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Visit w/ Arye Pishman – בקור אצל אריה פישמן

Visit w/ Arye Pishman – בקור אצל אריה פישמן

אחרי כשתי דקות בהתחלה, הסרטון בעברית
אריה פישמן אושפז באופן כפוי בבית חולים פסיכיאטרי מזרע
תחליטו אתם עם הוא נראה לכם שפוי, אם לאו.

Arye Pishman was forcibly committed to the Mazra Psychiatric Facility. Decide for yourselves if this man appears insane to you or not.
The first two minutes are in English. Arye asked to switch into Hebrew. So, we did, but you will be able to see his diagnosis, which is written in English, and the “medicines” that he must take if he is not t be forcibly hospitalized again. You’ll be able to see that he is calm and rational and that he has provided a lovely home for his three children.

Please see William Wagener’s videos about Arye Pishman too.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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