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Where, indeed, is the Justice?

I don’t hate the Social Workers anymore. I see their extreme pain and my question is: How do We fix this? Yes, it is possible to reach that level of Compassion. We reach it when we look at ourselves without any blinders.
Of course the suffering of the Children and Parents occupies my Mind and my Heart. Of course it does. That should be understood without saying.
But I realize that it is a greater Moral-Spiritual challenge to help people who have done terrible evil than to help their victims, who arouse Compassion far more easily and widely.
I feel the same about business people who aren’t doing business cleanly and equitably and I feel this way about politicians.
The Soul of someone who has caused a Mother to commit suicide is in immeasurably greater trouble than the Soul of the person who committed suicide. The same is true of someone who caused someone to be povertized and someone who caused another suffering.
When we look unflinchingly into our own History and face the suffering we have caused, we realize that those who cause suffering need Redemption desperately and we have no right to ask for the Compassion that we will not offer another.
When we look into our own Souls without excuses and without defense mechanisms, we see that those who outrage us most are those who have done what we have done – just on a larger or more extreme scale.
I’m not calling Evil anything other than what it is. I’m saying that the Evil have to be redeemed to – and that is the greatest Moral-Spiritual Challenge of all – and must be met for the Redemption of the Creation.
I know the reaction is: Let them go to hell!
The trouble is: We are One. If You consign them to hell, You go with them. And We All know it.
I also know that Time is not a vector of sequential events, as it appears in our pedestrian consciousness and that all of our Souls are on Trial NOW. At that level of understanding, we also see our essential Oneness. It’s not just words or something I’ve read from others. I see it. And that is why I no longer scream condemnations at others. I know I condemn my Soul too thereby.
I want us ALL redeemed. All of us.

So, the answer to this question is: The Justice is hiding in his or her robes from Himself or Herself. When will You come forth?

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat

Why Psychopaths Seem Demonic

Why Psychopaths Seem Demonic

In order to understand what Psychopaths really are, and why they appear to have a demonic power of us, it is important to know the etymology of the word demon.

The Hebrew word Dimayon means Likeness and Imagination.

Two of the English etymons for the Hebrew Dimayon are demon and dominion.

When our Imaginations are not under our control, we are not in a state of Dominion over our minds. As in any Kingdom, if the ruling monarch is absent or incapable of ruling, chaos and various bids for power reign.

A imagination of any person who has not get gotten control of their Dimayon – that is: their Imagination, their ability to assume various Forms in creation and their Dominion over creation – will conjure up all kinds of challenges which they will have to face. Those challenges will push them to whatever limits are necessary to get us in control of our Minds and our Emotions.

Your Imagination will surely take on the forms of all kinds of “Psychopaths” that will present themselves to you in all kinds of guises and will reveal themselves, after you have fallen for the ruse, as something very different than what they presented themselves to you as. Knowing now that your own imagination is conjuring up the Psychopaths you encounter, is it any wonder they are exactly what you think you want, that they uncannily know just how to push your most sensitive buttons, that they know just what to say to you and when? Is it any wonder that they will know just how to disappoint you to cause you maximum emotional and cognitive havoc? The resulting devastation of your worldview, your image of yourself and the feeling that you can’t trust anything, including your judgement, will first drive you to despair. If you are strong, you’ll begin to recollect yourself silver by sliver and reconstruct yourself. In that process you will realize your power to construct and reconstruct Yourself – and in so doing you will ascent to the Throne of Your Dominion – you will gain control over Your Mind and Your Emotions and You will realize that You are the Creator.

So, thank the Psychopaths who showed up in your Life for kicking Your butt. Better yet, thank YourSelf for showing up at your door in the form of those Psychopaths. You’ve begun to learn to recognize YourSelf even in deep and various disguise.

הזוכה הוא הזכאי


הזוכה הוא הזכאי

זוכה = ל”ח = 38 = זכאי = לבו
= לאהב = לאגד = זה הויה = הוא הויה
= הויה בי = הויה בטא = הוא כל בית ישראל יחד
= 1037 = 38 = לב שופטים

ז + חולם = 651 = האלהים = כל אם

כ + סגול + ה = 124 = יהי גופי
= עלץ ענג = 1123 = 124

זכוי = 43 = גדול = גיל = הזוכה = הזכאי

זכוי לכל = 123 = זכוי ועד = ענג

דין = 714 = עולם הבא = זוכה לאלהים
= זכאי לאלהים = שחרור
= עם בלבי = כל ימי חייך בלבי
= לבי הויה אלהים = לבי כל בית ישראל יחד לדורות
= 1713 = 714 = הוא שבת = עמך לעד = דרות לעד
= כל חייך לעד

כלנו, כל בית ישראל יחד מכל דור ודור, כבר בבית דין של מעלה – שהוא פרוזדור עולם הבא. במוחין קטנות, הזמן נראה כרצף. אולם, האמת היא, שהכל קורה בו-זמני. לכן, אנו כבר בעתידנו. הזכוי של כל אחד מאתנו תלוי בזכוי של כל בית ישראל – כי הזוכה הוא גם הזכאי. השופט הוא גם השפוט. הבה נזכה זה את זה כבר ונעלה הלאה. כל עוד אנו לא מזכים זה את זה הדיונים ממשיכים ואנו לא מרשים זה את זה לצאת מאולם הדין, דהיינו מהרמה הכי נמוכה של עולם הבא. הבה נסלח זה לזה ונעלה למדורים היותר גבוהים.



I’ve been a Revolutionary all my life. As a Child I couldn’t stand injustice or even lesser unfairness of any kind. Seeing injustice and unfairness would drive me wild with outrage. I began to read subversive literature was I was all of ten years old.

By the time I was a young adult, being a Rebel was who I was. It was the part of me I took the most pride in. It was an expression of my courage. I was also kind of glamoured by the thought of being thought of as a bad ass.

For decades, I waited hopefully for people to wake up en masse and become Rebels, as I was. I was sure that would bring about The Revolution. And then it happened. People began to wake from the coma of unknowing and the lethargy of apathy. “The Truth Movement” came into being. Video after video was made exposing corruption. People began to demonstrate en masse. I was filled with Hope. The Revolution would come about at last!

So, when I saw that rebellion was not having the desired effect, I was not only dismayed; I felt my Identity shaken to the core. All my Hopes were dashed as I saw businesspeople and politicians digging their heels in and keeping the rebellion at bay. I saw the desire to Revolution easily recuperated into something trendy and ineffectual. I saw that the “truth movement” was nothing more than an expression of latent anti-Semitism as exemplified in the “Occupy” movement, the name of which was a pot shot at Israel and I saw that the irony of the fact that they were already occupying “New York” and “Queensland” and “New Brunswick” was completely lost on them.

So, I asked God: Now what do I do? Give up? Just accept slavery and atrocities as part of Life? I can’t do that!

Little by little the ability to see people in positions of wealth, power and influence seemingly immeasurably greater than my own as sad and frightened Souls began to bud in my heart. I came to be able to see that anyone who would vie for influence that desperately, beg for the attention of the public in the most outrageous ways, would steal from the indigent and make deals with any and all shady interests to get into power must be a Soul in dire straits. I began to see that the need to be recognized and influential, to be on as many people’s minds as possible and to exert negative influence the lives of as many people as possible were all the behaviors of some terrible desperation. I saw that they had made deals and signed contracts that didn’t allow them to back out and let the mantle fall. I saw they were trapped and caged. I began to pity them. Then, at a higher stage of awareness, I began to feel some twinges of real compassion for them. Later I felt genuine desire to help them out of the mire they were entangled in. At that point, I had passed the point of feeling pity, which is a state marred by the bitterness of feigned superiority. I could feel genuine Compassion for them. When I was able to do that, I realized something wonderful had happened – I was no longer living in reactive mode to them, as I had been for decades as a rebel. I was in fully proactive mode. I was not responding to their behavior. I was in full control of my mind and my emotions and interpreting their behavior in a state of free will, using my highest faculties. They were no longer my rulers. They were my wards and it was my duty to heal them. I understood that the captive relationship between what appears to be ruler and ruled is revealed at a higher level of moral awareness as our moral obligation to help Souls who are in desperate straits.

רחמים מהפכניים

רחמים מהפכניים

המהפכה תבוא אך ורק מרחמנות. האמינו לי, אחיי. הייתי מהפכנית כל חיי, ולמדתי מכל הטירחה דבר אחד: הנשמות המוכרחות לגנוב, להתרומם על אחיהן, להתאכזר, ולדרוש ל”צומי” מכל עובר ושב הן הנשמות הכי מסכנות עלי אדמות. התנהגות כזאת בפרהסיה היא הסימן הכי ברור לנשמה במצוקה איומה. הם נראים חזקים ובעלי השפעה. אבל הם באימה והיסטריה. זה קל מאד להרגיש רחמנות ורחמים לגבי אנשים שאנו מעריכים כיותר חלשים מאתנו. זה אלהי להיות מסוגל לרחם על אלה הנראים לנו יותר עשירים וחזקים ובעלי יותר כח. ורק כשאנו מתעלים אל המבט האלהי אנו רואים את המצב נכונה ומבינים כי היציאה מהעבדות היחידה היא להבין כי המבקשים למשול בנו הם מתחננים לנו לרחמים – ולרחם עליהם כיאות. הנשמות הדורשות תשומת לב (קרי פרסום) הן הנשמות הכי פוחדות מלהמחק מזכרון האנושות ולאבד כל קיום. למה ומדוע עלינו לעזור להם ולרחם עליהם? כי השקט והשלווה של כלנו תלויות בהן שלכולם. אף אחד לא יכול להיות שליו כל עוד אחד מאתנו במצוקה.
לרחם על רשע אינו אומר להתעלם ממעשיו הנוראים או לתרץ אותם או לסלוח להם בלי שיקום. לרחם על רשע אומר להיות מסוגל לאומר לו: אנו מבינים כי אתה בכאבי תופת ולכן אתה לא מסוגל לאהוב או להתיחד עם עמך או לרגשות של כאבי הזולת. נעזור לך להשתקם. מנקודה זאת נהיה מסוגלים להחזיר את הרשע אל הגדול הטבעי שלו ולשבור את חרצובות הרשע שהתעלמותנו ממצוקת הרשעים כובלת אותנו בהן בו-זמנית.

MEMORIES are Alive

MEMORIES are Alive

Experiences and Memories are living beings. They are the level of Life of which the Botanical Kingdom is the expression. To be Alive is to exist in a Present, in a Now – in any Present, in any Now, no matter how constrictively or expansively one chooses to define the terms Present and Now. These statements may be counter-intuitive. Directly below this post, I have already posted the Hebrew proofs which bear these statements out as a post called
הזכרון החי

As the level of Life upon which Experiences and Memories exist is the Botanical Kingdom, it is not only permissible to conceive Life with our closest Family members, as well as with lovers and strangers, it is necessarily the case and absolutely kosher.

Experiences and Memories are seeds which are implanted in our Consciousness and which grow to flowering and fruition in the best possible Season. Until the conditions are most supportive for the flowering of our memories, they remain in a preconsciousness or subconscious state. When a memory arises in our minds and becomes conscious, it is because something in that Here and Now supports the Life form that memory will take. As the conditions become more and more favorable, the memory will “pop up” in our minds more and more.

It is perfectly acceptable to say: This is not the most favorable time for the flowering and fruition of this Experience. I will allow it to become a Memory, where it will exist as a seedling until such time as the conditions are best. When the Season is right, I will allow that Experiences, which now exists as a Memory, to blossom.

It is perfectly OK to say: This Memory was conceived as an Experience and I accept it as my Child, but I am too young myself to care for it properly. It is perfectly OK to say: This Experience was conceived in pain that I am not strong enough to handle now. I will allow this Experience to become a Memory until such time as I am strong enough to handle the pain. It is perfectly OK to say: The Experience occurred but I am too indigent experientially and/or emotionally and/or materially to allow for the fullest expression of this Memory. I will store it in the Silo of my Memory until I can care for it.

It is not OK to say: I hate the People with whom this Experience was conceived. I will not allow this Experience to exist within me as a Memory. I will burn it to death with the fury of my anger. I will dissolve it in my acerbic bitterness. I will freeze it to death by depriving it of all warmth. I will kill it with thirst by subject it to the aridity of ignoring it.

Know assuredly that the murder of Memories will express itself on the more pronounced levels of Life as the murder of Living beings that exist in bodies.

It is OK to encapsulate our painful Experiences. Some of the Memories in which they exist have sharp structures that keep them protected. So, they need to be encapsulated and stored safely in our subconscious until such time as We, or even our Descendants, can provide them with maximal conditions for growth. But let us not be cruel with our Memories.

הזכרון החי


הזכרון החי

חי = 18 = בהוה

חיים = 628 = האדם בהוה
= דרות בהוה = עמך בהוה

זרע = 277 = נזכר = כל זכר
= זכר היה יהיה = כל ברבה
= רז סוד = נהיה אור = אור לבלוב

זורע = 283 = פגר = זמר לו = אומר לו
= זכר היה ויהיה = נזכור = זכרונ

זכרונה = 288 = הזכרונ = הזורע = פרח
= אני ברכה = נוה ברכה

זכרונו = 289 = פטר = ממטר = אפרח
= בני הבכר = בני זכר = בני ברכה
= הרכב הבנה

בזכרונה = 290 = פרי

בזכרונו = 291 = אצר = ארצ

זכרון = 933 = זכר עולם = עולם בכרה
= אם עלה ברכה = זכר אם עלה

זכרונות = 689 = טפם = גופם

זכרונותינו = 755 = טמון = זמן הבא

זכרון חי = 951 = ספר תורה

הזרכון החי = 961 = ספרי תורה

תקון השם מדין


תקון השם מדין

כדי להבין את עומק השם מדין, עלינו לדעת מהו דוד. השם דוד
[= 14] טמון בשם מדין.

דוד = 14 = צאצאי הטמונים בגופי = 1013 = 14
הגו = התרבות

כח = 28 = 14 + 14 = חיי = יחוד
= התרבות צאצאי הטמונים בגופי
= 2026 = 28 = אתם הויה = 1027 = 28
= אתם כל בית ישראל יחד

כמו כן, עלינו לדעת מיהו משה באמת.

משה = 345 = הספר = פה הרנה
= ילדים לומדים = 1344 = 345

עתה נראה מיהו מדין, בע”ה.

מדין = 754 = ילד קים = ילד קדום
= יוד הא וו הא קים
= לדוד קים
= מעולם הבא
= לי עולם הבא
= ולד עולם הבא
= אבותיכם עולם הבא = 1753 = 754
= הגלויה חייתי בכל דור
= הילדה חייתי בכל דור
= מקראות כל ספר התורה
= בן אליהו = שבת אליהו = אליהו ברך
= בכל שבת = בכל בת מכל דור
= בכל הארצות
= אני זוכרת אבותיכם
= דין אבותיכם
= עולם הבא אבותיכם
= עולם הבא כתר אבותי
= עולם הבא כתר אחתי
= אנכי אבותיכם החיים
= כסא אבותיכם החיים
= כל נפשות צאצאינו בריאות
= אבותיכם צאצאי הטמונים בגופי נולדים 2752 = 754
= כתר אבותי צאצאי הטמונים בגופי מולידים

עדן = 774 = כמדין
= מדין חוגג = חזה מדין
= דמיון דוד
= דמיון צאצאי הטמונים בגופי
= 1773 = 774
= עצם דוד = עצם צאצאי הטמונים גופי
= עצרת דוד = עצרת צאצאי הטמונים בגופי
= חי עולמים
= בהוה עולמים
= ימין דוד = למדן
= כל קרן למודי הדורות בי = 1773 = 774
= הנה עולם הבא
= עולם הבא עולם שמחה
= בת שבע
= שבת חסד = בן חסד = חסד בת מכל דור
= שבת כנסת ישראל = בן כנסת ישראל
= ברך כנסת ישראל = כנסת ישראל בת מכל דור
= שבת ויכלו = ברך ויכלו

כדי להגיע ליחידה של עדן אנו *חייבים* להיות הסוגלים לראות *כל דבר* בתורה באור חיובי ולדעת כי היחידה היא יחידת כל עם ישראל בכל דור ודור ולשמח במציאות זאת עד מאד.

תקון השם עמלק


תקון השם עמלק

עמלק = 240 = לחבר = יהיה חבר = יהיה דור
= לדור = לעצמי = על הקהל = קהל עלה
= הקהל יחוד כנסת ישראל
= 1239 = 240 = הקהל המלכה
= ואזכור = זכר אהבה = זכר אחד
= הדורות הבאים

הדורות הבאים נמצאים = 2030
= צאן עמלק = 1031
= עמלק נאמן
= עמלק מאמין
= עמלק הצופים
= לב
= השוכן



The topic of Schizophrenia came up on a Friend’s page. I’d like to discuss the matter here, among the people with whom I feel comfortable enough to share this information.

In the ordinary state of Human consciousness, we experience our thoughts as the ruminations and deliberations of just one personality – ours. We think, we deliberate, we imagine then we come to a decision – our own.

In a higher state of consciousness we become aware that our thoughts are actually one among a myriad host of personalities and consciousnesses – each contributing to the deliberation from their own point of view, from the benefit of their learning and experience. Clearly, in that state of consciousness, we are privy to a LOT more input.

Those who are aware of this state of consciousness are people who have worked very hard on themselves *morally*. They have become purified enough in their intentions for the general Good of Creation to have been invited to sit as one of these deliberators and to be aware of it.
This myriad host of Wise, enlightened consciousnesses are various – each has their own personality, viewpoint and learning – but they are all absolutely and unwaveringly united in their innermost Intention – which is the benefit of All. This is the true meaning of One.

This is what Torah means when God is referred to as the God of Hosts and it is taught that the Elohim are the Judges. It is also the meaning of the teaching that God is One, but not in simple numerical reckoning. God is an absolute Unity of Intention for the absolute Good, but from infinite viewpoints, the wisdom of which is shared in the form of separate personages so that they Joy of Sharing may be experienced and also because Wisdom brings actual living Beings into existence, the highest Order of those living Beings is the Judges (HaElohim).

On the path to experiencing the Deliberations, one may experience changes in the way in which they sense things. They may smell fragrances or taste nectar. These experiences, while pleasant, are just indications that one is nicely on their way, but should not be given much attention to because they are still on the level of the sensual – not pure Moral Consciousness.

Before we are *morally* prepared to sit as One among the Host of Judges, we experience our consciousness as the consciousness of one personality – our own, as I stated above. This is a protective mechanism which both prevents us from doing more than limited damage and also protects us from more conscious input than we can receive so that we are not obliterated by the influx of too much Knowledge (also called “Light”).

There are exceptions to this. There are Souls that are in the hellish state of experiencing the deliberations and “voices” of other personalities “in their heads” (which in Hebrew would also translate to in their joy). Not being on a sufficiently high level to experience the deliberations as the bliss of being privy to infinite Wisdom, they experience the deliberations as *accusations*. The basic difference between Heaven and hell is that in Heaven the deliberations are experienced as a vast Hall of Learning, the issues of which are Worlds. While in hell, they are experienced as a *trial* and hearing their condemnation.

Rather than smelling pleasant fragrances, these people may smell noxious odors and taste noxious things or experience being touched. These are the *Body’s* interpretations of rarefied Wisdom, but on a low and unpleasant level.

The awareness of this happens normally “after one dies”. Sometimes it happens when we are still in a Body. Those who reach Heaven while still in a Body are aware of these deliberations of myriad Wise Souls and take comfort and counsel from them. Those who experience this while in their Bodies but are not morally prepared for it, experience themselves as being accused and being harmed and being told to harm themselves in various ways.

While it may be necessary to turn these symptoms off for awhile in order to help the person gain control over themselves, the goal should not be the permanent eradication of the symptoms, but, rather, helping the person understand their experiences *positively*. In order to do this, their level of morality has to be increased. Any increase in consciousness has to be the Gift given to one who has worked on their traits and purified his or her intentions. If not, they are invariably hellish. An increase in consciousness that is not the product of increased Kindness, is a punishment, not a gift.

Any action in the direction of Kindness on the part of a person in a hellish state is very precious in the eyes of God. If a person who is suffering from Scizophrenia does anything toward mastering their own thoughts and impulses for the sake of the general Good, they will be given maximal help from on High.

I highly recommend the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and his advanced Students to anyone who is not Jewish. He is a true Master of the nature of the Mind and the Body and he will lead people on the path of mastering their Moral Traits, their Emotions, their Consciousness and their Body.

I do not recommend Hindu meditative practices for those not born into that culture. Their emphasis on many gods is not what a person already hallucinating needs.

Buddhism is the highest of the non-Jewish paths and the one I would recommend for those who very much want to or need to get their Faculties under control. The Native peoples too have developed Moral-Spiritual paths that integrate one’s Body into Nature in a very positive way. It would be better if each of us could do this in the context of our own culture, but, unfortunately the West has not produced such a culture of Enlightenment and one is advised to turn to other Wisdom cultures for help with Moral-Spiritual-Bodily matters that are causing great distress, like Schizophrenia.

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