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We are all born into this world pregnant. We are pregnant with a Vision of World. The Utmost Directive is to protect that Child of God within the womb of our Imagination until it is strong enough to be born.

The greatest danger to that Child is its exposure to the Infinite Light before it is ready to withstand the full force of the Revelation of God. It cannot face God until it is able to know that it is God.

To the purpose of keeping that from happening, we take on a many-layered and extremely sophisticated system of shields around us.

In order to keep ourselves in a state of self-induced amnesia, we tell ourselves that “we are just human”. Some go so far as to say they are just sophisticated beasts. Some make God into an impossibly abstracted Other. Some deny God altogether. We take on illness and poverty, weakness and vulnerability. We take on humiliations and degradation and handicaps and all manners of problems – all designed to make us forget that we are God so that the Child within us will be protected from Infinity before it is ready.

But there is no need to suffer sorrows in order to keep ourselves in the illusion of being Human until we can birth OurSelves as God. It is not necessary to be depressed and suffer.

Quite the contrary, just as the most effective way to tolerate the heat and light of the sun is to expose ourselves to it in increments, so the best way to make ourselves gradually ready to be able to stand in the Light of God is to accustom ourselves to Joy and pure forms of Enjoyment.

We are meant to enjoy this world and make it a place of greater enjoyment for all. In this way we become strengthened and our tolerance for Joy grows.

Eventually, after a long, long time of enjoying Life; we come into the full Light or our true Being even as We live in a created world. That World is the Child We carry. It is Us in actuality.

The True Laws of Noach (Noah)

The True Laws of Noach (Noah)

For years before we are considered legally responsible by those who enforce our legal systems, we are educated to unquestioningly accept presumptions about “the laws of nature”.

We are taught that time moves in one direction. We are taught that we are bound by the laws of gravity. We are taught that we can’t walk through objects. We are taught that only one object can be at one place at one time. (Recently we are taught that “quantum effects” exist, but only on very small scales [whatever that means]). We are taught that matter (more recently energy) cannot be created or destroyed.

It is only when we have accepted all of these lies as absolutely, obdurate truth that cannot be annulled that the system of laws can be imposed on us, because it is only then that we can be jailed or made indigent or homeless or tortured if we do not comply with the law.

None of those threats are in any way meaningful unless we are utterly convinced that the laws of nature they taught us as children are true.

Those degraded and cruelly limiting laws of nature aren’t necessarily true. They are only true on a certain range of morality. If we undertake to live in accordance with the Righteous who follow God’s true Laws of nature, those other, lesser, untrue laws are nullified in our eyes and we move into another interpretation of Reality.

When we find the sacred Place within us, where God’s Laws reign supreme we are gradually absorbed into it. As we are, the laws under which we lived become less binding. Eventually, they are nullified completely.


Natural Law

Natural Law

The way in which we define Natural Law, the presumptions we have about how nature works, of which we are convinced, and what we believe implicitly is natural law determines how nature presents itself to us.

It is only if we accept and believe whole-heartedly that the way we were taught in school that nature works is true that man-made laws can be incumbent upon us. What we were taught in school were presumptions and cruelly hobbling limitations based on fear, not Love.

It is only if we truly believe that a wall can hold us, that shackles can bind us; that instruments of punishment can be laid upon us that man-made laws that threaten us with such things can be incumbent upon us.

Natural Law is precedent to man-made law and all man-made laws are based on presumptions about what is and is not possible in the natural world.

If we seek to live only under God’s highest order of Natural Law we will be protected by those Laws from all other, lower, forms of law.
When we commit ourselves completely to live according to God’s Natural Law all other systems of law are nullified before us.
This is the meaning of The Promised Land.

It is only when we enter God’s natural Laws that we can begin to see Torah in God’s natural Light and be able to read it properly and understand it. Right now we are trying to read Torah in a very dim light, the dimness of which is an effect of our limiting misconceptions.
The Rabbis do not see the Light that is called The Light of the Seven Days of Creation. If they did, they would interpret Torah very, very differently.


Who’s a Jew?

Who’s a Jew?

A Jew is someone who can look at the Jewish People without delusion, excuses, brainwash, apologetics or denial and a say: Yep, they’re mine, they’re me; control their gag reflex and go about the task of learning to Love them and make Peace among them. I mean us, not them.


A Jew who wishes to make Peace in America, but not first with Israel, spoke of the entire Earth belonging to all of us.

A Jew who wishes to make Peace in America, but not first with Israel, spoke of the entire Earth belonging to all of us.


I answered:


Those are lovely sentiments and lovely words.

But this list of apartheid reservations (you know, reserves, like game preserves for wildlife like Mohawks) in “America” still exists and you are likely standing on an unmarked grave of one of the 100 million Natives who were genocided now.




Peace is made in concentric circles. Peace is made within one’s own Tribe, our most proximate Self – and then extends outward. One cannot create global peace until they have done everything they can to make Peace in their own tribe. The Hebrew word for Tribe is equal to the Hebrew word for One Person. Our Tribe is our conglomerate, core Self.


We begin to walk before we enter the Olympics.

If you cannot find it in your Heart to love Israel and devote your life to making Peace within Israel first – I promise you, have no chance of making Peace for other Peoples. First, we must love our own Tribe, because they are Faces that most proximately reflect our own Heart – the beauty and the ugliness, the Peace and the pain in our own Heart.


First we make Peace on our Land – because our Land is the dust and blood of our Ancestors. First, we made Peace with our Past – our Land.


Having done that, we can then expand outwards.


America is a hodge-podge of Peoples who did not make Peace with their own Peoples and fled, or were driven out but do not go back from a position of greater strength. It is a patchwork of those who failed at Peace internationally baste-stitched together. America is a conglomerate of those who did not make Peace proximately. Instead, they stubbornly occupy the Land of others. How will you make peace extensively? How will you made Peace at all?


First we make deep and inter-generational Peace with our Core Self – our own People on our own Land. Having done that, we are invited to extend outwards to other Peoples in Peace and our extension is not unwelcome trespass and violent invasion. First we made deep and inter-generational Peace with our Core Self – our own People on our own Land. Having done that, we are invited to extend outwards to other Peoples in Peace and our extension is not unwelcome trespass, arrogant and obstinate intrusion and violent invasion.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Safed, Israel


Unsolicited Advice About Occupation from Occupiers

Unsolicited Advice About Occupation from Occupiers

If Americans, Canadians, Australians and other countries built on invasion, occupation, genocide and apartheid were in a moral position to say: ‘Israel, we acknowledge that we were guilty of egregious crimes against Humanity. It was painful to admit this, but we did. We took sincere, persistent, assertive affirmative action to right our wrongs. We have done everything we could. Please listen to us.
And, if then, the Aboriginal Peoples in your countries were to say: Israel, what they say is true. They have arighted their wrongs to the maximum extent Humanly possible and we were able to forgive them. We are now is satisfactory circumstances that allow us to go on with our lives. We endorse them as Guides for you. Please listen to them.’ I, and all decent Israelis would be delighted to learn from you and we would hope that you could Guide us.

But under the current circumstances, when invaders of Native lands preach to us about occupation, my response to you is not: Go to hell. It is: Go to live on a reservation.


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