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This matters to you very personally because the Israeli cyber units are deeply involved in trying to shut up dissent ALL OVER THE WORLD, not only in Israel. 
WHO in HOMELAND SECURTITY and other American investigative bodies cooperated to imprison LORI SHEM TOV and why???
Totally but TOTALLY agree with this comment:
Freeman King
56 minutes ago
“All cops, judges, prosecutors, et al…. Should be required to have been a convict in the past, but reformed, in order to have any authority to condemn others in a court or cops brutalizing.”


It is time to expose the truth. The court system, particularly in Jerusalem and Nazareth, is controlled by people who use the courts as temples of Human sacrifice.
Please watch this documentary and you’ll know the terrible truth.
Tair Rada’s murder was a either the act of a mad [likely female] youngster or a ritual sacrifice. But it gets worse: the Israeli court system, which is all about ritual sacrifice, went along with it, added their share to the ritual sacrifice and put an innocent man in jail.
One of the (ex) judges, Yitzchak Cohen, who sentenced Roman Zadarov, an innocent man, to life in prison for a murder experts say he did not commit; has been removed from the bench for gross sexual impropriety.
Cohen was a nominee for the Supreme Court.
It was very convenient for the State Attorney’s Office to have a judge who would do whatever they said because they knew he was a pervert.
The youngster believed to be the murderer is said to have worked as and S&M prostitute. Did she have clients among the judges, state attorneys and police???
Roman Zadarov, forensically proven innocent was sentenced to life in jail.
Thus leaving the entire town of Katzrin traumaitzed and in shambles – and that was the purpose of the ritual – as much blood-letting as possible..
Prodigy Public Relations
Published on Feb 23, 2017
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“It was a cold December day in 2006 when 13-year-old Tair Rada was found dead inside a locked toilet stall at
her school on the northern tip of Israel. A week later the police arrested Roman Zadorov, a Ukrainian
Immigrant who had worked there as a temp, and eventually he confessed to the murder. But many still believe
he is innocent, and have their own theories as to what happened that day. “Shadow of Truth” is a Rashomonlike
exploration of this murder mystery, which raises serious questions regarding our justice system and its
ability to reach the truth.”

Let Us Make Man is Not a Correct Translation of נעשה אדם

Let Us Make Man is Not a Correct Translation of נעשה אדם

 With Hashem’s Help, let us clarify what the sentence wrongly translated as “let us make man” really says.
The sentence נעשה אדם has been misunderstood by the rabbis as being the verb לעשות, which means to make. So, they think it says: Let us make man.
Because of their misunderstanding, they start tripping over their tongues when Christians, even more confused than the rabbis, ask the rabbis what this means if not that God is three – God forbid!
They start mumbling some nonsense about God conferring with the angels.
This sentence does not contain the verb לעשות, to make. It contains the verb להעשות, which means to become. It is in the passive.
The sentence נעשה אדם, is a sentence that has a verb and an object, but no subject.
The reason for this is because it is God on the level above any designation whatsoever, the level above Ein Sof, the level above HaVaYaH, becoming Man, meaning HaYehudim. The Jews.
People make the mistake of thinking that it is from the level of God In And Of God’s Self that the creation of Man occurs.
No! It is from the level of Man than the Gentiles are created. HaYehudim create the Gentiles when we learn Torah. That is why it says that Adam is created in Elohim’s Image. Torah has already taught us that Elohim is HaYehudim, the Jews.
Psalms 82:6. The designation there is Elohim.
Most Jews are not aware of the fact that they are God embodied. In order to remain embodied We had to be in a state of amnesia. Had we gone into GodConsciousness before the Creation was strong enough to withstand the Influx, the Creation would have been obliterated.
That age is ending. HaYehudim are now becoming able to be in full GodConsciousness and remain in the Creation. The Creation is ready.
This is exactly like every other Mother having to keep her baby protected in the dark, even from her own self, until the fetus is strong enough to be born and viable. Only then can Mother and Child see one another’s face and hold one another in their arms.

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Consequences of Cursing the Jews

Exactly 9 minutes and 39 seconds. 939 is the value of the expression:
הברית החדשה
which is the RENEWED COVENANT that Hashem promised to YisraEl, as taught by our Holy Prophets.
It is not your “new testament”, which is not even the correct translation of הברית החדשה.
Hashem is saying that what is said in this video is true and our Covenant with The Ancient Holy One is being renewed – even as the consequences of the lies of your “new testament” are coming upon you.

Watch This If You Want To Wake Up | You Are Being Programmed

Is the Israeli Court System Under the Influence of Satanists?

When verdict after verdict is beyond all reason, when jurists call the court system “a total jungle”, when parents are driven to suicide and Children are sold or transferred to institutions unnecessarily, when jurists brag that the Jesuits have summoned them to act as advisors at the Vatican, when Pedophiles wanted by Interpol are protected from extradition but Whistleblowers are ruthlessly prosecuted – is there any escape from entertaining the real possibility that Satanists are running  the Israeli courts?

The goings on in the Israeli court system would indicate that Satanists are dictating verdicts. Human sacrifice straight up.

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