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The Connection Between Compassion and Birth

One of the major hurtles we have to overcome if we are to arrive at the higher levels of Morality from which spring the higher levels of Awareness is the belief that the world, as it presents itself to us, is a given and we cannot change the way things just happen to be.

We have to believe we can change the World if we grow Morally.

Higher consciousness is not the result of intellectual exercises or reading many books or watching endless videos that proffer ideas about the nature of our world. Higher consciousness is the necessary product, and the gift, of growing Morally.

Most of us believe that the reproductive processes are givens, that they just happen to be that way. Nothing could be further from the truth. Women are intended to have full control over their reproductive processes as a matter of will – not intervention. In a world in which there are Women who possess this ability, so the females of all the species come to birth on a much higher level as well.

We live in a world in which Compassion and Birth seems to be tangentially related, if at all.
In fact they are one and the same.

The Hebrew word Rachamim in Compassion. The Hebrew word Rechem means Womb. It is an anagram for the Hebrew words Machar – which means tomorrow and chomer, which means material. The Hebrew word Rechamim is the plural of Rechem. It’s spelling is identical to that of Rachamim (Compassion). It’s punctuation is very similar. Rechamim, meaning wombs, is an anagram for macharim – meaning tomorrows and chomerim, meaning materials.

What happens when we separate Rachamim (Compassion) from Rechamim (Wombs)?
Well, birth does not stop, but it occurs on a much lower level of Compassion. The material conditions into which the newborns are born are low levels of material well-being. Their tomorrows are unsure and unpredictable.

The worst effect of separating Rachamim (Compassion) and Rechamim (Wombs) is that Women, as well as the females of every species on the planet lose control over the conceptions. They become pregnant as a physiological response, whether they wish to or not, and then they give birth into corrupted material conditions and uncertain futures.

The Hebrew word for The Land, HaAretz is equal in value to the word beytzah – which means ovum or egg.

The matter of the Nephilim is greatly misunderstood. In the book of Genesis, the name Nephilim is spelled with only one letter vav. What is actually written there is Nephalim. Nephalim are those who have been miscarried. They fell not from the sky, but from the Supernal Womb.
“The Nephalim were in the Land in those days” does not mean that they were Nephalim when they were on the Land. It means that they are Nephalim now. They were not Nephalim when they were in the Land because The Land is the Supernal Womb. Now that they have been aborted, they are Nephalim. They were aborted because they did not live in Compassion and so were driven out of The Land – the Supernal Womb, Rechamim.

Where did the Nephalim fall to? Right here – the state of being in which Babies and newborn animals are born in distress into distress – into a world in which Compassion is at a precious minimum.

We are not supposed to fall out of a Womb downward or be expelled from a Womb when we are born. We are actually supposed to be elevated to a higher level of the Supernal Womb-Mind.

The development of Rachamim (Compassion) not only serves as the basis of the development of a world that is fit for living beings to be born into, the same self-discipline that is needed to intentionally develop one’s Compassion also is the Wisdom of the process of Conception, Incubation and Birth itself. As we become the Masters of our Hearts, we become the Masters of our Wombs. We conceive in accordance with our Will, when we Will and our progeny are born into the most favorable of conditions when they are born.

Please see the Hebrew proofs below this post on my Hebrew blogs.

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