A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


There are no rituals ceremonies or symbolic actions in Torah.

Torah is the Book of Life. Those Jews who learn and understand Torah correctly bring Life into Being, they bring Being itself into Being.

Those who see ceremonies, rituals and symbols in Torah not reading Torah correctly because the blood issuing from their Hearts is impure and they do not see what is written clearly.

If someone sees rituals in Torah and/or the Figures in Torah as being someone else who lived long ago and far away, that person has been relegated to the outer courtyard and is nowhere near Kodesh HaKedoshim. That person is nowhere near actualizing HaShem’s Will in the Creation.

In fact, it is making Torah into rituals, ceremonies and symbolic actions that *creates the world of illusion*. Understand this. Every time you put on t’fellin; you remove yourself from true Torah and create the space in which illusion can take hold – because you are deluding yourself. You are running away from Malkhut David. I will prove this to you, with HaShem’s Help.

ישראל = 541 = ראשי יהודה = המצות = הממכלות = אנחנו בית דוד

 בית דוד חזק = הנני בית דוד = רעיתי תמתי = 1540 = 541 =

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