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When, in the course of my being cross-examined in court on August 3, 2017, for the high crime and unforgivable misdemeanor of insulting a Social Worker, a crime for which the State of Israel is convinced one should serve time in jail (Wait until you see what that “crime” actually entails. You’ll get a bang out of reading it if you either enjoy sick humor or are outraged by Human Rights abuses) ; I was describing the process of Children being taken in the night by Social Workers with Police Officers in force, I said that that is, in itself, more than enough of a trauma for Children to undergo; without having to suffer the pain of additional cruelty on the part of some Social Workers for their personal dubious pleasure.
I said trauma. The court heard drama.
Is the level of empathy of the court eminently clear?



In the course of the proceedings against me, the Prosecutor assured the court that the special cyber unit that works within the Office of the Israeli State Prosecutor was working tirelessly to “clean up the internet” of publication that expose corruption in the Israeli System, including that of Social Services, which has been reported to regularly engage in Child Trafficking not only by victims of the trafficking but by personages no less that the Most Honorable (Retired) Judge Chana ben Ami, who was a District Court Judge in Jerusalem before founding the Family Court and by Yosef Silman, former Head of the Office of Social Affairs and Social Services in Israel.

In her summation statement, the Prosecution mentioned most pointedly that the Israeli State Prosecutor’s Office are deeply troubled by Reports of Corruption and Abuse in Israel issuing from sources outside of the country and outside of their current legal reach – but they are working hard at solving that problem.

How did that make you feel?

How do you imagine it made my defense Attorney feel in court when this was said to her by the judge when my lawyer tried to object to both the Prosecution and the Judge working in tandem to get me to trip over my tongue?

My lawyer asked, and rightfully so: If I’m expected to just sit here and be quiet, what am I doing here?

Upon being told to sit down and be quiet, my lawyer exited the courtroom and came back a few minutes later with another, I think higher up, Attorney from the Public Defender’s Office who sat and observed the proceedings for awhile.

Most (I do not know the exact percentages, but it is the overwhelming majority) of the Judges in Israel were promoted from the ranks of the State Prosecution.

A notable, and refreshing, exception is the most Honorable Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel, who was served as a Public Defender in Brooklyn. But he’s a rare, and most precious, bird; I assure you.

The Judge hearing my case was first a litigator for the Police. Subsequently, advancing in her career; she became Head of the Prosecutor’s Office in the northern district.  Once a Prosecutor always a Prosecutor. It’s a mind and, more importantly, an emotional set that has been carefully crafted by the System and is only overcome by the most adroit both mentally and emotionally.

Lori Shem Tov, the Mother and Activist, whose Children were given into the sole custody of her drug-addicted, drug-dealing ex from whom she tried to protect them – thus thrusting her onto the stage of Activism is now in solitary confinement in jail and no longer allowed contact.Prison guards believe that it was Lori Shem Tov who “leaked” that a woman 7 months pregnant was attacked by tear gas in the notorious Neveh Tirza prison. The woman’s baby died and she was not taken for an abortion. The authorities say there is no medical reason to perform the abortion immediately. So what if the woman walks around with a dead baby inside her for a couple of days.The story got to the news. Lori Shem Tov is accused of telling her lawyer what happened. So, she is now in isolation and without contact.Lori Shem Tov is being held, pre-trial, for the high crime of exposing social services and judicial corruption. They feel insulted. So, Lori is in solitary. If Lori is in solitary they can go on thinking that they are adjudicating reasonably, honestly and fairly. They plan to shut us all up. That way their consciences will be clear when they traffic Children. They want to work efficiently, without the distraction of morality and want to have peace of mind doing it. The toughest conditions in prison are in the one Women’s prison in Israel – Neveh Tirza. The jail is not fit for Human habitation. All of the ~200 women in prison are held there – no matter what their crime.There are no provisions for handicapped prisons. It is reported that one of the handicapped inmates has to crawl down the steps.

A visit to Israeli Maximum Security Prison to Witness Human Rights Abuse

This is what is done to a Human rights Attorney in Israel who spoke out about Child Trafficking in Israel.

What does that tell you?
Mother and Activist Lori Shem Tov whose Children were given by Social Services into the sole custody of her drug-dealing, drug addicted ex from whom she tried to protect them is also in custody under similar circumstances.  Social Workers bullied and browbeat the Courts to cooperate. What power do they wield over the Courts? The System felt “insulted” when she detailed their abuses. Insulting Child Traffickers is a very serious crime in Israel.
P.S. Our swamp drains directly into the American swamp. If you want your swamp drained, it behooves you to help us drain ours.

Thank you so very much for bringing ignominy upon all of us Jews, for giving the anti-Semites reason to hate all of us, for making us all look untrustworthy, for making all of us look complicit – for endangering the lives of the poor and middle class Jews who cannot hide in compounds from those who might act on the disgust you have aroused in them.
Thank you for coming to Israel and putting pressure on the Israeli government to traffic Israeli Children.
Thank you for bribing Israeli politicians to make life hell for the poor in Israel.
Thank you for all you do to keep the munitions industry running sprightly.
Thank you for bringing dishonor on our Torah and our Tradition of morality to the point where people react with sick laughter when a Jew quotes a moral teaching.
Thank you so much for assuming center stage of the world’s consciousness of the Jews and making them forget the efforts of the Jews who sacrificed their very lives for Humanity in every generation.
Thank you for everything. You’ve worked so very hard.

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