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 Does God Require Obedience and Self-Negation? The short answer is: No.

 Let’s see the long answer. God Desires Willing Unification of Our Will to HaShem’s and that Will being our Own Will.

Obedience is commonly misunderstood. Self-negation in order to attain Unification with God does not exist at all. They are taught, as “concepts” by people who have not had the experience of the Unification of their Will into HaShem’s and they cannot describe the experience. They are telling you what they have understood from what they have heard, likely by others who got their “information” second, third fourth…hand too. Their own Will is not that of HaShem. So, they are trying very hard to be obedient. But they are being obedient to their own misunderstandings! They are slavishly serving their own dim images.

The Hebrew word עבד, pronounced eved, is very poorly translated as ‘slave’ and ‘servant’. Eved is the Hebrew origin of its English etymon obedient.

The Hebrew word עבד is actually two Names of Israel. I’ve written out these proofs in the Hebrew on Blogger.

Those who sincerely, genuinely, and *absolutely freely* want for the Creation what God wants, and those who love those who have attained the highest levels of unification of their Will into that of HaShem: Our Mothers, Fathers, the Judges and the Prophets and sincerely want to become like them insofar as they are able are eventually fully absorbed into the Divine Will, which is the Will of the Holy Sages.

How do we know what God wants? Well, when a Heart filled with the desire to become like the Righteous is filled with blood, and that blood then flows out into the brain we know what that Will is because we have unified our Blood with the Blood of our Holiest ancestors. That blood feeds the Brain and the Brain is filled with knowing and understanding. That blood feeds the Eyes and the Eyes see clearly and deeply.

Neither does God desire self-negation. This too is a mistaken interpretation. The Hebrew word בטול, pronounced beetule, is an anagram for לטוב, l’tov – meaning for good. All that we are required is to maintain the constant desire for the good of all of the Creation in our Hearts – and that is One with the Divine Will and the Will of the Righteous and we have attained true Oneness of the Will.

This is not self-negation or obedience or surrender of our will !

The good of all must be Our Will. In fact, to get to this level one must have passed the test of thinking that God does not desire the good and have said: Nevertheless, the Good is MY Will! Even if God is not Good – I Am! I will stand fast to this and I will stand true to this even if I have to go up against God! I want to the good of all!

* This is not true. It is a test. I can tell you this because when you come to that test it will seem very real to you and you will have to deal with the despair of thinking that you are all alone in wanting the Good even if you have been forewarned. It’s not a one-time, short experience either. This goes over years and years.

Unification of the Will to God, then, is not the surrendering of our Will to God. It is being the One who wants the Good. When we genuinely want this Good we are bound together with all those who passed that test. They are holy Fathers, Mothers, Judges and Prophets of The House of YisraEl. This binding is becoming a Member of those who want only the good. To be a Member of this Body is to become integrated into the Body of God, to become a Limb and an Organ of all of Whom are United in their Will for the Good of All. This is The Unification. Each Limb and Organ has its own Function, but it is all part of the Body and United in the Will. So, some are the Hands of God – the right or the Left. Some are the Eyes of God – the right or the Left. Some are the Heart of God and so on. All work together as One Body – The Body.

הגוף = 814 = צדיקים = קים בארץ = 1813 = 814 = אגוד נשמתי


Now that Trump has been suckered/bullied into attacking Syria and risking an unprecedented conflagration; are you in enough danger and disillusioned enough to be able to listen to the truth? Christianity will never give you the power to fight evil – because its very basis is rabbinic interpretation, which was a revolt against the Prophets.

Let’s understand what this means:


Small Jewish boys are inducted into learning Talmud. Instead of learning Torah and breathing the World that Torah learning would create, they are creating Babylon.
Understand this! Understand it well. Understand that Jewish boys have been forced into the slavery of creating Babylon for the rabbis who rebelled against the Prophets.
In order to keep them enslaved as they grow they are told: “If it were not for the Talmud we wouldn’t know how to do the Mitzvot.” Really? We, Israel, are the Mitzvot, the living, breathing Mitzvot. Torat Moshe tells us how to be the very holiest and best Mitzvot that we can be IFF we know how to read Hebrew correctly. The rabbis have also discouraged the use of gematriot and other means of interpreting Hebrew alpha-mathematically, calling them “flourishes” to “the real thing” and they also learn in Aramaic a great deal, instead of exclusively in Hebrew.
This is the world you live in! The laws of nature that they create serve as the basis of the laws that states can devise to torment and enslave us.
The laws of nature are not supposed to be this way and would not be this way if the rabbis were not learning their Babylonian witchcraft and, worst of all, forcing the Children to work for them.

What I have just described to you is the real truth of this scene from the Matrix movie – only it’s much, much worse.



Please understand that we carry within us the indelible memory of the Rule of David (the Lover who is also the Beloved, of God and Man alike).

Though the millennia go by, we cannot forget the Judgments of Judges like Yehoshua and OthniEl and D’vorah and Gid’on and Shimshon. We were do deeply impressed by their Love, their Moral Strength and their Courage and how they Championed us that though we forget many details of those days gone by, we yet remember Them.

We remember the Healing of our Bodies and our Minds by the kind and wise ministrations of HaCohenim.

We remember going to war against the enemies within our own Minds and Hearts and we remember how our Generals guided us through those fierce battles and brought us through alive.

For us, the real Jews in this state that bears the Name Israel, to have to witness corruption by our leaders, profound moral compromise and cowardliness among the magistrates, to have to serve in an army that hurts others rather than waging war with our own imperfections and have to be treated by physicians for whose practice is compromised by having to make a living constitutes Torture.

The government of the state that calls itself Israel but does not act in the ways of Israel is to us, the true Jews, an offense and an outrage of our Souls and an desecration of our Holy House.

This particular horror story is that of a 16-year-old girl in the institutional “care” of the State of Israel who is now paralyzed and covered in bodily damage including cigarette burns, after a brutal rape, as I’ve detailed in a Report to various Offices in the US government and which has been reported to various Official bodies in EU and to Human Rights groups is the worst to date and, please God!, the last of its kind.
Had the one and only true Democracy in the Middle East which masquerades behind the Name YisraEl listened to the voices of those who were demonstrating against Child Trafficking by the State of Israel instead of prosecuting us for “insulting” social workers, this would have been prevented. The writing was on the wall and, instead of heeding it; the State of Israel preferred to treat those screaming for help and justice as criminals.
Lori Shem Tov is still in prison. After being allowed to leave the isolation cell she was kept in naked on a cement floor, she was transferred to a particularly hard unit of the max security prison she is in. She was forced to sign that she is in that rough unit by choice.
Lori Shem Tov was placed in solitary because of an incident involving another woman prisoner who was 7 months pregnant. This other prisoner was hit by tear gas meant for yet another prisoner. Her fetus died. She was not allowed to have a therapeutic abortion after her fetus died. They intended to let her sit with a dead baby inside her until she aborted. The story got to the news and Lori was accused of telling the story to her lawyer.
You see, in the only Democracy in the ME that wants you to think it has something to do with Israel, one is not prosecuted for committing atrocities on Children so much as reporting them.
Though Lori Shem Tov was never violent, and isn’t even accused of violence, she is kept in prison pre-trial now for 11 months. She has not been allowed to review the material against her. She is brought to court appearances in chains on her arms and legs. She is marched through the courthouse thus, as can be seen in the videos about her on You Tube and which I’ve copied here on my page and in photos..


To understand what Torah is, we have to learn the meaning the term ספר תורה (Pronounced Sefer Torah), and only partially translated as the Book of Torah) really means.

Torah is terra. It is Land. It is actual, fertile Land that beings can live on.

Now what is ספר? The root S-P-R or S-F-R means book and number and to relate and, most important of all it means Frontier.

Real Torah is the translation of the Books of Torah into the Frontiers of Terra – making the dry dust of the Book into rich and fertile Land by breathing (aSPiRe) our Heart and Soul into it.

There is more that needs to be understood initially. תורה (Torah [terra]) is equal to 611, which is the value of the term את הרה, which means You are pregnant.

The word תלמוד, learning and pronounced Talmud, is an anagram for the word מולדת, which means Land of one’s Birth.

It was precisely because the rabbis learned the book they invented, the Babylonian Talmud, which is not the real Torah, which involves actual birth, which men cannot bring about, that they created this warp in reality that we live in – Babylon.

The rabbis blasphemed against the Feminine aspect of HaShem. They intrpreted everything in Torah that had to do with the Female, negatively. They tried to take over the Female role (which led to all kinds of distortions, including sexual and gender ambiguity in Humans) and tried to do what they are not able to do. The world they generate is not birthed normally and it is horrifically deformed.

That is all being edited now and the world is returning to what it is supposed to be as generated by The Five Books of Moses as interpreted by the Prophets.

I’d like to clear up the “Khazarian” obfuscation. I hope this puts the matter to rest. The problem is not that the Khazarians converted. The problem is that the rabbis who converted them were not practicing authentic Judaism and, as such, did not have the authority to convert them. They were not converted to Judaism, but to the rabbinic heresy.

There is nothing wrong with being a convert. It is a great honor to be a convert. Avraham and Sarah were converts. Ruth was a convert. Converts are actually on a higher level than born Jews. However, the people who convert must be converting to the real way of Torah, which is not the rabbinic way. So, none of the rabbis converts are Jews, as the rabbis themselves do not keep Torah.

And, Christians must realize too, that everything that the Christians have been taught about the Messiah is likewise rabbinic heresy. The Gentiles were utterly reliant on the rabbis’ translations and interpretations – which were grossly in error.

Islam too is based on the same very deliberate misconstruing of Torah on the part of the rabbis. The rabbis found the moral demands of living in the reality that is called the Land of Israel too demanding. So, they decided to create a new world order – Babylon. To do this, they changed the meanings of the terms in Torah and injected negativity where none exists.

There is no death in Torah, no sin, no calls to war, no rape, no punishment. All of those interpretations are the workings of dark imaginings on the part of the rabbis. And, you Christians, be honest. You like those dark imaginings. You have a real taste for them too, no less than the rabbis and the Muslims.

But none of that is Torah at all.

All in Torah is Peace and Life and Joy and Freedom and Birth and Growth – the infinite variations thereof. To live in the Land in Israel one must be able to see Torah through the mistaken interpretations and erroneous connotations. It is the special kind of penetrating vision that only the pure of heart have. That same vision is what makes the Holy Land become apparent – in actuality here on Earth.

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