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Excercises for Military Take-Over in Israel?

It is possible that the military may have instructed the Municipal workers of Tzfat to blow out of here during the war with Lebanon so that they could have the experience of a battalion running the town.

That possibility makes more sense now that I see how this town is turning into a gulag, that all kinds of military brass are coming here and that Israel is sword rattling with Iran.

I read that Ehud Olmert is taking part in discussions about war with Iran. I didn’t think he was out of jail. A very possible reason that he would be involved in those negotiations is to contribute what they learned from the Lebanon war.

That may have been a preparedness exercise for a military take-over they planned in the future. That future may be now.

The war with Lebanon may have been a preparedness exercise for military take over.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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