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Rivka Ziv in Tzfat, Israel: Hospital or Detention Facility?

Rivka Ziv in Tzfat, Israel: Hospital or Detention Facility?

The Most Effective Political Action is Economic Sanction

שלחתי את המסר הבא אל חברת “מילגם” ולאילן שוחט

“התדמית שנוצרה לעיר משפיעה על התיירים”
כך טוענים בעלי עסקים בצפת בעקבות הצתות המכוניות של הסטודנטים הערביים ומכתב הרבנים. בעירייה מכחישים: “בצפת מורגשת מזה כמה חודשים האטה בתיירות מארצות הברית בשל המשבר הכלכלי”


This might have something to do with it:


Please see my most recent 4 comments under the video.

It seems that your invasive and inexcusable business practice of demanding information that you are not entitled to from people entitled to discounts on ארנונה is becoming a liability to the City of Safed.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat

Increased Security Installations Guarding Human Experimentation in Tzfat, Israel

Increased Security Installations Guarding Human Experimentation in Tzfat, Israel

Uploaded by SilverRedIndigo on Mar 31, 2011

The new security installations and other atypicals in Tzfat that should light a thousand red lights and blare a thousand trumpets that something terrible is happening in this town and it is being protected by the System.

The Hospital is now involved in a 30 Million Shekel joint lawsuit claiming human experimentation in contravention of the Geneva Convention.

I was able to get more shots of those those new “security” installations at the entrance of the Rivka Ziv Hospital in Tzfat (aka Safed and Zefat), Israel from the bus.

To remind you, just a few days ago; the story of a joint lawsuit against the Rivka Ziv Hospital to the tune of 30 Million Shekels broke in the news.

The Rivka Ziv Hospital admitted in a response to the Tzfat local paper חשיפה לצפון they they are indeed doing human experimentation, but insist they do it legally. At least one patient and the family of another patient who died claim otherwise.

The Management of the Hospital brazenly claims that they intend to expand their human experimentation as soon as the new Medical School about to be built in Tzfat is functioning.

Notice that the cameras are the same color as the iron bars over the Absorption Center for Ethiopian immigrants, which I got some footage of again in this video too.

Check out the “lights” at the Central Bus station in Tzfat.

And why are there two policemen in black uniforms “directing traffic” into the Rivka Ziv Hospital, when usually there are none?

Hospital, Medical, School, Experimentation, Lawsuit, Israel, Zionism, Conspiracy, Tzfat, Safed, Zefat, New World Order

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Atypical Security System Put Up at Rivka Ziv Hospital, Tzfat

Atypical Security System Put Up at Rivka Ziv Hospital, Tzfat

When a hospital which, in the last few days, has had a story break about it being involved in a 30 Million Shekel suit for illegal experimentation on humans and then puts up a security system the likes of which I have never seen – I think it’s time to show the world what’s going on and say:


Special mention is due to Chasifa l’Tzafon, the only local newspaper that had the courage to print the story and ask the Rivka Ziv Hospital for a response.

Other news outlets, ThePulse for sure and I believe Hadashot in Kiryat Shmoneh, ran the story first.

News & Politics

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

TZFAT, Israel: A City of Utmost Importance to the Vatican

I hope you find the information in this video both interesting and educational. Please share it freely with whomever you think may benefit from it.

TZFAT, Israel: A City of Utmost Importance to the Vatican

This video contains information any researcher of the Vatican and Freemasonry should include in their considerations.

There are four cities in Israel that are considered most holy: Yerushalayim, Tzfat (aka Sefad and Zefat), Hevron and T’veria.

Tzfat is second only to Yerushalayim in importance to the Vatican. This video explains why.

Quotes from some of our most important Rabbis concerning the pseudo-Kabbalah:

Click to access ToharHayihud.pdf

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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