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The Internet Understood As a Vein in an Umbilical Cord

The Internet Understood As a Vein in an Umbilical Cord

It occurred to me that the Internet is one of the main veins in the Umbilical Cord leading to us from the Placenta that is currently feeding us, to wit: all of the Systems that we rely upon for sustenance, protection and to get rid of our crap for us – particularly banking, finance, gov’t.

We think that we need the Internet in order to get and share information, that it is the actual medium that makes communication all over the planet possible.
But, in truth, it is only supporting us while we develop the organs we need to communicate on a much higher level without this medium.

While we are on the internet we are learning to communicate globally. Our organs for carrying out this communication are growing and getting stronger every day.

We are beginning to resent the Systems that support us terribly and we feel that they are squeezing us because we are very close to being able to sustain ourselves without them. Those life support systems: banking, the business world and government, are in a state of advanced Placental Insufficiency. So, we feel that we are in danger and, to be honest, we are.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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