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Scary Numerology

Let’s do some real Hebrew Gematria. This nonsense numerology has to be addressed because it is confusing and frightening people who have no basis for knowing how to refute it and their fear and confusion is very real and causing their worlds to be chaotic in actuality.

13 is the value of the Hebrew word אהבה, pronounced ahavah, which means love and One.

32 is the value of the Hebrew word לב, pronounced lev and means Heart.

HEART is an anagram of the word EARTH. ארץ, pronounced Eretz, is Earth. The English word Earth is a slight mispronunciation of the Hebrew Eretz. The German Herz is another etymon of the Hebrew Heart-Earth connection.

33 is the value Hebrew word גל, which means wave. 33 is identical to 1032. So, 33 is the value of עלץ לב, which means joy of the Heart and therefore Joy of Earth.

666 is the value of the Hebrew term כל התורה, which means all of Torah (Torah is Terra, which is all of actuality). It is also the value of the Hebrew term כל דורות, which means all Generations. It is also the value of the Hebrew term כל יום, which means every day.

There is nothing that can be done with dark numerology that can’t be fixed by those who know Gematria on levels even the Rothschilds cannot imagine and have no mastery over whatsoever. They function on a very low level of numerology. Don’t worry. Everything they are trying to do is even now being overwritten.

However, if you attach yourself to the lower, darker interpretations, those are the ones that will affect you. So, I suggest you leave this stuff alone and leave it to the Experts.

They have managed to make you believe that which essentially Holy is bad and scary and have you breathing fear and distortions all over creation. *That* is the dark magic.

Breath Peace. That is all you have to do. Breath Peace. If you do, you will come to understand why this is essential.

P.S. If Yeshu had been the Messiah he would have taught you these things. This is precisely what the real anointed Ones do.



Stella Af Glasriket wrote: ALL DEBT IS REPAID NOW!

BINGO! This is the secret of Forgiveness. Those who forgive others moral debts have their debts paid annulled. All economic debt is moral debt. Forgive and our debts are forgiven and we are freed.

This is why there can be no compromise with keeping the Mitzvot of the Sabbatical and Jubillee years. All debts must be forgiven. No loopholes. No doing figure 8s in the air to interpret. This Commandment is written and interpreted *as is*.

Our Realities are composed entirely of the meanings that we assign to words. The meanings we hear depend upon our Hearts.


Our Reality, based on our interpretation of the words we hear, which, in turn, is based entirely upon our moral level, is our Firstborn. Every subsequent Child born to us will be born in the House in which our Firstborn is already present – our Reality.

This is why we have been adjured again and again and again to purify our Hearts. All the blood that flows to our Eyes and our Ears flows from the Heart. If that blood is not pure, is not moral, everything we see and hear is distorted and tainted and all of our understandings are blurred and distorted.

The purification of our Hearts is the purification of all Earth – and beyond.


We Jews need to get something clear that too many “rabbis” have distorted for many generations.

We Jews have a JOB here on Earth. We are HaShem’s representatives. We are the embodiment of Torah. AND we are the Guardians of God’s Garden – and that means our JOB is to see to it that the Creation is Heaven on Earth for the Gentiles. That’s right. Get it straight. Our JOB is to see that the Gentiles are HAPPY and HEALTHY and SAFE by keeping the moral ecology of the Creation pristine.

There has to be absolute ZERO TOLERANCE for degenerate behavior among Jews. No explanation. No sentimentality. No excuses. No false sense of identification or responsibility. No fear.

Any Jew who acts in contravention of this sullies God’s Name, brings the authority of Torah into question and puts every Jew at risk because we claim to be One People.

Pedophiles, Child Traffickers’ Sexual Predators and those who enable them need TREATMENT for their moral handicaps. They are moral cripples and all handicapped people need special care and equipment to deal with their handicap but they also need to be called out for what they are without apology.

They are sick. They need MORAL TREATMENT, not punishment. It is our responsibility to see that all of the morally ill get effective, humane treatment. But sexual predators and those who supply them absolutely cannot be protected and we absolutely cannot have any false ideas about loyalty. This is not being a מלשין. This is about doing our JOB faithfully.

Like Circuses and Zoos, the Carnival of Politics has to be Closed Down for Humanitarian Reasons

Frank Zappa came very close to the truth when he said that “Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex” , but not close enough. The truth is worse.

The truth is politics is the circus and the zoo of the military industrial complex.

Some of the entertainers in the circus have real, unusual skills: like the acrobats and the tight rope walkers and the jugglers. They are kept on a tight chain of control.

Then there are the dangerous animals that have been brutally tamed to do tricks. They are kept on still shorter and more hobbling chains.

And then there is the freak show of the horrifically morally retarded, deformed and those missing moral limbs, who are put before the public to be laughed at and mocked. They needn’t be kept on chains. There is nowhere for them to go. No one who will hire them but the owners of the military-industrial complex’s circus and zoo.

Like their counterparts in the circus, they are paid well for making a spectacle of themselves.

The very same people who would never mock a physically handicapped person, think nothing of pointing out politicians’ infirmities to them and laughing at them with superiority. It’s not moral. It is degrading to them and to us alike.

We have to stop feeding them the peanuts of illusion that they have power over us to egg them on to do more and worse grotesque tricks for us.

Circuses and zoos are cruel. We have to stop feeding the politicians the peanuts of making them think they have real power over us. They deserve the same compassion that all of the grossly deformed, retarded and incapacitated are entitled to.

We have to set them free and go about the long, difficult task of rehabilitating them and making them feel Human.

We have set the animals from the circuses free and we are speaking of closing all zoos. Some already have been closed. But everyone still seems to enjoy making a mockery of politicians. They deserve to be liberated and rehabilitated too.

The most honorable thing that the State of Israel could do is warn the Kurds not to make the same error we did and become a state.

Rather than wanting to become a state and having to make the moral compromises to the int’l military-industrial complex that come with becoming a state, stateless peoples should form a Federation of their own and forge a new kind of cooperation.

I would not want to see the Kurds and the many other stateless Peoples in the world in the position of Israel – and I know that as a small state, they too would be forced to do “odd jobs” – as would the Palestinians and any other People who became a small state.

Iceland could do much to help forge such an alliance – together with the Basque People (who put together Mondragon) and other stateless Peoples.

I never, ever want to see a stateless people in the position we are in because they think that statehood is the only way to defend their right to exist and live on land. No one should ever have to make the kinds of moral compromises to survive that Israel did – and it need not be.

Statelessness affords the freedom to forge a new path. They should embrace that with open arms.

The dream of statehood is alluring and intoxicating with its delusions of self-determination and flowering of one’s culture in repose – but it ends in tragedy because a state must form alliances and alliances are military in nature when they involve other states. There is no way to be a state without realpolitik and military-industrial business and it is ugly. Let no one make Israel’s mistakes again.

I read a lot of the Zionist literature when I was studying Jewish Philosophy. Very few of the Zionists were militant. Most of the Zionists were effete intellectuals who were carried off by the heady promise of a genteel return to our cultural and moral ideals, together with some gardening for balance, and the hopes of becoming a normalized People living in serenity and security high on the lofty hills of the Zion of the Prophets. They envisioned the creation of a Golden Age of morality, culture and physical restoration. They envisioned a return of the scattered throughout the Diaspora – each carrying the intellectual and cultural treasures they had gleaned from throughout the world and the sharing of their knowledge and experience one with the other.

I too saw it that way. All very seductive stuff. They meant it too. So did I.

Then reality hit.

Geographically, Israel was far away from European anti-Semitism. Yet, we could not escape having to come under Western influence. They managed to cook up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from across the sea.

The Kurds are right in the thick of the geographic area of their traditional tormentors. How could they possible avoid ongoing, inter-generational war?

The knowledge of the detention and torture of Human Rights Activists who fought against Human Trafficking by the state that presumes to call itself Israel is travelling all over the world.One of the detainees, Lori Shem Tov, had her Children stolen by the state. She wasn’t allowed visitation rights because she protested. Now she’s being held in solitary in Teveh Nirtza, the only jail for women known to be the worst jail in Israel. It is a maximum security prison for all female prisoners.


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