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A Gift to the Hearts of Warriors for Justice

Gift to the Hearts of those who have been fighting Pedophilia – and all kinds of other deep, deep pain. This music heals and cleanses.Estas Tonne and Istvan Sky heal and purify Souls and Bodies with their music. We need this.



Many concepts from ancient Judaism were hidden in the central names, images and narratives of Christianity. The time has come to attempt to reveal them decoded.
In accordance with the responses I will know if this generation is ready for this information or not. In past generations attempts were made to reveal this but were not met with understanding and receptivity. I will try again. If I see that the response is not favorable, I’ll understand that this generation too is not yet ready and the information will be stored for the time when it will be received with understanding and joy.

The names, stories and concepts that were given over to the Gentile world in Greek and the subsequent translations from the Greek are garments for deeper truths. They are not meant to be understood as written.

Using the gematriot, we can decode the names, concepts and imagery to reveal Truth. The purpose of doing these decoding is to heal the scars on your consciousness caused by the harsh imagery of Christianity. If you don’t think that you’ve been harmed by the bloody images and you insist on accepting them as they appear in secular languages, then this information is not for you. I warn you beforehand, your misunderstandings will not be justified herein and the concepts that will be revealed are Jewish concepts. If you cannot accept that, then by all means, move on. This is not for you.

I will have to present the proofs in Hebrew. There is no other language that supports these truths. The truths you’ll see revealed is not the ultimate Truth. Some of the veils will be taken away, but even these truths are veils for deeper truths. With that, much healing will take place for the receptive.

Today’s translation facilities should be good enough to give you a good idea of what is being said. It may be helpful to use more than one translation facility.

If there are concepts in Christianity that you would specifically like to me elucidate with the gematriot, by all means make your suggestions.

I’ve begun a new blog on Blogger just for these posts. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to post in Hebrew here without the direction being reversed. So, the posts in Hebrew will be here:


!!!התעקשו לחתום כשאתם קונים בכרטיסי אשרא

To eradicate Child Abuse we must understand and accept that our Perceptions are our Children. Our Reality is our Firstborn.

What have we said about our Children – our Perceptions? How have we viewed them? What pronouncements have we made about them? What have we wished for them? What decrees have we announced for them?
The phenomenon of Child Abuse is a derivative of our hating our Firstborn – our Reality. Satan is the Parent who hates and would destroy his or her own Child – Reality. God is the One who says: I cannot stand to see any suffering anymore. I will be Compassionate. I will love. I will gaze favorably on that which I see and accept it as My own, as My own Issue. I will be Satan no longer.
Understand this.

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