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Theology for Grown-Ups – Self Mastery

Rabbinical Judaism Spawned Christianity and Islam

It is time to tell the truth about Rabbinic Judaism, and its unacknowledged daughters – Christianity and Islam.

Rabbinical Judaism spawned Christianity. When the Rabbis give up their Babylonian idol worship and the belief that Torah needs a second book to be complete, Christianity will fade because the root from which is sprang will be uprooted. Same goes for Islam. They exist only to show the Jews their errors in a magnifying mirror.

Let me explain. Pharisaic Judaism is based on the belief that Torah describes rituals that are not clearly explained and they need another book to explain just how to carry out the rituals.

The Christians say: Well, if the Jews need a second book to explain Torah, then it must need a second book to explain it. We’ll make up one of our own.

But Torah is not a book of ritual at all! It only looks that way to those who are not permitted entrance into Torah. It needs no other book to explain it to those who have the Eyes and the Heart to be able to read it.

But Torah is not a book of ritual at all! It only looks that way to those who are not permitted entrance into Torah.

The Rabbis do not understand when Torah teaches the secrets of breathing or of seeing. They think a ritual is being performed and then they make themselves ridiculous by carrying out rituals which are, unbeknownst to them, ridiculous parodies of the processes of Life.

Torah is the Book of Life. It teaches the Life processes and the Laws upon all Life is based. Torah teaches us how to create Worlds based on Truth and Justice in Loving-Kindness. Torah teaches us the secrets of the Creation.

Most, the vast majority, of the Rabbis are not privy to that knowledge. The few who found it in each generation had to keep what they found a secret in order not to be ostracized as heretics. In order for the Baal Shem Tov not to have to learn Talmud, he pretended to be some sort of imbecile. His father-in-law, a “Talmudic genius” was so ashamed of him, he asked him to leave the town and move elsewhere. The Baal Shem Tov’s father-in-law went so far as to tell his daughter that if she wanted to divorce from the “imbecile” (that is what his f-i-l thought of him because he did have a “Talmudic head”), he would arrange a divorce for her. Luckily, his wife understood that he was a hidden Tzaddik. When she refused the divorce, her father insisted that they leave the town and move elsewhere so that he (the f-i-l) would not have to be embarrassed by his “imbecilic” son-in-law – who became known as The Baal Shem Tov (Master of the Good Name). After his death, Rabbis erased the discrepancies between the teaching of the Baal Shem Tov and Rabbinic clap-trap and “brought them into line” with accepted Rabbinic Judaism.

Rabbi Abraham Abualafia wrote that learning Talmud is the second lowest level, next to being illiterate.


To make matters worse, the Rabbis think that the Holy Temple was destroyed because they do not realize that their Bodies are the Holy Temple and they do not realize that the Universe and their Bodies are one and the same. They think the Temple was a building of stones.
So, not having their building in which to carry out ignorant and ridiculous, not to mention bloody and cruel, ceremonies; they then “adapted” the ceremonies to the Diaspora in which there isn’t a building in which to carry out the ceremonies and the substitutes are completely out in left field.


Here in Israel there are many who want to go back to the true Path – even in the Rabbinic world. But they are careful about saying so.

We do not have to go back to the technology of those days. This is not a regression. We need to go back to the eternal wisdom which is applicable in every generation and upon which we will build a world of Loving-Kindness and the material world will reflect God as much as the Soul.




What I am about to write is going to contradict everything you have ever learned, except in hints that most people choose to ignore.

Please hear me out before you decide that I am the worst kind of heretic or have an agenda. Listen to my words, not the ideas that you already have in mind.

My agenda is only this: telling the truth about God that will explain what we actually see in the world and answer the questions that false religion cannot explain; helping people arrive at greater compassion, including compassion for themselves; being able to endure our hardships with greater ease and coming to true appreciation of how precious every good, kind, beautiful and healthy thing that exists really is.

A few Rabbis, and likely Jews who were not ordained, have known what I am about to tell you in every generation. They did not teach it except in hints because they felt that the truth was too heavy to bear and that people were not ready for it. They thought, and were probably right, that saying publicly what I am about to say herein would do more damage than good in their generations.

We have come to the point where we have seen enough odd and difficult events to be able to accept the very heavy truth that will presently be explained. It is now not only possible for many people to understand, but necessary that it is known more generally.

We have come to the turning point. The Redemption is now underway – disorienting and dismaying though it may be. We need to understand why the events of our generation are so very heavy and hard. The natural laws and physical properties of our world are undergoing an unprecedented change. The physical world is no longer a willing, passive or apathetic partner to wrongdoing. Matter itself is rejecting evil and this process will continue apace. The time has come to explain what is happening.

Take a deep breath.

The most basic name of God in Hebrew is Yah. This computes to two very important truths, when we employ the gematriot. The Name Yah is the value of the name HaSatan. It is also the value of the expression: with love. I have demonstrated these gematriot in a number of my writings.

Jews don’t use the Name Yah much, although it does appear in Torah. The Name Yah is regarded as “the power” and it is kind of kept at a distance for reasons that most Jews do not understand.

Yes, HaSatan, Yah, is God. The one and only God. The eternal God. There is no other. HaSatan is the “default setting” of God. In fact, halleluyah literally means hail HaSatan. Saying halleluyah does not mean that we Jews pray to Satan. It is a call to encourage. I will explain.

The greatest miracle that ever occurred, or ever will occur, is that HaSatan, Yah, found one point of light and love in itself, amidst the infinite darkness – and loved that light and resolved and vowed to nurture that one point of light until it filled all of creation. Yah vowed to transform itself into that light until all of its “being” was only light and love.
This is where the Christians’ and Satanists’ tradition of Lucifer as the light bringer comes from, though, of course, they do not understand the matter correctly.

Amidst eternal, infinite gloom and darkness, sad, lonely and abysmally unhappy Yah found one point of light and love in itself and rejoiced. Yah cherished that light as Mother and defended the light as Father.

Our lives – all of our pains and troubles, heartaches, all of the misery all of the turmoil and every atrocity is Yah plumbing its own depths of darkness and transforming itself into light and love. From the point of view of Yah, HaSatan, this is infinitely difficult. We live in a highly contracted and filtered version of these self-discoveries and cleansings and the pain is also spread out over the illusion of time. This is an inestimable kindness to us. Imagine feeling all of the pain that ever was at once. Imagine experiencing every atrocity personally at once. That would be our reality but for the buffers that Yah has created for us and we need to appreciate that kindness. Difficult as our hardships are, they are buffered and vastly mitigated. But this is not to make light of suffering. It is very real and very terrible. This should not be interpreted to mean that suffering is to be accepted stoically. The notion that pain is cleansing comes from the impurities in HaSatan. That idea is one of the ideas that must be transformed. We can, however, now understand why many people do not  know a better way of learning and bring pain on themselves and on others.

Once we understand that every person in creation is taking part in the transformation of HaSatan into God the Most High, we will surely have more compassion for people. We will understand the enormity of the undertaking that their lives constitute. We will understand when they stumble and when they fail, we will understand why bad things happen to good people. We will understand all of the things that we could not understand when we presumed that God is essentially good.

Every good thing, every bit of beauty, every kindness, every gentle touch must be understood against the background of abysmal darkness, misery and wanton cruelty in which it has been brought into existence in order to understand how precious the beauty is and the magnitude of the accomplishment of every beautiful thing. There are no words that can describe the appreciation and the joy of HaSatan every time it overcomes its essential nature and brings something tender and beautiful into existence. It is the ultimate metamorphosis.

We encourage this process. That is why we say: Halleluyah! It is a term of encouragement and praise for HaSatan fighting a war with itself and transforming itself into light and kindness and a recognition of the Wisdom that is being accrued.

It is now clear why those who “worship Satan” and are failing utterly. They never were doing what HaSatan wanted. HaSatan does not wish to be praised for its essential evil. It wishes to be encouraged for its undertaking to recreate itself. Now that the process of self-transformation is nearing its perfection, they are finding themselves confused as their empires crumble around them. The Christians too are deeply dismayed by the changes in the physical laws and the nature of matter because they too did not understand the true nature of God.

When the process of the self-transformation of HaSatan into the Name of Four Letters is complete from our viewpoint – of course it is complete on the level of God – the world will be filled with joyous victory celebrations. That happy time is coming very, very soon.



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