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“Milgam” Is Getting W-a-y Too Invasive

“Milgam” Is Getting W-a-y Too Invasive

Evidently, encouraged by the sucess of “Peleg HaGalil” running roughshod over us, Milgam is now getting too big for its britches.

This year Milgam has begun to demand a form they never asked for before in addition to the others when we go to arrange a discount on City taxes (Arnona).

The form shows our entire work history, from day one, in Israel.

There is no justification for this intrusion and it is humiliating, as well as a clear case of extorting information out of people under cover of watching to see that we’re not cheating!

My suggestion to the public is to give Milgam the same forms you gave them in the past and pay them the same percentage of the Arnona you paid in the past if there has been no change in your family situation or earnings.

We have to protect ourselves. Big business and the gov’t are getting too uppity and we need to remind them that they serve us.

There is safety in numbers. If we all do this, we can cower them back to being public servants, not tyrants.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat

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