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The True Teaching of Miriam Giving Birth to Yeshua

Rule of Thumb: If a teaching sounds “spiritual” , “removed”, “other” then you and/or those who taught it to you have not understood the matter correctly
The true experience of God is seeing God in Actuality, in our real walk of Life and to understand that our real Lives in the real World are the greatest Miracle and the Highest Heaven.




This is far more of the Truth about what the Hebrew word אבינו , pronounced Avinu, which is very partially and selectively rendered as our Father, contains than what the Christians have been told. I cannot demonstrate the whole Truth of it, because that is infinite. I will prove the most important points – the inclusivity of the term that speaks of the entire Holy Family.
This demonstration, and the Hebrew *proofs* of what is said herein, should be shared with experts in Hebrew who can verify that what I say is what the Hebrew language says about this term.
Try me. Consult with those who know Hebrew. See for yourselves if this is the Truth or not.

One more thing: The Hebrew word מלכנו, pronounced Malkeinu, which is translated as Our King, is equal to 146, which the value of the expression המלכה אמה, The Queen is Her Mother and קולי, which means my voice.

With this my moral obligation to the Christians is fulfilled. I have given over enough information for you to understand that you have not been told anywhere near the comprehensive truth and to *prove* that to you. Thank God this Generation has merited to be able to see the underlying alpha-numerical *proofs* of the true Torah. There is no need for “faith” or “belief”. God has given us the keys to the proofs.


The Creation is a *Moral* Fractal


Benoit Mandlbrot was a nice Jewish boy who had a traditional, Orthodox Jewish education.

Like many Jews who made breakthrough discoveries, Mandelbrot described his understanding mathematically such that many would be receptive to it.

But mathematicians will tell you that it is hard for them to describe what a fractal really is.

That is because it is not mathematical. It is Hebrew Alpha-Numerical.

One and the same Meta-Vision exists on an infinity of levels.

The various levels, are various iterations of God’s vision on various moral levels.

On the various levels they take on various forms and configurations.

It is not that the same shape repeats endlessly, getting infinitely larger and infinitely smaller, but remaining the same shape and containing endless iterations of that one shape in itself.

It is not that mathematical formulae produce “sacred geometry”.

The Gematriot of the Hebrew language create the various forms.

In that way it becomes clear that YisraEl can be the Right Eye, The Torah, The Land, One of our Progenitors and the People [Pupil] of YisraEl.

None of those expressions are in any way contradictory. They are not metaphorical. They are entirely actual on various levels of moral interpretation.

Those various levels are not being integrated. The gradation is less being marked by definitely demarcated level.

The Light of Wisdom of God’s Vision is reaching down to the very lowest levels. The Light of God’s Wisdom has now reached the abyss of the abyss and is illuminating it.

Keep your eye on the Mariana Trench.

תקון העבודה הזרה

Thomas Sheridan’s Video: Lucifer Could Liberate You


There is so much I would like to say in response to this video, but I’m forced to boil it down to a few sentences precisely because there is so much to say – like all of History.

The key to understanding correctly is not to think dualistically. Remember the Jews are absolute Monotheists.

On the uncreated level Satan tired of all evil and became Good. The Creation itself is the celebration of that Accomplishment.
The Jews are Satan who has undertaken to become God in the Creation, which is the Highest of the Heaven because it is Actual,
and so the transformation is all the more difficult – because it is. All of our Torah is that process.
All of our labor in understanding that which sounds evil in Torah, but contains hidden good, is that process. Hebrew is devised to allow us to do just that. Once Torah is translated into any other language, that which can only be seen in Hebrew is lost, unless someone who understands Hebrew breaks it down in another language. But you have no direct access to that for the time being. One of the effects of the final rectification is the ability to reveal Torah in all of the languages. We haven’t gotten there yet. We are getting close.
All of history is the process of Satan SelfTransforming into Goodness.
To glorify pain is a major error. Even the word for pain in Hebrew is God comes.
The transformation reaches very high levels precisely when the pain is transformed to joy. Pain is an indication that the level is still very low. Joy is the sign that we are making serious progress.
The Hebrew word for light is equal to the Hebrew word for rectification. It’s not about light, per se. It’s about rectification. Physical light is a function of the level of the Rectification. All wave phenomena are functions of Morality – from very low to very high. It’s not about “energy”. It’s about Morality.
The highest level of God is not that which is good in and of itself, but that which was evil and repented of evil, having understood there is no rest in evil, nothing to be gained from it and that it is only endless vexation.
The final stage of the Rectification is taking no pleasure whatsoever in evil. This is the level we call Ba’al HaTshuvah [masculine singular] or Ba’alat HaTshuvah [ feminine singular]- The Master of Repentance, The Master of the Return [from the paths that lead nowhere].
The highest level of God is the Unification of all of the Ba’alei Tshuvah – all those who have made the entire journey and succeeded Together.

Please see the Chilufim on my Blogger blogs.

Wondering Why Your World is Going Belly Up?


The Truth of the Matter of The Son


And this is the truth of the matter of The Son. The Son is also Sarah. The Son is the Daughter of Every Generation. This is Shabbat. This is the Sum of all Days. This is the Sum of all of the Generations.
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