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URGENT-CALL TO ACTION: Save a Human Rights Lawyer Who The Israel Government Has Illegally Detained!

Every time Netanyahu has serious political problems, the Arabs conveniently kill someone and/or riot. Sudden bloodshed is so much more riveting than the slow, painful, everyday Genocide of the Jews in the state that calls itself Israel. Just a couple of days ago Miki Ganor agreed to be the state’s witness against Netanyahu in the case of his submarine deal with Thyssenkrupp. Ask why Netanyahu insisted on doing business with the family of the notorious “reformed” Nazi – Fritz Thyssen.

Chilling Interview With Lawyer Elizabeth Beck About Dead Clinton Affiliates



Israel is not a political entity and cannot be a political entity.

Israel is not reached by plane or by boat. Israel is only accessed by dint of long years of improving oneself morally and the sincere desire to become morally pure enough to live in the rarefied moral realm that is Israel.

Israel is everywhere people in true God consciousness, those who walk in the Way of the Prophets (not the Talmud!) make contact with physical reality. Where their feet tread becomes Israel by virtue of their touch. The air they breathe is Israel by virtue of the Breath that issues from their nostrils when they speak true Torah.

The light in Israel issues from the eyes of those who have attained sufficient moral refinement to be resident in Israel.

Israel has no borders. Torah law, as interpreted by the Prophets (not the rabbis!), is the law of the Land in Israel.

God’s Wisdom is the oceans and water sources of Israel.

No army can, or needs to, defend Israel. In Israel there is a Host, not an army.

Anyone who imagines that Israel can be a state and that it needs an apparatus to keep it functioning and defend it reveals that they are not real Jews in so declaring or have been so far removed from the truth Tradition that they have no idea of that which they speak for having been poisoned by the rabbis.

No real Jew steeped in our True Tradition makes the mistake of thinking that Israel is a political matter any more than a fish wouldn’t discern between alcohol and water.


The Work that Is Being Done to Combat Pedophilia is Precisely What is Needed to Bring Mashiach

The highest level of Atzilut is the level of the Happiness of a Child.

The gematria of the level of God Consciousness that is called Mashiach (משיח = 358)  is identical to that of the word HaSimchah השמחה = 358)  – Happiness. The switching of the diacritical point on the letters Shin and Sin from right to left has to do with matters

(ענינים = כל עינים)  of the light in either the left or the right eye. It is essential that the light be in both to have depth perception.

When a Child is traumatized the horrors that they imagine are far greater than what an adult would imagine. Part and parcel of the sexual abuse is the abuse of the imagination.

When a Child is in a dissociated state due to more pain and fear and shame than they can bear it becomes very easy to teach them that Mashiach is someone else. It is essential to those who purvey false teachings about HaMashiach that Children be dissociated from themselves and unable to reach the level of Joy that is Atzilut – because at that level a Child cannot be lied to. They know the Truth.

A Child who has had many experiences of HaShem as a Child will grow to be an Adult and then and Elder in God Consciousness.

This is precisely what the purveyors of false religion want to avoid at all cost. So, they harm the Children.  Not all Children are raped. All are traumatized by various methods in our societies and that is not just a happenstance.

If we are to bring Mashiach we have to create a world in which Children are allowed to reach the highest level of Atzilut – their joy as possible. It is there that we unite in Joy with HaShem and we know that we are HaMashiach because we are so very, very happy to be in HaShem’s presence.

I wrote the Hebrew proofs about the Imagination of Children on my Hebrew blogs under the title אצילות ילדים. I don’t want what I write to be taken on faith. Don’t take anyone’s teaching of Torah on their say-so or on appeals to authority.  Demand the proof. True Torah teachings can always be proven from the Hebrew and gematriot clearly.





#ShaiNitzanHeadStateAttorneyIsrael is the identity that I have asked you to analyze and investigate.

As the interviewer states, Mr. Nitzan has come in for trenchant, scathing and repeated criticism by some of Israel’s finest professionals and most respected moral personages.

Corroborating testimony and additional evidence may be obtainable from the following professionals, all of whom are impeccable professionally and very highly regarded and respected by the Israeli public.
All have spoken out publicly about Shai Nitzan, Head State Attorney in Israel, and/or his Office under his direction.

Evidently, the Israeli justice system his become too moribund to be capable of self-correction. If our the Israeli Justice System is not robust enough to heal itself, intervention from a trusted ally and friend seems called for.

Since the critical systems and economies of the US and the State of Israel are so intimately interwoven, I exercise my right as a Citizen of the United States of America to turn to US authorities to investigate not only the Human Rights abuses that Mr. Nitzan is exercising over moral dual US-Israeli Citizens, but also to investigate if his actions are causing disruptions in the United States. It is possible that Mr. Nitzan has turned to US Agencies with requests for cooperation.









Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of the seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the bruise of His people, and healeth the stroke of their wound. – Isaiah 30:26

The sun shall be no more thy light by day, neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee; but the LORD shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory.

Thy sun shall no more go down, Neither shall thy moon withdraw itself; for the LORD shall be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended. Isaiah 60: 19-20

I the LORD will hasten it in its time. – Isaiah 60:22

There are many traditions of the existence of a dark, unseen sun.

In Hebrew it is called the light that is stored.

Light is the product of the learning of Torah. All who learn Torah learn in the light produced by those who learn. We produce the light in which we learn for one another.

The hidden sun is the learning that we have not yet fully understood. It is the meanings that we have not yet seen. It is also the misunderstandings that had to be corrected.

This is what is being revealed now. It has been being revealed gradually for quite some time, so as to allow us time to adjust to the new level of light. The hidden light has been revealed much as a newborn sucks Colostrum. That is why the sun used to look yellow. Now the Knowledge is coming in a steady stream – we are nursing well. Now, the light of that which we did not understand fully will flow steadily and increasingly. That is why we now see the sun as white as Milk – and we see the hidden sun too.


The State of Israel’s Singular Peculiar Natural  Resource

From its very founding the State of Israel has marketed its singular, peculiar, most desirable natural resource – Jews. They knew that they could depend upon this cash crop for endless funds. Jewish brains for special projects. Jews for experimental purposes, all kinds of experimental purposes. Jewish Children’s body parts were the most valuable among this natural resource. Do Jewish hearts work like other hearts? Is Jewish blood the same color as others? Do Jewish eyes see what others’ eyes see? Is the Jewish brain different than that of others? Do Jews have more, or less, spleen than others? Do Jewish bodies respond to radiation differently than others?

The morbid interest continues to this very day. Make no mistake about it – and it is capitalized upon to this very day. The state that calls itself Israel depends upon this morbid curiosity for much of its income.

The Jewish brains that were once dedicated to research were, and are, now cut out and sold for dissection, staining and viewing under microscopes. The Jewish hearts that produced some of the greatest works of moral philosophy in the world were now preserved in jars, floating in formaldehyde. The Jewish eyes that lovingly learned Torah or spent endless hours, days and years reading the world’s literature for inspiration were cut out and sold. Members of the burial society have attested that a significant percent of the bodies that they were given to prepare for burial had been emptied of their contents, sewn up and glass eyes had been placed in their heads so that their Families would believe their loved ones were being buried with their eyes.

The matter was brought up to the government. They did nothing to stop it.

The people running the state that presumes to call itself Israel gained the trust of the Jews who understood the Holy and precious-beyond-measure Name Tziyyon very differently than do “the Zionists” – and then set about destroying our Moral Spirit, sending us to war to utterly undermine us morally, committing every sort of horror and taking pains to see to it that the crimes were committed by people bearing Jewish names, purveying an increasingly distorted version of Judaism in our schools to our Children and hacking apart and selling our bodies for research.

And the morbid interest continues to this very day make no mistake about it.

It is not just our loss. It is the world’s loss. It is primarily  the world’s loss. Why is there no Emma Goldman today? Why is there no David Bohm today? Why is there no Rabbi Yishayahu Leibovitch today? Why? Because the state that presumes to call itself Israel targets the Children who might develop into such figures when they are in school and systematically destroys them before they can develop. If, by some miracle, they manage to get through the net, the state that presumes to call itself incriminates them on some bogus charge, povertizes them so as to render them helpless, perpetually vulnerable, and thus ineffectual, or just chops them up and sells them for parts for bizarre research.


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