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It helps to view being born Jewish like being born rich. Being born Jewish means being born into a Family of tremendous moral wealth.


As a rich Child, I was born with an advantage. But so long as I am a child, contributing very little, the wealth in which I live is not mine, but my Parents’ and Grandparent’ and so on.

Having very rich Parents, I am taught how to make wealth when I come into my own, but if I am not careful I can squander the wealth that was accumulated over many generations. If I do that, not only will I be poor, but I will have squandered that which others worked so very hard for. If I do that, I am a disgrace to the Dynasty into which I was fortunate to be born.

The Jews who think that they are automatically tremendously wealthy morally, but have done little to contribute to the wealth by actually devoting their blood, sweat and tears to making Peace, are like snotty rich kids. And they are likely to be the first to fritter the wealth away and become disgraceful to the whole Family.

Let us not presume that we are automatically morally great because we were born into a morally fabulously rich home.

Those of us who have not actively made Peace, have not worked at Peace over many years and decades, have taken no personal risks for Peace are not contributing to Jewish wealth and are a disgrace.

They are the first to think that anyone who criticizes them is automatically wrong and to think that if they are not at Peace with their neighbors, it’s the neighbors’ whole fault.

Let us not say: Hey, I’m a Jew! I’m all about Peace automatically. I don’t have to lift a finger for Peace. I’m rich!

I see too many Jews walking around with that attitude. They are the Valley girls of the moral world.

How does Babylonian black magic work?

When the Babylonian warlocks [the influential rabbis] need a blast of negative power something “happens” that unites Israel is mourning, sadness, fear. The media see to it that we all know something terrible has happened. Having milked us for the negative power, we are then separated again by hatred.

Meditating in the Book of Revelation brings you to a world in which there is nothing but dark revelation.

Meditating on the Book of Revelations brings one to a world in which there is nothing but hellish revelations that go on and on. You think there will be Peace and relief at their conclusion. But the conclusion never comes and Peace eludes you. There is only more revelation of increasingly horrific things, but there is no relief. Peace does not come.
You keep getting promises that you are approaching the end of the horror. Just one more revelation of something more shocking and revolting and Soul scarring than any shock and disgust before, and it will all be over. But it’s not over. Is it?
You inherited the hell you wished for “non-believers”. You did not know that when you signed onto a belief system whose central teachings was hell for others, you yourself became that other.

Yet God has mercy. Turn to God and ask for the way out of where you are. I mean God. No junior partners.
You are in no position to state the terms of your salvation. Just honestly, plainly and simply ask God, without preconditions and without preconceptions, to help you.

“Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold, and see the recompense of the wicked… There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy tent.”
This is so true. I would recommend that you read the whole Psalm.


What it does not say is that it hurts terribly to look around and see so Christians suffering the tortures of the damned because they engaged in idol worship, ascribed lies to the God of Israel and thought they had taken the Jews’ place in God’s Heart.

Babylonian Mind Control (or Witchcraft, depending upon how modern and PC you want to sound) are:

The Babylonian Talmud is not called the Babylonian Talmud because it was written in Babylon, but because it *generates* the conditions of Babylon.
Those who are determining and funding Jewish education are essentially enslaving the Jews to creating Babylon as opposed to the physical conditions that are called Israel. Israel is not a political entity or even a geographic location. Israel is a state of being that is created as a result of moral achievement.
The Exilarch is the head of the cabal who are invested in keeping the world under conditions of Babylon, which they can control and which provide a platform for evil to be able to occur in physicality.
Fear, hatred, moral blindness and grief create the conditions of Babylon. Hopelessness and despair perpetuate it. The Exilarch wants it that way.
The State of Israel was created to keep Jews in a state of fear and hatred.
Human sacrifice [war and “accidents”] is an integral element of the cult as they generate widespread fear, hatred and grief.
I can show you in Hebrew that what I’m telling you is true.

Cymatics give a perfunctory insight into what sounds do to physical reality. The Talmud is learned orally. The boys in the Yeshivas quite literally exhale Babylon into existence. That is the slavery.

The state of being called the Land of Israel is created by learning Torah [meaning the HEBREW BIBLE] in Joy, Peace, Serenity, Wisdom and Generosity. Those whose livelihood depends on Babylon are doing everything in their considerable power to make sure the Jews are miserable and terrified.

Two important Babylonian forms of mind control [or witchcraft, depending upon how modern and PC one wants to sound] to know about is:

1) Reducing an entire community or an entire People who exist in generation after generation, to one personage.

2) Talking about that which is transpiring in the present as though it happened long ago and far away to someone else or has not yet occurred. This causes the most extreme forms of dissociation.

The Jews and the Christians were both subjected to these techniques.
Both the Jews and the Christians, in different versions, were taught that HaMashiach is one figure.

In fact HaMashiach is the moral Jews in every generation.

It is said of Babylon that therein are magnificent hanging gardens. What is the meaning of that description?

The gardens of Babylon are hanging gardens. Beautiful as they may be, they do not touch ground. They do not touch Earth because they do not have the wisdom to be able to bring Supernal Beauty down to Earth without sullying it, without getting it dirty.
Babylon is all of the “teachers” in all of the religions who think the contemplation of the spiritual, the remote, the un-actualized is the height of Godly experience.

Not so Israel.

The Land of Israel is precisely on Earth. The Wisdom of the true Teachings of Torah are the actualization of the forms of Supernal Beauty, making them really real, making them actual, making them Earth – without making them dirty.


The Character Traits of the Holy Mothers and Fathers of Israel are the Elements of the Land of Israel

It was shown to us that the Hebrew word for measurement and character trait is the same word: מדה, pronounced midah.
The plural is מדות, pronounced midot.

Any Person, be he or she Jew or Gentile, who has wanted dearly with their whole Heart to emulate the Holy Personages in Torah, who endeavors mightily and builds their character in accordance with the character traits of the Holy Personages we read about in Torah has actualized those personality traits in the Creation, in reality, has made them really real and has built the Land of Israel. Such a Person, be he or she Jew or Gentile, has an eternal Holding in the Land and is entitled to be free on the entire Land – which knows no limits or measure, because these are no ordinary measurements, these are the traits of Holiness and they are infinite.

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