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Israel’s First Foray into World Legislation

Uploaded by SilverRedIndigo on Jul 12, 2011

Israel’s First Foray Into World Legislation

This is a video response to

למה קוראים ליס”מ נאצים ……….מצאו את ההבדלים

Those are Jewish Israelis that the Israeli police are attacking.

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בריונים במדי משטרה

מי השווה בין שוטרי יס”מ לנאצים

You can find the video and the English explanation under this heading:
Israel Police investigating video comparing officers to Nazis

on this link:

The branches of government all have to get the message: they were elected to carry out our mandates. Our mandate does not end when they begin their terms in office. It begins then. They are to do our will, not to impose their will or the will of any other interests upon us and that perversion of legislation will no longer be tolerated.
Our love exceeds our fear. Their threats of reprisals, incarceration, torture, human experimentation, stealing our children, rendition flights, and whatever else a diseased mind can conjure up will not avail them.

The mass media are trying to make the video
למה קוראים ליס”מ נאצים ……….מצאו את ההבדלים
out to be the opinion of Right wing fanatics.

Well, I agree that the Israeli police acted just like the Nazis in Amona and has done so at other times too. Everyone who knows me knows I am no Right winger and have never called for violence. They are also saying that it is “incitement” and that it will “lead to the bloodshed of policemen being permitted”. To that I say: The contention of the video is correct and trying to make me out to be the kind of person you’re describing in the news will make you the laughingstock of the world.

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