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The Holy Spirit Speaks in Agreement

You might want to speed up the camera to 125%. My voice and the speed of my speech will sound more like normal speech speed if you do.

רוח הקדש מדברת

שבת: הפרוש הנכון

חייתי ממליצה למקשיבים להאיץ את הסרטון למהירות של 125%

שלום = 936 = תפלת הויה

ANTI-SEMITISM: Root Cause and Cure


It is not about racism. It goes much, much deeper than than.
The racism card is played by the government, and mindlessly [and obediently] repeated by the useful idiots in the media, for two reasons:
1) Making Israel appear racist looks bad in the eyes of the world
2) And this is most important: It hides the fact that the true Jews are targeted by the government of the “State of Israel”.
All real Jews are singled out for “special treatment” in the “State of Israel” by the anti-Semites in the gov’t posing as Jews. It doesn’t matter what one’s color is. If you’re really Jewish, you’ve had troubles with the Israeli gov’t when you began to speak about Jewish Morality and learned Torah correctly.
This is so true that if you are a citizen of the state and have not had a run-in with the gov’t of Israel, you can safely presume that you are not Jewish.
The Ethiopians are not discriminated because of the color of their skin. They are discriminated against because the are descendants of the Tribe of Dan and King Shlomo and the Queen of Sheba.
The fake Jewish Rabbinical establishment is terrified of them. The “rabbis” as they like to call themselves are terrified of all real Jews.

הזמנה לרבנים לחזור בתשובה

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