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There are no rituals ceremonies or symbolic actions in Torah.

Torah is the Book of Life. Those Jews who learn and understand Torah correctly bring Life into Being, they bring Being itself into Being.

Those who see ceremonies, rituals and symbols in Torah not reading Torah correctly because the blood issuing from their Hearts is impure and they do not see what is written clearly.

If someone sees rituals in Torah and/or the Figures in Torah as being someone else who lived long ago and far away, that person has been relegated to the outer courtyard and is nowhere near Kodesh HaKedoshim. That person is nowhere near actualizing HaShem’s Will in the Creation.

In fact, it is making Torah into rituals, ceremonies and symbolic actions that *creates the world of illusion*. Understand this. Every time you put on t’fellin; you remove yourself from true Torah and create the space in which illusion can take hold – because you are deluding yourself. You are running away from Malkhut David. I will prove this to you, with HaShem’s Help.

ישראל = 541 = ראשי יהודה = המצות = הממכלות = אנחנו בית דוד

 בית דוד חזק = הנני בית דוד = רעיתי תמתי = 1540 = 541 =


No, I never really thought that government can be corrected. I knew that thinking so is a stage that many must pass through on the way to SOVEREIGNTY.

I know that most of you do not read Hebrew and have no idea what Torah really says and what the Kingdom of David is. Even many people who did read Hebrew don’t really understand it. So, I’ll tell you: It is all about Sovereignty. It is all about self-rule.

Government is the reification of our own refusal to gain self-mastery on the level necessary to be sovereign. As Jung rightly said: If an inner conflict or problem or weakness is not addressed effectively, it will show up as an outside circumstance. Government is one such outside circumstance.

Government is a punishment for refusing to be self-controlled, self-disciplined and living embodiments of Morality. Government can never be righteous. Government can never be pleasant. Government can never be honest – because it our own dishonesty and refusal to be Moral that generates it.

Those who criticize government are certainly better off than those so comatose that they are not even struggling. But those who would “clean up” government are like one who, seeing a smudge on their face in the mirror, goes to clean the mirror, which is an understandable error – the first time. However, when the smudge is still there, they clean the mirror more vigorously, then with a stronger cleaning agent and so on…until the folly of their behavior dawns on them. And they go and wash their own face.

It is a blessing that government is unkind. Were it easy on us we would never learn to be Sovereign. Were government pleasant, we would never do the legwork necessary to attain that level of self-discipline. Were government rational we would never plumb the depths of our our Minds. Were government not corrupt, we would never develop the self-control and self-refinement needed to be Sovereign and would live our lives as someone who has healthy legs, but insists on wearing braces.

He or She who conquers their own Mind and Heart – and that includes their subconscious – is far greater than any President or PM or King.
No one can do this for you. No one can save you from your own weaknesses, folly and sin because they are what cloud your consciousness and make you think you need a savior or a President or a King or a PM.
Know this. Accept it. It is the Truth that will set you free.

Dear Mr. Sharma:

We, the unwashed rabble in the State of Israel, must be, and are, reminded again and again that we simply do not possess the capability to comprehend the rarefied wisdom of the judges. Certainly, that is the reason why it appears to us brutes [we brutes?] that all too many of the decisions of the judges regarding Children are not in the best interests of the Children. We simply do not understand because we are not fit to understand.

Miscreants who have evinced the impertinence to question the decisions of judges in family matters have been prosecuted and jailed under very harsh conditions, as such mean creatures well deserve. Lori Shem Tov, for one, thought she possessed the intelligence to chronicle many decisions of the judges and did so in blogs. She thought she possessed super-Human intelligence, like the judges, and could assess the judges’ decisions accurately. She was jailed for two years, two months of which were in solitary confinement. She is being made a public example of, something like Quasimodo, which is how the audacious, possessing only quasi-awareness, should be treated, lest they multiply.  The State Attorney’s Office is asking for Lori Shem Tov to be jailed for twelve years for the high crime of blogging. I am unable to assess their judgement, of course. I would call for her to be jailed for 12 thousand years if I were wise enough to be a judge. The unmitigated cheek of that woman to presume she knows better for her Children, and other Children in Israel, than the judges!

One wonders why PM Netanyahu is so concerned about being prosecuted by the Israeli legal system. He seemed to be just fine with it until he became a subject of their investigations. He always thought they were more than good enough for us, the subjects of the State of Israel. Certainly, he means the very best for us, the mean and brutish, who cannot understand the most basic concepts of justice. He has always been our champion and protector. So, why should be hesitate to come before such brilliant and eminently fair judges?

But, lo! Now we see that a former Ambassador to the State of Israel cannot understand a decision rendered by the illustrious, venerable and honorable Israeli justice system, just as we cannot. We are confused. An Ambassador must be almost as intelligent as a jurist. Do ambassadors study at least a smidgen of law? The Israeli judges must be awesome indeed if even an ambassador finds their wisdom inscrutable.

I have no way of assessing such matters, of course, but I have been told that only the very brightest and very bestest of the judges are sent abroad for special training programs under the aegis of George Soros and Leslie Wexner. Perhaps Mr. Soros and Mr. Wexner can allay any lingering doubts you may be entertaining as to the brilliance of the decisions being taken [and not being taken] concerning the most respectable Mrs. Malka Leifer, who, judging by her comportment, must be a very religious, and therefore absolutely certainly moral, person indeed.

Thank you for your attention,
Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Safed, Israel
Plebe and Retired Water Bearer


It is not enough to think that we can live as Anarchists because we intellectually and emotionally accept the principles of Anarchism. To make this mistake is to fall right into the hands of George Soros and the other steerers of Anarchism into ludicrousness and violence.
First, we must devote ourselves to these 4 Generosities – and internalize them – down to the bone. Our Bodies have to resonate with these principles automatically.
Anarchism is only for those who have mastered Buddhist-like self-discipline and are completely dedicated to loving others as we love ourselves.

No more promises that you will be told one day but are not told what it is. Now you will be told.

The problem is we who do not do everything we can to master OurSelves – we who allow ourselves to be lazy or wait for someone else to come riding up on a white donkey and save us.

Government is always the externalization of our own refusal to subdue our negative impulses and cultivate our good impulses rigorously.

Governments are the inevitable result of minds and emotions that are not under control. They appear as externalizations because and uncontrolled mind does not know how to allow and not allow realities to issue forth from it. That is the secret of Yeshuah – knowing what to deliver, to ISSUE, into the world and what not to and how to control it.

To the very extent that we do not rule ourselves, we are ruled by a government.

If we know this, we don’t have to render anything unto Caesar. There will be no Caesar.

There is no “they” who are controlling your Destiny. Your own refusal to take the reins of your Mind and your Heart is the problem.

I have encouraged people who are “activists” and “conspiracy theorists” because any action you take that is a move in the direction of Justice and Peace is good. It was important to encourage your first wobbly, faltering steps toward your Emancipation. At some point your steps must become stable and strong – and you must control them. You must learn to control your thoughts and you emotions if you are to be free of government.

You will never live under a fair, equitable or protective government because government issues from your refusal to control yourself. So, it will always control you – and never pleasantly.

But conspiracy theories and blaming others will not lead to your ultimate Salvation from oppression. Only controlling your own Mind and Heart will do that.

We can only bring our Mind and Heart under our control when we are fully concentrated and dedicated to Peace and want nothing but Peace for all of the Creation. No exceptions. No ifs, ands, buts, demands, expectations, conditions or any qualifiers. We must want Peace and nothing but Peace for All with all our Heart and all of our Soul and all of our Might in order to bring the Mind and Heart into the unity and focus and under the control that allows us to create at Will.

PEACE שלום

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