A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


No, I never really thought that government can be corrected. I knew that thinking so is a stage that many must pass through on the way to SOVEREIGNTY.

I know that most of you do not read Hebrew and have no idea what Torah really says and what the Kingdom of David is. Even many people who did read Hebrew don’t really understand it. So, I’ll tell you: It is all about Sovereignty. It is all about self-rule.

Government is the reification of our own refusal to gain self-mastery on the level necessary to be sovereign. As Jung rightly said: If an inner conflict or problem or weakness is not addressed effectively, it will show up as an outside circumstance. Government is one such outside circumstance.

Government is a punishment for refusing to be self-controlled, self-disciplined and living embodiments of Morality. Government can never be righteous. Government can never be pleasant. Government can never be honest – because it our own dishonesty and refusal to be Moral that generates it.

Those who criticize government are certainly better off than those so comatose that they are not even struggling. But those who would “clean up” government are like one who, seeing a smudge on their face in the mirror, goes to clean the mirror, which is an understandable error – the first time. However, when the smudge is still there, they clean the mirror more vigorously, then with a stronger cleaning agent and so on…until the folly of their behavior dawns on them. And they go and wash their own face.

It is a blessing that government is unkind. Were it easy on us we would never learn to be Sovereign. Were government pleasant, we would never do the legwork necessary to attain that level of self-discipline. Were government rational we would never plumb the depths of our our Minds. Were government not corrupt, we would never develop the self-control and self-refinement needed to be Sovereign and would live our lives as someone who has healthy legs, but insists on wearing braces.

He or She who conquers their own Mind and Heart – and that includes their subconscious – is far greater than any President or PM or King.
No one can do this for you. No one can save you from your own weaknesses, folly and sin because they are what cloud your consciousness and make you think you need a savior or a President or a King or a PM.
Know this. Accept it. It is the Truth that will set you free.

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