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Benyamin Netanyahu: From Wash DC to Tzfat to Rome. Why?

Benyamin Netanyahu: From Wash DC to Tzfat to Rome. Why?

I would appreciate your input on the information I give in this video. I’m not quite sure how to add it all up.

I have said in videos before that small, poor, far-from the hub Tzfat (aka Sefad and Zefat) is of vital importance to the Vatican, second only to Jerusalem itself.

Need there be greater proof than the fact that when Benjamin Netanayahu addressed the US Congress, a weekend of “consolidation” in Tzfat with an entourage of *forty* MKs and their spouses was already in the offing and immediately, but immediately, after the weekend he flew to Rome?

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat

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