חכמה = 73 = נביאי = הנביאה

נבואה = 69 = אבינו = הוא בנה = הדס = דינה = בת תורה כלה

It was all written in Greek so as to hide the Hebrew underpinnings and make them inaccessible. The rabbis also intentionally and unintentionally rendered words incorrectly. Having rejected the Prophetic Tradition, they could no longer attain GodConsciousness and were dependent upon their memories of what they had heard from former generations. They themselves no longer had direct experience of being in a Prophetic state of consciousness.
From there, the mangled Greek was translated into Latin, then German, then English.
And Christians think that the King James version is definitive!
It’s pulp fiction in 4th generation translation.
Even that which is true in the Christian bible, as there is truth in it because some key truths were coded into it to be kept separate from the Talmud, has been so damped down, it is like hearing through a wall and seeing through four curtains.

Earth is Neither Spherical Nor Flat



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