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Translating statements in the Christian Bible back into Hebrew, it becomes clear that Yeshu was conscious of the deeper levels of the Hebrew language.
Many of the things he said are far deeper than what comes through in the translations. Nonetheless, he chose to speak in Aramaic and it is clear too that he, or whoever did the translations, was under the rabbinic influence of anti-Female bias. The deepest levels of Torah that can be revealed in a World are Feminine.

So, what I am going to do herein, with God’s help, is to show the deeper levels not only of what Yeshu said on a number of central issues, but also what he did not say or was not translated into the versions of the Christian bible available.

We have to rely on the translation facilities, such as they are on line. It might be worthwhile to copy what I am going to write in Hebrew below into Google’s translation facility as well. I think it’s better than the one of Facebook, but still far from satisfactory.

Let’s begin with the Hebrew words אבי, translated as my Father, which is numerically equal to 13, which is also the value of the masculine form of the word for one – אחד. To say My Father and I are One is to double the value of 13 to 26 and get the value of the Holy Name of four letters, which is equal to 26. So far so good and correct, but there is so much more that is contained in that statement that either Yeshu himself, or his translators didn’t want you to know. Tough. I want you to know. More importantly, God wants you to know.

So let’s start with what is contained in the Hebrew value of 13 – that scary number that you’re supposed to shy away from.

We may even get around to seeing the holiness in the scariest of all scary numbers 666.

But let’s start with 13.

It is important to note at this point that the Hebrew word הוא, which is equal to 12 and is a form of the name of the letter וו (Vav or Wow) is usually translated at he. However, Torah is not punctuated and this same word which is pronounced hu when punctuated with a שורק is also pronounced he when it is punctuated with a חירק חסר and in that form means she. That’s right. He means she. Got that? Good. You’re starting to understand that at the higher level of Hebrew consciousness, the lines between and among the phenomena become softer.

Since 12 is obviously contained in 13, we now know that both the words he and she are contained in the words אבי (my Father), which is equal to 12, which is the value of the word One. Yep, the values blur and blend too when one is not obdurate and insistent.

The Hebrew will be on this blog.


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Normally, we should not take our thinking cues from movies and should not adopt the “memes” of the movies. In the case of the “matrix”, however, the meme is apt and it is also widely popular. Thus, by employing the term “matrix” we may garner the attention of a far wider audience than if we were to employ Torah terminology, with which few are familiar.

The Torah of Moses is “The Matrix”. Those who control the matrix describe the nature of all of reality. It should be needless to say that this power is immeasurably greater than controlling economies.

To control the matrix of Torah is to determine the nature of time, space, the qualities of energy, the qualities of matter, the paths of the stars and planets and all that is derived therefrom.

When Jews learn Torah, the breath that issues from their nostrils and breath, together with the light that issues from their eyes forms the creation. Their breathe when learning Torah is the Spirit that enlivens the Matter of the letters.

Most Jews are not consciously aware of what I just said. They think that existence is “just there” or created by God who they conceive of only in the third Person and infinitely removed from them. They were told that by the rabbis, whom they trusted. Now, understand that if the Jews pronounce that God exists as some infinitely removed, impossibly lofty other – that is what God becomes. The Jews create God too. That’s right. That’s what I said. Read it again and let it sink in. God is the Jews’ Baby. As we incubate God in the Womb of our Consciousness, so God is.

Again, most Jews are wholly unaware of that and most would jump to call me a heretic. In every generation, there were a few Jews who came to be able to see this and, fearing for being censured, or perhaps even banished, by the rabbinical establishment, learned Torah thus in secret. That is the true Kabbalah, in contradistinction to the claptrap that prevails.

The rabbis taught that the Hebrew root L-M-D means to learn, as most of us understand learning – a process of taking in information, which gradually transforms our consciousness. While this is not entirely untrue, neither is it entirely true. In fact, the Hebrew root L-M-D, which equals 74, is the same value as the Hebrew word חולל, pronounced cholel (guttural ch), which means the one who brings the extant into existence. It is also equal to the value 1073, which is identical to 74, because the letter א, is both 1 and 1000. The value 1073 is the value of the term מתגלם, which means to become incarnate, to assume existence, to take on form. When a Jew learns Torah, a Jew is God coming into existence and will create actuality.

Those who are able to direct how the Jews learn, determine the very nature and properties of reality and all that is in it, both concrete and abstract. The Jews trusted their rabbis and the rabbis led them astray. The rabbis told the Jews to learn such that what the Jews bring into existence is Babylon and not the Holy Land of Israel.

The Rabbis also changed the definitions of terms in Torah. For instance, if one defines the Hebrew word רע, as ‘friend’ rather than as ‘evil’, the entire interaction between “the serpent” [who is HaMashiach] and Chava ]Eve] is seen as being very, very different. עץ הדעת טוב ורע [translated unfortunately as ‘the tree of the knowledge of good and evil] actually means advice from a good friend. Neither does Torah tell us not to eat from it. That too is an incorrect translation. Actually, Torah tells us how to read and employ every letter in Torah in what appears, due to the rabbis’ unintentionally or or intentionally misunderstood rendering, as a prohibition on eating from the tree.

Having discussed, even briefly and perfunctorily, the outcomes of the rabbis’ decision to render the termרע in the story of [Beraysheet] as evil rather than as friend; we see that rather than Christianity being a correction of the rabbis’ mistakes, it

is based entirely on rabbinical definitions of the terms in Torah and runs yet further afield with those errors.

The task before us, then, is for the Jews to begin to learn Torah not as the rabbis directed them to, but as the Holy Prophets direct us to. The words of the Prophets only seems harsh if we are not adepts at the gematriot and if we insist on attributing negative definitions and connotations to terms in Torah. In reality, all of Torah is a mediation on Peace and every term in Torah is a specific expression and nuance of Peace.

It is absolutely essential that the Jews break out of the rabbinical “matrix” and return to learning Sepher HaTorah in accordance with the Highest Will. If we do, we will, change the entire structure and expression of reality.

Torah is not a book of rituals and strange narratives. It is the interface between God In and Of Itself and the Creation. It is the Book of Life. It is the Book of Reality. It is the Book of Generation and Generations. Thus the Jews must read it. If not, we will continue to live in this unpleasant simulation. It is only when we learn Torah with the highest of intentions for the Creation that we create what is worthy of being called Reality [ISRAEL => IS REAL].

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Many concepts from ancient Judaism were hidden in the central names, images and narratives of Christianity. The time has come to attempt to reveal them decoded.
In accordance with the responses I will know if this generation is ready for this information or not. In past generations attempts were made to reveal this but were not met with understanding and receptivity. I will try again. If I see that the response is not favorable, I’ll understand that this generation too is not yet ready and the information will be stored for the time when it will be received with understanding and joy.

The names, stories and concepts that were given over to the Gentile world in Greek and the subsequent translations from the Greek are garments for deeper truths. They are not meant to be understood as written.

Using the gematriot, we can decode the names, concepts and imagery to reveal Truth. The purpose of doing these decoding is to heal the scars on your consciousness caused by the harsh imagery of Christianity. If you don’t think that you’ve been harmed by the bloody images and you insist on accepting them as they appear in secular languages, then this information is not for you. I warn you beforehand, your misunderstandings will not be justified herein and the concepts that will be revealed are Jewish concepts. If you cannot accept that, then by all means, move on. This is not for you.

I will have to present the proofs in Hebrew. There is no other language that supports these truths. The truths you’ll see revealed is not the ultimate Truth. Some of the veils will be taken away, but even these truths are veils for deeper truths. With that, much healing will take place for the receptive.

Today’s translation facilities should be good enough to give you a good idea of what is being said. It may be helpful to use more than one translation facility.

If there are concepts in Christianity that you would specifically like to me elucidate with the gematriot, by all means make your suggestions.

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