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Basic Tips for Real Torah for Rabbis

The fact that HaShem speaks mostly in the masculine form is not because HaShem is male or should be referred to in the masculine. It is because men need more explicit instruction. So, HaShem speaks to you in language you will understand best. It is meant to help you to identify with HaShem, not to make HaShem identify with your ego.

Thinking of HaShem as masculine is one of the reasons that the blight of Christianity was brought on the world. Another reason is because the rabbis have no idea Who Mashaich Is.

We are not trapped in a world of physicality. The physical world is the highest Heaven and God’s greatest accomplishment. Those who say otherwise are ingrates.

We are not “spiritual”. Spirituality is avodah zarah in the ordinary meaning of the terms [idol worship].

The Rabbis are lost in downtown Pumbeditha, wandering around in the alley ways of Babylon babbling and raving.

The rabbis sound caring, and I’m sure you mean to be, but they have no idea Who They Are.

The rabbis have not asked HaShem for the Torah Truth. They trust their rabbinical teachers, who are even more confused than they are.

The rabbis cannot lead you to Yerushalayim, because they don’t know where it is. They can only lead you to downtown Pumbeditha or to Sura west, at best, or to Donmeh at worst.

The rabbis have led the Jews to every kind of misery – mostly because of simple foolishness, not real evil. Yet, the damage was, and is, done by Babylonian heresy and distortions of true Torah. How long will you follow those who lead you to misery, poverty, persecution, confusion, to a state that demands that you go to war to survive and to a life of continuous uncertainly?  How long will you continue to trust those who have led you from one perdition to the next for upwards of 2500 years?

If you need to teach Torah to make a living, you may be sure you’re not really real yet. None of you rabbis are.

Torah is not theater. You rabbis are performing. Torah is not about pathos. That’s Greek theater. Your prima donna performances may give “inspiration” to many who are frightened because they have not developed discernment. But those who know true Torah are not aroused to sentimentality by histrionics and heart string plucking.

Emunah is trustworthiness, not faith. Become trustworthy. If you speak of faith, it means you do not know.

Rabbis: Do you want your students to develop real discernment for themselves, or do you want them to buy your next book or tape or invite you to lecture again? If you love them, do not make them dependent upon you.  Find the way to walking with one’s God, show others the Way and then leave them the hell alone.

Rabbinic Judaism is to real Torah as canned fruit-flavored soft drinks are to organic fruit. It does not quench the thirst for Torah Truth and gives no real nourishment. It is not wholesome. It is not pure. Rabbinic interpretation may contain 5% reconstituted Torah for flavor [or it may not and may be synthetically flavored], but it is mostly: tap water, processed sugar, flavor enhancers and noxious chemical preservatives. It only leaves people thirsty for more. Marketing experts know this technique well.

The entire purpose to learning Torah and doing the mitzvot correctly, [not ceremonially!] is to envision, create, form, actualize and, most of all, settle in Eretz YisraEl [The Land of Israel] in Peace. How, then, can rabbis, who were banished from Eretz YisraEl and spat out to Babylon precisely because of their sins, teach Torah from Babylon?! Let us call the rabbinic Babylonian ruse out for what it is – the progenitor of all that is fake in the world.

Making Peace – Take that very, very literally

לעשות המצות = להעלות ציון

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