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It is not enough to think that we can live as Anarchists because we intellectually and emotionally accept the principles of Anarchism. To make this mistake is to fall right into the hands of George Soros and the other steerers of Anarchism into ludicrousness and violence.
First, we must devote ourselves to these 4 Generosities – and internalize them – down to the bone. Our Bodies have to resonate with these principles automatically.
Anarchism is only for those who have mastered Buddhist-like self-discipline and are completely dedicated to loving others as we love ourselves.


No more promises that you will be told one day but are not told what it is. Now you will be told.

The problem is we who do not do everything we can to master OurSelves – we who allow ourselves to be lazy or wait for someone else to come riding up on a white donkey and save us.

Government is always the externalization of our own refusal to subdue our negative impulses and cultivate our good impulses rigorously.

Governments are the inevitable result of minds and emotions that are not under control. They appear as externalizations because and uncontrolled mind does not know how to allow and not allow realities to issue forth from it. That is the secret of Yeshuah – knowing what to deliver, to ISSUE, into the world and what not to and how to control it.

To the very extent that we do not rule ourselves, we are ruled by a government.

If we know this, we don’t have to render anything unto Caesar. There will be no Caesar.

There is no “they” who are controlling your Destiny. Your own refusal to take the reins of your Mind and your Heart is the problem.

I have encouraged people who are “activists” and “conspiracy theorists” because any action you take that is a move in the direction of Justice and Peace is good. It was important to encourage your first wobbly, faltering steps toward your Emancipation. At some point your steps must become stable and strong – and you must control them. You must learn to control your thoughts and you emotions if you are to be free of government.

You will never live under a fair, equitable or protective government because government issues from your refusal to control yourself. So, it will always control you – and never pleasantly.

But conspiracy theories and blaming others will not lead to your ultimate Salvation from oppression. Only controlling your own Mind and Heart will do that.

We can only bring our Mind and Heart under our control when we are fully concentrated and dedicated to Peace and want nothing but Peace for all of the Creation. No exceptions. No ifs, ands, buts, demands, expectations, conditions or any qualifiers. We must want Peace and nothing but Peace for All with all our Heart and all of our Soul and all of our Might in order to bring the Mind and Heart into the unity and focus and under the control that allows us to create at Will.

PEACE שלום

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