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The Pursuit and Doing of Justice Is The Creation of The Earth

The Pursuit and Doing of Justice Is The Creation of The Earth

The Hebrew word for Justice is Tzedek. It is numerically equivalent to the term HaAhava HaEliona, which means: The Highest Love.

The Souls of those who love Justice are coming from the highest order of God’s Love, which is identical with the highest level of God’s Will.

Bringing down of the highest level of God’s Love into material, finite physicality is the greatest miracle that can be achieved.

Once we understand what we are actually doing when we pursue Justice, we are not dismayed or discouraged that the Labor is very, very hard and protracted.

We have already achieved Justice in physical reality to a great extent. Certainly we have not finished the work. But let us not become frustrated or lose Heart when the labor is protracted and very difficult.

That is why it is written: Justice, Justice shall you pursue, that you may thrive and occupy the land that the Lord your God is giving you. – Deuteronomy 16:18

The bringing down of the Supernal, Highest Love and Will is the actual creation of firm, stable ground upon which to walk. Let’s not get discouraged if that’s not a quick and easy thing to do.


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