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Enslavement to the Work of Our Hands


Enslavement to the Work of Our Hands

Most Jews are completely unaware of the fact that it is we who are shaping reality.
The Gentiles are actually more aware of this fact that We.
The created world is as the Jews are. The world is an embodiment and representation of the moral-spiritual level we have attained.
HaShem is not the creator of the reality we live in. HaShem is the Creator of the the Jews. HaShem is That Which allows the Jews to shape our reality.
Every word we say, every action we take is translated into an existent being – including every being that lives and including the gentiles.
This is what we create when we do not keep HaShem’s Torah properly, when we do not love our Creator


If we do not love HaShem with all our hearts, if we disdain HaShem and decide that we do not have to keep the Mitzvot of Shmitta and Yovelot, we create gentiles filled with disdain for us, filled with greed and burning desires for the material and who do not know how to rest.
The Gentiles are there to show us who we are – what we have attained and how far we have to go – and they do so with utmost intensity, for the good and for the bad – in accordance with who We are.

This is what the Prophets understood. They knew exactly what was going to happen in the created world because they knew the effect of the pronunciation of every letter and every action of the Jews on the created world. They knew from what we were doing and saying what we would bring into creation.

This is the reality we Jews must all grasp and accept and internalize. This is the meaning of being the Chosen People. The responsibility is awesome. That is why we have to develop true fear and love of HaShem and do ALL of the Mitzvot.

Idol worship is not knowing that we create the gentiles with our own hands and then bending to the reality we have created and compromising Torah. Prozbul – Proz (enactment) Bul (Ba’al) is idol worship at its worst and must be abolished or we will continue to suffer the heinous consequences.
Jews today wonder how the Jews of yore could bend down to idols that they created with their own hands.

They do not understand that what is being talked about is not knowing that it is We Who are creating the gentiles and then making concessions in Torah based on what seems to us to be obstinate reality that the gentiles are forcing upon us.

That is the real avodah zarah.

Understand this!

We can change that reality.

Indeed, we are commanded to.

But we will not change *anything* so long as Prozbul is in effect. The Mitzvot of Shmitta and Yovel are so central to the fabric of socio-economic reality that we cannot bring about any real and lasting positive change in socio-economic reality until we keep Shmitta and Yovel as HaShem commanded and without any “realistic” compromises.

Jews must not bend to the reality we create. Reality must bow down to us in accordance with HaShem’s Will!

In turn, the Gentiles are doing exactly the same thing with the technology they make with their hands. They are not on the level of Yetzirah, as we are, but rather only asiyah.

They build the machines and then become enslaved to them.

Know that we are creating the *phenomenon* of becoming enslaved to the work of one’s hands because we are not serving HaShem correctly and thus becoming enslaved to our creation.

They are becoming enslaved to that which they make because their creator, Us, are enslaved to our creation because we have compromised Torah.

Our only escape is serving HaShem completely – and that means Shmitta and Yovelot in accordance with HaShem’s will. And HaShem has made His Will eminently clear on the matter.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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