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Salvation is of the Jews

In this video, I explain what the concept yeshu’a really means. It is usually translated as salvation. That is a very partial translation, of what yeshu’a is, as you will learn.

This video is a continuation of my video:

Jesus’ Teachings Were Not Meant for Gentiles

Christians have come to all kinds of wild and unfounded conclusions based on total misunderstanding of Jewish sources and Jewish references. Often those interpretations are downright delusional and hallucinatory. That is the price your souls have paid for the presumption of imagining that you knew our Sources better than we, the Jews. The concept is yeshu’a is certainly among the most important. It is not for naught that I call Xianity the Emily Littela School of Exegesis and Hermeneutics.

I may do more videos on the topic of the errors of Xianity.

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Jesus the Misunderstood Jew (Rabbi Micah Greenstein)

It astounded me that Gentiles wrote me and asked me if this means that all non-Jews are doomed.

No! NO! and NO!!!

Whoever taught you to think that way needs to get a swift kick in the rear end.

These are the Seven Laws of Noah, which all Human beings must follow and if they do are guaranteed a place in Eternity. No one can be said to be living a fully Human life unless they follow these laws.


The 7 Laws of Noah are applicable to Jews as well, of course. They are 7 out of the 613 Commandments that the Jews must follow.

חילוף זה לקוראי עברית

ישועה = 391 = השכינה + א = עלץ השכינה = קרן השכינה = על שם השכינה

ישועה ענין של כל בית ישראל כנקבה

ראו צפניה ג : 17-19

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Yisrael

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