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Christians must face the awful truth if they are to be saved from having to undergo the full trauma of exposing the Adrenochrome phenomenon.
The Christian religion is the atrocious idea that God allowed the spilling of Yeshu’s blood, horrific torture and death to give you eternal life. To believe that is to say you plan to live forever on adrenochrome extracted from Yeshu, that that is the only way to get the ultimate high (in what you think is heaven) and God is your supplier.
God forbid!
Protestants of all stripes in order to pre-empt your usual fleeing into the Catholic-Protestant divide to hide your shame and guilt: All Christians are guilty of this dreadful sin against God and Man, the Protestants no less than the Catholics! No more of your dirty tricks of dumping all guilt on the Catholics. You are all filthy with thinking that you will live forever on someone else’s blood.
My interpretations are at least as at variance and in disagreement with those of the Rabbis than Yeshu’s were. No one is calling to have me nailed. Knowing what it is like to have to go up against the Rabbinical establishment, I can say with confidence that the claims that the Pharisees called for Yeshu to be crucified are ugly and false accusations.

If I had my druthers, no one would be born a Jew until they had reached Nirvana as a Buddhist. Only those who have gone beyond incorrect thinking, delusions, dualities, have overcome the tendency to be miserable and have conquered the fear of death can understand Torah correctly. Torah is what we learn after we reach Nirvana. Only a very few Jews in each generation reach the requisite level of self-discipline and self-understanding in the course of their learning Torah, despite the rabbinic distortions, to understand what Torah is really teaching. Ideally, that should be the experience of every Jew who learns Torah.

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