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I am very excited and grateful about this discovery. I have a friend in Florida who has been involved in this water-saving, cost-saving, non labor-intensive method of growing the purest food possible on the planet for some time. Having seen photos of the produce she is getting from her Aquaponics set up, I was convinced this is the way to regain control of our water and food supply and our health.

As Sylvia Bernstein, President of The Aquaponic Source, writes on her website:
• Imagine
container gardening set at waist height without weeds or back strain. It automatically waters and fertilizes itself and takes only minutes of care a day…
• Imagine
growing your own tilapia, perch, catfish or Koi in your backyard
• Imagine
doing all this while using less than a tenth of the water of dirt-based gardening.


Aquaponics systems can be as small as a simple set up that can be put in a room in an apartment or on the balcony all the way on up to large-scale Aquaponic farms.

Please watch some of these introductory videos.
How to build a basic Aquaponics System

Murray Hallams Practical Aquaponics

The Urban Conversion and Aquaponics

small aquaponic system – 31st of December update

Indoor Aquaponics Garden Update

מהי אקווה-פוניקה

מערכת אקוופוניקה לימודית ביה”ס מוסינזון

Photos of Aquaponics:

Here in Israel, these wonderful people are involved in Aquaponics and provide equipment for Acquaponics from small set-ups suitable to apartments all the way on up to large-scale Aquaponic farming.


I would be delighted to be in touch with people who would be interested in a Cooperative Aquaponics adventure.

There are also Aquaponics-related profiles and groups on Facebook.

I do not work for or get any benefits whatsoever from any Aquaponics companies and am not recommending or endorsing any Aquaponics company in particular. I simply hope to get you excited and passionate about a way of managinig water and food that will return control over our lives to us, allow us to regain our health and reconnect with the source of Life.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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