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This is a very, very important expose about the business of removing Children from their homes in Israel. It is important because a former Head of the Social Services and Social Affairs Office has broken ranks and is telling the truth about this horrific business.

I am quite sure that this is what is happening internally. It is important for everyone to know.

The Collins family have accomplished this very important translation.

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Does Art Imitate Life or Does Life Imitate Art?

Does Art Imitate Life or Does Life Imitate Art?

Have you noticed that there are scenes in movies that get played out in reality years later? For instance: people have noticed that there were destruction scenes in movies made years before 9/11 that have the number 911 in them. There are other examples.

Most people think it’s because ‘the “illuminati” are telling us what they’re going to do in advance’. That is a helpless way of thinking and not helpful at all. In fact, that thought actually brings about the existence of secret societies and strengthens those that might exist.

No. It’s a scene that has been put into a movie because it is known that a scene that becomes part of the mass consciousness will be played out in reality. That is how those who make movies actually use and manipulate the power of mass consciousness to their purposes. They plant a suggestion into the mass consciousness knowing that is enough to make it play out in reality.

Therefore, it is essential that we guard our minds from suggestions and learn to use our minds proactively and positively and to loving purposes.


CHILD TRAFFICKING IN ISRAEL – Video w/ English Subtitles

CHILD TRAFFICKING IN ISRAEL – The first few minutes of the expose are translated into English.

Breaking News: A former Head of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services Breaks Ranks and Tells the Truth about the Business of Trafficking Children in Israel.

There is no other word for it. It is Child Trafficking that involves thousands of Children every year. Most of the Children in institutions are there only because of remediable poverty. Why is the government not giving the money they are giving to institutions and foster families to the families from whom they take the children, whose only real problem is poverty?

We Parents and some of the Children who were in care have been saying for decades that elements in the State of Israel are trafficking Children. A support group for people harmed by Israeli Social Services on Facebook had 821 members as of yesterday. Any victim of SS in Israel on FB is one of the better off victims. Many are so broken they cannot even participate in on-line discussions.

Finally, two insiders have broken ranks and told the truth. The first was the Honorable Retired Judge Chana ben Ami, who founded the Family Court in Jerusalem and served on the District Court in Jerusalem.

Now Yossi Silman, a former Head of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, has found the courage to tell the truth too.

The woman with the short white hair is the Anthropologist Esther Herzog, who has been writing about this issue and helping Parents and Children who were trafficked for many years. She is also deeply concerned about the plight of Ethiopian Jews in Israel.

Noah and Jonah – Stories for Broken-Hearted Children

Noah and Jonah – Stories for Broken-Hearted Children

Both the stories of Noah and Jonah (pronounced Yonah and we’ll get to why that’s important later) read like children’s stories. And they are children’s stories – for the most broken-hearted children. They are the stories of how a Child’s Heart filled with sorrow, fear and pain, lost and bewildered in a world not of their making makes another, more beautiful world, a world they can call home – a place they can be safe and happy.

It would seem from the Text such as it looks on the surface that God looks at the world and decides that it is so corrupt that most People and animals must drown. But that is not true as anyone who has been overcome with sorrow for the world, but not hatred, knows. It is really a story about how the tears of a pure and bewildered heart wash away suffering and make the world a place where Children and animals and birds and fish and olive trees and gourds can live.

The Flood is the outpouring of the depths of Compassion and Love from the wellsprings of the Soul.

We said that Jonah’s name is pronounced Yonah correctly. Yonah is a dove. The Prophet Yonah is the dove that Noah sends forth from the ark. And, God, knowing that the story of the Flood has to be understood correctly retells the story, from the point of view of the dove. And it is there, at the very end of the story of the dove (Yonah) that it is written:

And God said to Yonah: ‘Art thou greatly angry for the gourd?’ And he said: ‘I am greatly angry, even unto death.’
And the LORD said: ‘Thou hast had pity on the gourd, for which thou hast not laboured, neither madest it grow, which came up in a night, and perished in a night;

and should not I have pity on Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand, and also much cattle?’

Let’s look at this again:
And the LORD said: ‘Thou hast had pity on the gourd, for which thou hast not laboured, neither madest it grow, which came up in a night, and perished in a night;

Most people think that God just wills the existence of the world effortlessly. In truth, it is very hard Labor. The Name of God saying this is E-lohim. The first and last letters of the Name E-lohim are aleph and mem – which together are Em, meaning Mother. The Name

E-lohim is the Mother of Every Born Being. She labors greatly to bring forth all Life and does not merely wipe Life out, even if it is corrupted. The Hebrew word for Compassion is Rahamim. The Hebrew word for Wombs is Rehamim. Same word. E-lohim labors greatly in Compassion to bring for all Life – even the Life of a gourd. E-lohim is also the Name of God which refers to Judgement. Judgement comes from the Compassion of God as Mother.

Now it should be understood that the name Ninveh in Hebrew is the name Yonah with another letter Nun added. So, the name Ninveh can be understood as meaning every dove. The people of Ninveh in God’s eyes look like doves.

Torah is not a history book. Everything that is written in Torah is true and operational in every time and in every place. The stories of Noah and Yonah are happening now. They are our stories, the story of the Soul of the Child within all of us. God does not wipe out the world when God washes away sin and inequity. God washes away our sins with God’s own flood of tears.

Next Time You’re In Israel Be Sure To Pick Up a Custom-Made Suit

Next Time You’re In Israel Be Sure To Pick Up a Custom-Made Suit


OK, I’ve calmed down enough from my last hearing in court to be able to say this.

My file has been stitched up. For the one count of insulting a public official of which I am accused, the State is asking for actual jail time.

No country that has a law that makes it illegal to criticize public workers, enabling them to hide all manners of horrors can be called Democratic. I am appalled and I am disgusted that such a law, taken from the Ottoman Empire, is on the books in the State of Israel.


I did not insult a public worker on a lark. I made a video encouraging people who had been abused by a Social Worker to speak up after receiving two such reports personally by the people who say it happened to them and reading yet a third account. Though these people did not know one another at the time, their stories are remarkably similar.


The original evidence was “lost”. They have no evidence.

All they have is my admission that I made a video, but they do not have the *contents* of that video. They do not know if my confession is accurate or not. There is no corroborating evidence. There. Is. No. Corroborating. Evidence.


The State of Israel puts great emphasis on confession. Any State in which the determining factor of guilt is a confession will resort to torture at some point.

It is no surprise, then, that most recently, the State has hit the bottom of the moral barrel and has resorted to torturing minors. As is commonly known, confessions gotten out of people being tortured, or under duress, are of questionable truth at most.


Instead of corroborating evidence against me, my file contains quotes that were attributed to me that there is physical proof were not said by me.

The State Attorney who is signed on my file is one of the State Attorneys that have been mentioned in an expose that was on television concerning questionable preparations of very serious files.


I have sent the file to the Body in Israel that is attempting to investigate the State Attorney’s Office. I say attempting because their efforts are being thwarted by the Head State Attorney. The Investigating Body is headed by a very decent and honest Judge (in retirement). They answered that they cannot investigate the file now because it is still under consideration. However, they asked me to resubmit the Request for Investigation at the culmination of the proceedings.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
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Too much emphasis is placed on the “curvy” issue when discussing whether mature women’s bodies are as beautiful as those of nubile girls.

I think that we haven’t gotten a grip on the fact that most young people, men and women, have aesthetically beautiful bodies and that most women’s aesthetically beautiful bodies are transformed to awesome, in the old fashioned sense of the word, after childbirth and we often are no longer aesthetic, so much as awesome – and awesome usually is not pretty. Pretty is too flimsy and shallow a platform for awesome. The beauty of awesome is something entirely different than having an aesthetically pleasing form.

I see the phenomenon of the pretty being transformed into the awesome that none but those who love us genuinely wish to approach and touch, but I also have not fully processed what it is and why. I do think it has something do to with the sanctity of being a Mother, which is something that doesn’t invite parading ones’ body anymore. The more Holy something is, the less likely it is to be accessible to any and all comers. After birth, Women’s bodies, not being pretty anymore, ask us to veil them in sanctity and mystery.



In Michigan, the Shebab Meet Up with the Alter Kocker

 Excerpt from the article:

“Wouldn’t it be world-historical if Bernie Sanders won the Michigan primary and the Arab American vote played a crucial role? Imagine the headlines that would generate. Maybe some people would say: look what the shebab and the alter kocker accomplished together when they joined hands. What else could they do together?”


See the Facebook page:

Arab Americans for Bernie Sanders





It’s very important that people make the consciousness jump from thinking that the term ‘describe reality’ means there is an obdurate, pre-existing reality is “out there” and we can, at best, assess it properly to understanding that ‘describe reality’ means just that: describe reality.


The instant a person thinks and is convinced that they cannot change reality, that person has created a reality that they cannot change. If they act on that thought, they will make the thought a realization. This way of thinking leads to resignation and feelings of hopelessness and despair.


The instant a person thinks and is convinced: maybe there’s a chance, there is hope – there is a chance and hope in their reality. If they act on that thought, they will be living in a world in which possibility and hope exist, but it exist perpetually as possibility that does not come about in actuality. This way of thinking is that of false hope. After an initially pleasant feeling of hope, it leads to frustration and sadness as the hope does not materialize. A person who “lives in hope” is person like the turtle pursuing the carrot being dangled in front of him.


However…the instant a person thinks and is convinced: I will that this world be better – the world becomes instantly better and perpetual betterment becomes a foundation of their world. Their actions make that idea real. A tremendous outpouring of Love issues from the Heart with this noble and mighty Thought. Then the power of the Mind and the Heart fuse – Spirit and Body become one and reality lines up in accordance with our Highest Vision.


We’ve been taught to adapt the first two levels of consciousness. The first leads to despair. The second is a world with illusory hope that makes us feel better, but never comes about really.


Adopting the third way of thinking is the level on which we send the directive out into the creation to become the reality of our highest Will. And then the miracles start to happen.

In a society that has cultivated Wisdom, there is no need for law. In the absence of Wisdom, laws will not help stave off violence.

In a society that has cultivated Wisdom, there is no need for law. In the absence of Wisdom, laws will not help stave off violence.

Codes of law *prevent* people from having the faith in themselves to live spontaneously in the Wisdom of Love. That is why all codes of law are, at base, black magic. There is no code of law that is not destructive of the Human spirit and does not exist to silence our inner Knowledge of what is right and true. The statement that without law people would ravage one another is not a statement of pre-existing fact. It is a hypnotic suggestion.

This is precisely what the Rabbinical establishment, with it’s obsessive-compulsiveness about laws, does not get. And that is why they make a grotesque of themselves more and more as they devise more and more laws and rules and prescribed ways of behaving and responding.
Torah is not a book of law. It is the Book of Wisdom – and all those who learn that Wisdom always know how to act.


Terrorist Attacks Against Jews in France…Hmmm

Terrorist Attacks Against Jews in France…Hmmm

There are interests in the government of the State of Israel that this should happen because it justifies their Fascist actions and makes them seem justified at a time when Israelis are getting sick of the government and its policies and are asking for change.

There are politicians in Israel whose careers depend upon the continuation of anti-Semitism and, treating both Jews and Palestinians as they do, I would not put it past them to put a few Euros into a few hands to do something like this. They purchase acts of terror in Israel as well. There have been many revelations of gross, systemic corruption lately and the government has grown ever more desperate in its measures to maintain control. We’ve had strategically-timed terrorist incidents here in Israel as well.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you their names, because they have also passed draconian laws against free speech lately. Insulting a public official here can carry a maximum term of 6 months in prison and a 14,000 NIS fine. There are many such cases being prosecuted now – including the one I’m invited to on in the Nazareth Courthouse.

Let’s just conclude by saying that French Jews would be ill-advised to think they will be safer here – and they will lose their precious free speech as well. Leaving France for Israel would be a bad deal all in all for them.


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