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Int’l Jewish Community Takes the Pedophilia Epidemic and Its Protectors by the Horns


מעשה בראשית

Four clues 2find out if ur a satanist

THIS! This is so, so true.
The first and foremost mark of Satanism is anti-Semitism and rejection of Torah. It is hatred of the Jews and hatred of everything the Jews hold Holy and making up lies about what our Tradition is.
That means that anyone who thinks that there is a “new testament” is, by definition, a Satanist. That’s right. You’ve rejected the Word of The Ancient Holy One and presumed to be able to know that something better was scripted. That is as Satanic as it gets. That is precisely what being a fallen out of God’s Grace is.

OPUS 129 Bibi’s Exit RAW

עריכת תולדות אדם את חוה

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