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How is consciousness different from thought?

Someone on LinkedIn asked in the Spirituality and Consciousness Group:
How is consciousness different from thought?

This is my tentative answer, which I hope will make the greatness of Humanity eminently clear to our detractors.

Thought is talking to consciousness. Consciousness is unwavering and above language. Thought is language-dependent.
Thought is a conference, deliberation and negotiation between unlimited possibility (Consciousness) and thought which issues from the desire of the heart to bring about a specific reality.

There is One Consciousness that contains everything that can be, everything that is potentially can be and everything that cannot be.
In Human form, we have taken it upon ourselves to examine only certain aspects of the One Consciousness.
To use the terminology of the day: it is a “‪#‎Fractal‬”.
We are “zooming in” to consider certain parts of the pattern. Sometimes we “zoom out” for what seems like an instant in retrospect and see the whole One Consciousness, but it is not differentiated and we don’t see all the possible details – just the fact that it is infinite. So, we return to our current consciousness and look at it detail by detail, in accordance with our abilities as Humans.
There is something else that happens in the “zoom out” – we can’t relate to anyone in particular, because we don’t see the particulars.
Thoughts are the considerations of part of the pattern (the “zoom in”). Consciousness is The all-Encompassing (the “zoom out”).
The All is contained in the particulars, of course. We can see this when we perceive the meaning of the particulars and what they represent. This is a “Fractal” after all. Yet, we are still able to observe differentiated particulars in the Human “zoomed in” focus.
It’s hard to put into words what I mean. I try very hard not to use flowery language and terms that are overused.
First, when we understand things; we are able to express them in our own words.
More importantly, the sublime has to line up with the ordinary flow of life. If we sound too fancy, we have not merged the sublime and the mundane – and do so is what Life is all about.
The word “spiritual” makes me uncomfortable. Actuality is where the action is happening.
When we see the sublime in the mundane we feel the urge to Morality strongly and want conditions of Justice and Compassion for all Creatures – conditions within which they can fully actualize their potential.
If I strive for Anarchy in socio-political structures it is only because I know that Anarchy is an Ontological principle and only in Anarchy can we be the Everything we are meant to be.

Above I wrote: There is something else that happens in the “zoom out” – we can’t relate to anyone in particular, because we don’t see the particulars.

I’d like to elaborate on this point.
The judging Human limitation, frailty, incapability in negative terms is not understanding that we are taking on Human form precisely in order to be able to perceive only a small part of the entirety that is Consciousness.
In Human form we create the illusion of “other” in order to be able to relate, to learn from, to help, to play with. All that does not exist when we are in full-on God mode.
Our exalted greatness resides precisely in our willingness to sacrifice the Omniscience and Omnipotence that is our true Self in order to create particulars to be able to relate to “Others”.
“Others” and “Limitations” are the illusions We create in order to be able to give.
The alternative to being limited and fragile in order to be able to give is to be Omnipotent and Omniscient and Eternally All Alone.
Everyone you see around you is God who made the decision to become a Human and accept all the pain and travail that entails in order to be able to do some act of kind for another, because we have to become limited in order to an Other to exist.

The price we pay for not living lovingly and morally is that the frailties and limitations we took on in order to be able to relate to an Other remain – but the original Purpose for taking on the trials and travails and vulnerabilities inherent in being Human are not realized. So, we find ourselves limited, vulnerable, frail – and lonely and unfulfilled.
It is only in the relating to others lovingly and morally that the Sacrifice of giving up our Omnipotence and Omniscience that we made when we took on Human form is worthwhile.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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