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The Truth Behind Israeli Politics

On pg. 25 of his book THE STATE IN THE THIRD MILLENIUM, Hans-Adam von und zu Liechtenstein II, Furst (to be translated as Emperor, not Prince, which is Prinz in German) of Liechtenstein writes: “Difficulties started with the Jews and the Christians, who believe in one god and did not accept any other gods. The idea of a divine emperor was totally unacceptable for them. That brought into question the religious legitimation of the emperor, the state authority, and state laws. This explains to a large extent, the difficult relationship between the Roman Empire and the Jews, as well as the repeated persecution of the Christians.”

Now, the Christians are fully under control. The von und zu Liectenstein dynasty is Roman Catholic and the Teutonic Empire in Europe over which they rule in fully in control of the “Protestant” churches as well.

The only problem that still remains to them is the Jews, the real Jews, who are loyal only to the God of Israel and who recognize only the Kingship of David (although most Jews have no idea what that really means, most especially not the Orthodox who have been taught all manner of distortion of Torah).

And this is the crux of ALL of the political activity in the world vis-a-vis Israel. The reigning families in Europe know that real Jews can never be suppressed under any regime. The families who crowned themselves kings in Europe are still terrified of Beit David – the one and only true and eternal Monarchy. And they know who among the Jews is descended from King David.


Now we can put the position of people like Martin Schlaf, those who masquerade as Jews but are not, and who serve those who are obsessed with Beit David.

“In 1998 a special Bundestag committee of inquiry published a report on the disappearance of public funds and the privatization of assets in former East Germany. Among other things, the committee confirmed that East Germany had transferred tens of millions of marks to Schlaff through accounts in Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, in return for goods “under Western embargo.”


While Schlaff is certainly and upper middle management player, he is not the top of the pyramid. His sway over the Chassidic world and the Sephardi ultra-Orthodox world is particularly troublesome to the Jews and must be known about and neutralized. But Schlaff likely works for the von und zu Liechtenstein dynasty.

If the Furst of Liechtenstein concerns himself with the Jews, then we cannot concentrate all our attention on the middle management like Schlaff and his even lower level minions occupying our gov’t. We cannot believe the gatekeepers who do not tell us the whole, most important truth.

Our concern must be with the royal families in Europe, the von und zu Liechtenstein dynasty, who rule the Germanic empire in Europe and the “Black Nobility” who run the Roman Empire in Europe, they who know that there is no real nobility or any real foundation to their rule. Their rule was assumed by brute force and stays together only by virtue of force. If they are concerned with the rising of Beit David – then it behooves us, the Jews, to take it very seriously too.

We have been taught that the House of David is long gone and will never rule again. Torah tells us that Beit David is established eternally. If that were true that there is no more chance of Beit David arising again, why is Europe so obsessed with the Jews still and expending so much time and so many resources to see to it that the Jews do not rise again?

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