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WARNING: FACEBOOK Exposes Photos of Children

Activists are being closed out of Facebook and their profiles labelled Spam left and right.

One of the excuses Facebook gives when they do this is that the activist is impersonating himself or herself and isn’t who they claim to be.

When Facebook accuses someone of hacking others’ accounts and identities, they are told they must identify photos that their Friends have tagged in order to be allowed to access the account.
Among the photos presented are not only photos of their Friends, but photos of Minor Children that may be tagged in their photo albums.

I have screen shots to prove this.

WARNING: FACEBOOK Exposes Photos of Children

WARNING: FACEBOOK Exposes Photos of Children from Doreen Dotan on Vimeo.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

The Palestinians are Not Stateless. They are STATEFREE – And Why That’s a Huge Advantage

The Palestinians are Not Stateless. They are STATEFREE –
And Why That’s a Huge Advantage

My Husband and I were discussing the Issue of Statelessness.

It occurred to me, as an Israeli, that Statelessness can have decided Advantages; if one sees the matter properly and sees the Opportunity therein.

After learning that the British “gentlemen” who debated ratifying the Balfour Declaration decided to vote in favor of the creation of the State of Israel on the proviso that it functioned as the “Ulster of the ME”; I realized that becoming a State is only possible if the established powers can integrate that State into the International Munitions (and probably Drugs) Markets.

The Jews were freer to be Moral when we did NOT have a State. We were not more vulnerable when we were not concentrated in one small geographical area either.

My Husband suggested calling people who are not bound by citizenship in a State STATE-FREE, instead of Stateless.

There are many STATE-FREE Peoples all over the world and, if they reach out to one another, including to the many SEPARATIST Movements around the world, they could become a Force to Be Reckoned With.
The strength of the Multinational Banks and Corporations resides precisely in their being Supra-National.
To fight them, we need Supra-National Businesses, which STATE-FREE People can form.

My recommendation to the PALESTINIANS is to reach out to other STATE-FREE Peoples instead of insisting upon Statehood, which will require that you give up your Morality and accept other constraints that you will come to hate.

Reach out the the Basques who run the Cooperative MONDRAGON – a tremendously successful Cooperative.
Reach out to the Frisians.
Reach out to the Sami.
Reach out to the Roma.
There are so many, MANY STATE-FREE Peoples in the world.

Reach out and do not allow yourselves to be limited by artificial borders.

Instead of being one Organ in the Body of Humanity, limited in place, become the Lifeblood of Humanity, present and essential Everywhere.


Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

The Internet Understood As a Vein in an Umbilical Cord

The Internet Understood As a Vein in an Umbilical Cord

It occurred to me that the Internet is one of the main veins in the Umbilical Cord leading to us from the Placenta that is currently feeding us, to wit: all of the Systems that we rely upon for sustenance, protection and to get rid of our crap for us – particularly banking, finance, gov’t.

We think that we need the Internet in order to get and share information, that it is the actual medium that makes communication all over the planet possible.
But, in truth, it is only supporting us while we develop the organs we need to communicate on a much higher level without this medium.

While we are on the internet we are learning to communicate globally. Our organs for carrying out this communication are growing and getting stronger every day.

We are beginning to resent the Systems that support us terribly and we feel that they are squeezing us because we are very close to being able to sustain ourselves without them. Those life support systems: banking, the business world and government, are in a state of advanced Placental Insufficiency. So, we feel that we are in danger and, to be honest, we are.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel



THANKS FOR NOTHING, YOU TUBE from Doreen Dotan on Vimeo.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel



Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel



“Americans have been increasingly socialized to equate inattention, anger, anxiety, and immobilizing despair with a medical condition, and to seek medical treatment rather than political remedies. What better way to maintain the status quo than to view inattention, anger, anxiety, and depression as biochemical problems of those who are mentally ill rather than normal reactions to an increasingly authoritarian society.”
“Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill”

When I lived in the States it was *never* so much as considered that a person presenting symptoms of “mental illness” was, in fact, morally outraged to the point of not being able to stand society being morally outrageous anymore.
It was always presumed that society was the norm and anyone who didn’t fit in was sick.
Often, Parents were blamed for making a child disturbed, when, in fact, the youngster was freaking out from the society he or she was living in.

In fact, there are no mental illnesses. There are only Moral Illnesses. That is true even of personality disorders that have an underlying organic cause.

1) Some people are so deranged morally that they drive other people mad with outrage.
2) Some people are so outraged by the morally outrageous, and perceive themselves as helpless to do anything about it. So, they construct an alternate reality or display bizarre symptoms.
3) Some people are some measure of both 1 and 2

There are no pills, no talk or group therapies, no surgeries that can cure someone of Moral Derangement (Psychopathy) or Moral Outrage.

It is only when we admit that we are living in a morally deranged reality that we realize our desire to create an alternate reality is the most healthy reaction.
However, that reality has to be habitable by other Souls. To create a reality for one is pathological.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel



The vision and explanation by HaShem in Ezekiel 37 is an internal process.

We begin to slowly, slowly to wake to the realization that we are a Saga and a distillation of History and that the information and experiences that comprise History are *Alive*. Indeed, they are Life Itself unfolding.
We come to understand that we are living in an unfathomable miasma of Living Knowledge.
We realize that those forgotten Sagas lie within us, not dead, but dormant. Today, we call this information our DNA.
As we grow, that designation will be replaced by more sophisticated and accurate designations.
Our Ancestors begin to awaken and tell their Sagas again within us.
Our long gone Ancestors come to live within us and tell us the stories of their lives, their struggles, their aspirations, their loves and their pain – and they relate to us how they sent their Souls out in ships on a sea of Hope to create a better future and how we are the realization of their Hopes and Dreams.
We are the better version of our Ancestors that they dreamed of being.
Our awakening to this knowledge *is* our Ancestors being Resurrected.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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