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None of the Rabbis Have Smikha. None Of Them Have the Authority to Decide Torah Law.

The Rabbis don’t have Smikhah. They have no Halakhic authority – none of them, from any of the streams.

It’s all a bluff. Let’s call them on it. Enough is enough.


Knesset Passes Law Blocking Mikvah Access For Non-Orthodox Conversions
Israeli Minister of Religious Services David Azulay visits a luxury mikvah in the Israeli settlement of Alon Shvut. JTA

A controversial bill that would enable local Orthodox rabbinates to bar non-Orthodox

Read more at http://www.thejewishweek.com/news/israel-news/knesset-passes-law-blocking-mikvah-access-non-orthodox-conversions#WYL3hIOmIGr74PVf.99




“Thought is like a mirror. One looking at it sees his image inside and thinks that there are two images, but the two are really one.” – Azriel ben Shlomo of Gerona (13th C), Perush HaAggadot, 93.

Listen to me now.

Our Lives are God’s Thoughts. God meditates so deeply and so powerfully that the Thoughts live. We, all of us, are Thoughts that God entertains. We are God’s *Deliberations*.

Being God’s Deliberations, and being able to think and speak ourselves, we have the right, and even the duty to deliberate back to God.

You see, we are not just intellectual Thoughts. We are Thoughts that can Feel. The fact that we can Feel the results of the Thoughts gives us the right to say to God: Hey! This hurts! or Hey! This Thought should become Eternal because it is very pleasant and causes much Joy.


Our world is ephemeral and constantly changing because these Thoughts have not yet been ratified and made Eternal. They are still under deliberation and we have the right to input because these Thoughts impact on our Feelings.


Instead of understanding our Lives as givens, we can understand them as Pre-Views. Nothing here is Eternal. It is all tentative.

Therefore, we are able to rise to the level “before” the Creation, when all is under consideration (which it actually is) and say: Please, make this real and Please, do not make this real.


The Rabbis Have A Lot To Ask Forgiveness For

We need to be honest. If we love our Children and if we want to return to HaShem, we have to be brutally honest.It is the Babylonian Talmud, ridden and riddled as it is with Babylonian avodah zara, that drives those who learn it to do terrible things – all kinds of terrible things, like Prozbul which creates the living death of poverty and keeps evil governments in place. Not everyone gets so sick from the Talmud as to rape children, but it harms everyone who touches it to one extent or another. It is time to root out that evil. Yes, the Babylonian Talmud is the basis of a very dangerous cult. It is not Judaism. It just uses Jewish terminology and retains a few ancient traditions as fig leafs. But it is Babylonian avodah zarah in its core.

It is time that the Rabbis asked our forgiveness for leading us astray into Babylonian avodah zara.

Don’t Let Bernie Break Your Heart

Don’t let Bernie break your heart and discourage you!


Do the right thing! Vote your conscience! Remain a person of conscience! No matter what the outcome is: Do the right thing!
If you don’t – you’ll become a Bernie when you’re old – jaded and sneaky and defeated.

Bernie turned out to be a dire warning instead of a shining example. In that too, he served. Don’t be Bernie when you grow old!
Be able to say: I NEVER sold out. I remained true to my Conscience and my Heart.

Let’s Get Down to the Real Nitty Gritty.

Let’s Get Down to the Real Nitty Gritty.

Trying to change sociological realities is like putting on your make-up by painting on the mirror.

The laws drawn up by governments are enforceable only because our current interpretations of physical laws allow for material to be abused and used against us because of our expectations about how material will act and react.

Wisdom resides in knowing that we must reinterpret the Laws of Nature such that they only allow for justice to be done.


Free Speech Isn’t Free. It’s Just Very Cheap.

Free Speech Isn’t Free. It’s Just Very Cheap.

The government of Israel just passed a law that makes free speech illegal. Any post that the government considers to be a matter of national security or shaming a public official (yes, they mentioned them in one sentence as though they crimes on par) can not only be pulled, the government does not have to keep to normal laws of providing evidence.
That and more, if what is reported in the press approximates the truth, the government can censor our private e-mails as well.

When I first read this, I was, like most Israelis; appalled.

Then I thought about it and I saw the blessing in it. Whatever the conscious intentions of the Israeli politicians who formulated and passed the law were, this is a blessing and the answer to many, many prayers.

For a long time, I’ve seen that “free speech” is a mechanism that renders people in “democracies” ineffectual.

It is not likely that governments allowed “free speech” out of genuine caring for liberty, but, rather, the grant stemmed from their shrewd understanding of (some of) the power of speech. Those who granted free speech realized that allowing people to voice their frustrations was a good way of letting them vent pent up anger and frustrations. Notice, this was a grant on the part of governments and grants can always be recalled.

Precious little of what we read are genuinely free expressions stemming from the speakers’ own awareness. Most of it is rehash of state-sanctioned expressions of dissent. Most of the people voicing dissent are parroting celebrity “dissident” gatekeepers (no need to name names, the cognoscenti know who they are and those who don’t won’t be convinced that their idol has not only feet of clay, but is on the government payroll).

I’ve been observing for many years how speakers of state-sanctioned, cooked up in a think tank ‘free speech” vent their spleen and go right back to work the next day…and the next…and the next.

The greatest expressions of Liberty and Justice were voiced by Jews during oppressive regimes in the pre-“free speech” days – when telling the truth was punishable by death. Those people spoke in and through and for the Holy Spirit. They were called Prophets and their voices and Souls echo to this very day.

The Rabbis say that Prophecy ended in Israel toward the end of the second temple period. That’s not so much a statement of fact, as a suggestion that, once adopted and believed, becomes self-fulfilling prophecy.

This silencing of the moral Jews in the State of Israel is the surest way to revive Prophetic Speech in Israel – the form of speech with the most immediate and momentous power. From now on, when Jews witness injustice and cruelty, which has become endemic in the State of Israel, rather than blasting of a really scathing comment or posting a really coolly mocked-up meme on Facebook, they will turn inward – to their Souls – with the silent scream of anguish that raises the dead. If there is any chance that Prophecy will return to Israel, this putatively benighted, but actually very helpful, law will be the catalyst.

So, I must say to the Israeli government: Thank you for passing this law. I have long wondered what might bring about the return of Prophecy to Israel – and here you delivered it to us.


Driving the Stars

There are no set times. The arbitrary divisions of time and the intercalation of calendars was the engineering of a cruelly hobbling device for limiting consciousness.

The astronomical bodies are the physical representations (“manifestations”) of our own cognitive and affective states. As we gain mastery over our thoughts and e-motions (that within us which sets bodies in motion and drives them), we see that we can direct the courses of the stars – and, therefore, the courses of events.

The birth of a new understanding is the dawn. The sun begins to ascend when she begins to stand on her own legs. The sun’s path is her journey through the Creation, during which she will meet others and grow rich in experience and will grow in magnitude and strength. The Universe is created out of nothingness for her and as she steps down it is paved before her. The evening is when she returns from her odyssey filled with the satisfaction of realization of her dreams and visions. The night is when she rests in the home of those who gave birth to her and love her.


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