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I had a night horror last night. Seriously. The worst one of my life. I got into bed and the full force of just how synthesized my “childhood” was hit me. I’ve been aware of it, but not to the full force of the depth of the total illusion and deliberate delusion.

I realized that we don’t need to just think out of the box. We need to think out of the Cracker Jacks box, the dry cake mix box, the box that Jello came in, the box that every “gift of love” that we got for our birthdays and celebrations came in and the jack-in-the-box box.

Then, of course, there’s the box that all of the cartoon characters and TV show characters that we loved and identified with were beamed to us through. Even though even as a kid, I thought the old ladies sitting on folding chairs talking about the latest installment of Peyton Place were nuts to be talking about a show instead of reality; I wonder how many times flickers of the TV I stared into hypnotically.

Then I thought about the Aboriginals and tried to imagine what is it to be Natural Man – to sleep in nature and awake in nature. And I realized I have only seen them on a square, flat, flickering screen.

It all hit me at once. I totally freaked. When we really awaken from the boxed dream – only to find we are still in a square room on the 10th floor of a rectangular structure made of concrete slabs – we freak.

When we die, we will be put into another box.

Derekh Eretz Comes Before Torah

Derekh Eretz Comes Before Torah

The “Derekh eretz (literally the way of the land, or the path of the Earth) comes before Torah” (Midrash Vayikra Rabbah 9:3) is a very famous teaching in Judaism.
It is usually taken to mean, nowadays, that one must know how to be polite and behave with respect in order to learn Torah.

While this is most certainly true, it is only the very most surface layer of understanding what “derekh eretz” really means.

When we walk, we pave the road that comes before us. It is very, very important for us to know how this is accomplished, because it is accomplished whether we are aware of it or not. If one is not aware of how one is paving their path and does so mindlessly, or carelessly, or without an attitude of deep respect and awe; one will most certainly encounter unpleasant surprises in the world. They that person will say: Why did this “befall” me?! How cruel life is! How unpredictable!

So let us know how to walk through life so that unpredictable surprises are obviated before they occur.

The pupils of the eyes are the Gates of Heaven. They dilate and contract no only in response to how much light is present. The pupils will dilate when we see something that is very beautiful to us – as when someone sees someone to whom they are very attracted.

Light is not “out there” it is produced by our Consciousness. We live in the light of our Consciousness. That is the light in which we see everything and the level of our Consciousness will determine the quality and quantity of the light we see – how strong it is, how penetrating it is, how meaningful the colors and so on.

It is, therefore, very important that we gently discipline our Hearts, over time, to genuinely love beautiful and loving things. That way, our Mind will generate beautiful images and our Hearts will beat with love. In that way, our pupils will dilate (the Gates of Heaven will open) when we imagine the beautiful and contract (the gates of Heaven will close) if we imagine something unlovely.

As we walk, we breathe. We also create sounds. Our Hearts beat. Our blood flows. The biological processes continue and, also, we step down on the Earth and that creates vibrations in the entire Earth – and beyond.

Eventually, we arrive at a level of self-awareness and self-discipline whereupon we are able to control all of these processes at will.

Until then, it is very important for us to know that the light that proceeds from our Consciousness and exists through the pupils of the eyes interacts with the vapor of our breath and the sound waves we are producing and creates the reality that we encounter. Sound and light are one and the same. (Yes, I know the physicists have a different, I should say equivocal and unclear, version of how light work and sound and what their origins are, but they are incorrect). If we are walking without someone else, we likely speak with them. The quality of the conversation will also determine the shapes and forms that the light, sound and vapor issuing from us will take.

When we touch that which has been formed by the light, sounds and vapors exuding from us, we imprint on them the final seal of what characteristics they will take. It is absolutely crucial that we step gently on the Earth and touch objects with love. How much more important is it that we touch one another with love?

Though light and sound and vapor are very fine, the objects and events they form can be hard and obdurate and so it is very important that we do not create harsh and demanding realities. We have to know that it is incumbent upon us to obviate ugly vagaries in life at the source – our own thoughts, feelings, words and deeds as we walk on the path of life.

These are the truths of Creation that we must know before we attempt to learn Torah – all of us, Jew and Gentile alike. If we are not already in a state of exquisite awareness of the fact that we are creating our own realities, whether we are aware of it or not, whatever our intentions may be, and knowing, at the very least, generally how we do it, then we will not be in a the proper place of sacred awe required to understand Torah properly.

Those who are in the place required to understand Torah (Terra) correctly and to teach Torah (Talmud Torah => giving birth to Terra) walk in Peace, breathe in Peace, and tread upon the Earth with Love and Sacred Awe because they are exquisitely aware of the fact that they are walking on the dust of our Holy Mothers and Fathers who walk before us – always.

Most Jews have lost this knowledge. That is why they think that derekh eretz is just “being a mensch” and that is why most Jews think that Yisra’El is a geographic locus, or, God help us!, a place that can be made into a state. That is why most Jews can only see the high moral mountains of Torah, but cannot contend with the valleys and with the boulders.

The Native and Aboriginal Peoples are much more aware of this than Western culture.
The do not do things haphazardly. They do not engage in meaningless activity. Everything they do is mindful and deliberate.

It is worthwhile to learn how to relate to the creation with sacred awe from them. It is worthwhile to experience how to move into the sacred places from them. After that, one may learn Torah properly.

Rabbi Samson Rapha’El Hirsh speaks of Torah Im Derekh Eretz – Torah *with* Derekh Eretz. He understood. He found The Land.

Please look deeply into the equivocations and ambiguities in the following sentences concerning Time and Place:

Please look deeply into the equivocations and ambiguities in the following sentences concerning Time and Place:

It is past your bedtime.

Your whole future lies before you.

Once upon a time there was a town here.

What is your age?

This is epic (epoch)!

Why do I always have to tell you the same thing?

Be still.

Are you still going to the game tonight?

It is very difficult to talk about time without equivocations and strange uses of the language. Those ambiguities are the gateways. It is where your mind finds a fuzziness that you can move from one time and place into others if you notice them. Accustom yourselves to moving into the equivocations.

The world the dinosaurs inhabit is becoming extinct – still. One needs to know how to walk out of that world. Don’t worry that this information will “get into the wrong hands”. The dinosaurs can’t get through the portals. They’ve accrued too much mass. Just as they are extinct here and now, they are extinct on all the levels of finer mass. There are just a few dry bones there to remind us of a sad time long ago. Nothing more.





Someone said that the Natives were living in the Stone Age when the White man arrived on their shores. I understand that person’s view because I too, until not very long ago, used the term “Stone Age” pejoratively – as a synonym from primitive.
Looking into MySelf deeply, this is what I saw: The Stone Age is precisely where the Words of God are written in Stone – and they are the core of our being in the phenomenal worlds.
Living as I did for most of the time I identified as Doreen cut off from my Core, I too thought that Ages were times in the “past” that were and are no more.
Gradually, I began to understand that Ages refer to deepening levels of our Being and they are eternal.
The Wisdom of the Stone Age is precisely what it is to be Aboriginal.
The Stone Age is where God becomes actual, revealed, enduring and basic. It is only when we touch the elemental part of our physical being, The Stone Age, and see that it is sacred, are we able to really and profoundly experience the Holy in the creation.
It is only when we live in the Stone Age, forever, that we are able to experience OurSelves as evolving from Stone, which is very much alive, to the next order of Life – the Plant World, then on to the Animal World and ultimately – Man.
Our Core is Stone. The Word of God is written in that Stone and it is in that Stone that we encounter the Creator.
We evolve from the Age of Stone, yes, but we must never try to remove OurSelves from it or to hover above it in arrogance and superiority. We must remain in the Stone Age eternally, even as we inhabit more integrated levels.
The Aboriginal Peoples are Aboriginal precisely because they dwell eternally in the Stone Age – even as they also evolve and change form into the configurations of those Stones that become the Living Worlds.
There is no Human more blessed than He or She who knows that the Words of God are the Elemental Stones on which all physical creation is built. That is the true meaning of God writing on the stone tablets and it is the true meaning of the building of The Temple.
Having seen that, one is filled with Gratitude and Reverence for the Keepers of the Stone Age because without them; we would not find our way back Home.
The Hebrew word for The Stone is HaEven – Heaven. In order to find Heaven on Earth (EARTH = HEART) we have to live eternally in The Stone Age, even as we advance to more integrated forms of Life. Soil => Soul. In order for the Soul to live in an Eternal Body, we must find The Stone Age within us and connect without our Ancestors there. This is what is meant by being gathered unto one’s Mothers and Fathers. It is the ascent, Body as Soul, into the highest Heaven (HaEven). It is only there that we find our eternal Rest with our Ancestors. Understand this. Please.
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DREAMS – There is No Need to Awaken from our Dreams Just Know That We Dream and What is Being Effected By Our Dreams

DREAMS – There is No Need to Awaken from our Dreams Just Know That We Dream and What is Being Effected By Our Dreams

My Husband told me he met a brilliant little boy who placed the following conundrum and question before him:

You are running from a lion. In your panic and frenzy you do not see that you are running into a pit.
You fall into the pit, which is filled with venomous snakes.

The lion is circling the pit above.

If you stay in the pit, you will be bitten by the venomous snakes.
If you climb out of the pit, you will be eaten by the lion.

What do you do?

My Husband, as I, had trouble making a decision or planning a course of action.

The little boy answered: You wake up.

It is time to WAKE UP.

I had an experience recently that helped me to realize the depth of the dream state.
I was walking around in my apartment. Everything was normal, except I noticed that the living room was wider than I remembered it. I thought: That one detail is wrong. I’m dreaming. Wake up.
And I did.
But then when I woke, I realized that things still felt somehow unreal. I realized that I had not woken up. I was in another dream – just a dream that didn’t have any tip-off, telltale signs that it too is a dream.
I tried to wake up, but couldn’t. I then realized that the experience of not being able to wake up is not just a night horror that some have – it’s the normal experience.
I realize I’m moving from dream to dream – but I’m taking the snakes and lions less seriously.

The Aboriginals, if I understand them correctly, know that it’s all a dream – but they have learned to control the dream to their liking.

I looked deeply into the matter of dreaming and the waking state, suspending value judgments as to which state might be higher, or more desirable, while noticing that awake is an adjective, while dreaming is a verb.

The heart of the matter is this (I show the Hebrew proof of what I am about to say on my Hebrew blogs for those who can read it): It is in dimming, in reducing our consciousness that we are able to descend to lower forms of being: the animal world, the plant world and the inanimate world.

When we are dreaming is when we become the inanimate world. The dreams allow us to lose awareness of ourselves, but not lose awareness completely so that we may be able to emerge from the inanimate state.

The difference between being an “automaton” and being an ocean or a mountain or cosmic dust, is the awareness, when we are in Human state, that it is, in fact, we that become the lower levels of creation and, when in the Human state, to intend, when we descend to the lower levels, to be expressed in the most benevolent forms possible.

I can see that the Aboriginal Elders, at least the Shamans, are aware of this.

In Hebrew the word he dreams also means he is dreamt if the letter vav is moved to another order in the word.

We are not only dreaming and being dreamt – we are doing interactive interpretation of the dream and with the dreamer. If we know that we are dreaming and being dreamt, we can interpret more interactively and as the dream plays out in consciousness.


The “State of Israel” must be recognized for what it is – the most sophisticated Programme of Genocide that has ever been devised.
Just as a Native cannot live as a Native without the land, so a Jew cannot live as a Jew without our moral Tradition.
The Heart and Soul of Judaism is the Moral Teachings. All the rest are to the purpose of preparing us to take on the Moral Teachings and live them out in our everyday life, or are excrescence that attached to the religion and grew on it.
In the “State of Israel” we Jews are required to be immoral on pain of punishments of all kinds – including prosecution at the hands of a judicial system that has recently been described by highly respected judicial experts as a “total jungle”.
We are required to do banking in a system that exacts interest. The Repossession Authority in “the State of Israel” is cruel beyond belief. Some of the poor people who feel afoul of it immolated themselves in the streets. Most recently, the Repo Authority seized the drivers’ licenses of some hundred thousand people in debt.
Business people must cheat and “cut corners”, and often pay “protection” in order to remain operating.
Physicians are put in the position of compromising our health.
God only knows the moral compromises that judges and lawyers make as a workaday norm.
We either turn a blind eye to the Child Trafficking in Israel, or we are prosecuted according to laws that the state retains from the Ottoman Empire – the same barbaric medieval empire responsible for the Genocide of the Armenian People.
Our Children are taught to hate from infancy and are sent to war directly after high school.
The ambient immorality is designed to make us die a little or a lot, as Jews, every day.
It is high time that we discussed this matter publicly. We Jews were sold a bill of goods. We were meant to believe that if we came here we could live as Jews and be allowed to develop our moral Culture.
In fact, “the State of Israel” is one of the most dangerous places on Earth to be a Jew and the most dangerous place on Earth to be a Moral Jew.
I do not believe this is by accident, but by design and the world must be ready to admit that the Jews are being subjected to a one of a kind Programme of Genocide – the killing of us morally. A Jew who is no longer moral is no longer a Jew at all.
The “State of Israel” is the hardest test we Jews have ever endured. It is Soul-crushing painful to live, day in and day out, and be required to do what is inimical to Judaism, and witness this happening all around us as a matter of social course, in order not to be hounded and persecuted and even prosecuted by the “State of Israel” or to give in.
Moral Genocide of the Jews in the “State of Israel” must be recognized for what it is and we must find a way of surviving this morally.


There is no one who enters this world who does not have experiences or witness others having experiences so painful and so horrific that this world simply does not contains the tools for their correction. When we forgive having had, or having witnessed, such experiences; we broaden and deepen our awareness. In so doing, we broaden and deepen our ability to create the conditions in worlds. Thus, through forgiving, we become able to create worlds in which the conditions of the repair needed are possible.

However, it is written: And the LORD said: I have pardoned according to thy word. – Numbers 14:20.
What does in ‘accordance with your word’ mean?

We are all in this world because we have lessons in forgiveness to learn. The most important lesson in forgiveness we will ever learn is how to create worlds in which forgiveness does not exist because there is no need whatsoever for it.

Forgiveness is not a meta-value. If it were, it would mean that there would have to be reasons to forgive in all worlds. It would mean that there would have to be suffering and hurts and betrayal in all worlds, God forbid. “I have pardoned in accordance with your words” means ‘because you are in a state of consciousness in which you see yourself as in need of pardon and you feel the need to pardon others, I pardon – but that’s because you think you need it, not because it is an all-encompassing need that exists on all levels and I very much want you get to the level upon which you will no longer attract hurtful situations to yourself and you will no longer hurt others and therefore be in need of forgiveness and forgive-getting’.

All of the People we encounter in the world are aspects of ourselves. We see aspects of ourselves as integrated whole Others because Infinity cannot be divided. Others, to us, are aspects of Us. We, in turn are, to those Others, aspects of them.
We live in a world in which we need to expand our awareness through forgiveness because we still have a good amount of cruelty in ourselves and cannot imagine getting to higher levels of  Godconsciousness without sacrifice and suffering. We, therefore, need to forgive ourselves for this cruelty and renounce it so that we may move on to kinder and softer ways of learning and growing.

Please God, may this New Year bring us to the level whereupon we no longer think that have to suffer and forgive in order to grow.


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