A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

I came across this and, it should be needless to say, find Etty Hillesum’s work very meaningful and important. So did the Christians, who laid claim to Etty, find her work important as they did to Simone Weil.
So, let it be said in no uncertain terms: THIS IS NOT TO HAPPEN WITH MY WORK.
Both of those Jewish Women, Etty Hiillesum and Simone Weil, lived in the Diaspora and were apologetic about Christianity. I ran to YisraEl for refuge from Christianity and the horrid societies is produces.
My work seeks no reconciliation with Christianity. I correct Christianity’s distortions and do not fall prey to them.
My work is fully and authentically Jewish. Jewish and nothing else. My work is pure Judaism and any claim that might be made otherwise would be mendacious and malicious.
I will not become another “female Jewish mystic” who the Catholic, or any, church claims affinity with. I am not a mystic at all. I learn Torah. True Torah has nothing to do with mysticism or “spirituality”. It is all about creating Reality in accordance with God’s Will. True Torah learning is the translation of what is written in Torah into Actuality.
Any similar claim to my work on the part of any Christian after I die is a counterfeit and a disgrace to my work, which is dictated by my God, and to The One And Only God of YisraEl.
So, let my state while I live: No church has any claim to my work. They may learn from me, but not associate me with their distortions.

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