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מטטרון = 964 = שליטה עצמית


The commenter Cedric Billingsley touched the very Heart of why I made this video.
I answered him and will recopy herein: @Cedric Billingsley You touched the reason why I made this video. As part of the globalist programme to enslave humanity, Israeli society and social policy was intentionally manipulated to encourage immorality and trauma. They did not want an exemplary Israeli society that would be a light and inspiration to all the Nations. They did not want one society that was so stunningly moral that it would shine as a beacon all over the world as an example of what all Humanity can accomplish. So much effort was put into demoralizing us: kidnapping our Children and selling them for experiments, getting us involved in wars, jailing our moral activists, adopting foreign laws that made Jewish morality illegal, teaching our religion as though it was primarily “spiritual, when it fact it is essentially moral; impoverishing us, destroying our health and vitality, forcing us to deal with a maddeningly inefficient bureaucracy, designing society such that only those with money would enjoy livable conditions – so those who had well-paying jobs did whatever was demanded of them to keep them. We were surrounded by dampers on our Morality at every turn.
Every PM of the State of Israel participated in the programme of dampening Jewish morality on all possible fronts, in ways far more comprehensive than could have been accomplished had we not been in a state. Some were more enthusiastic about the program, some tried to ameliorate it. All cooperated with the globalists against the moral Jews. And yet, we have not forgotten what our intended job is in this world, there are those of us asking how we can accomplish it despite the dampers and outright dangers and I wanted the public to know that.


Israeli blogger facing 12-year prison term for harrassment

Lori Shem Tov didn’t wake up one fine morning and decide to insult high ranking public employees on a lark or to play chicken.
Lori Shem Tov was exposing Child Trafficking under cover of gov’t in the state that calls itself Israel, but whose government abuses of our good Name and insults our millenia-long Moral Tradition.

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