A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


Benoit Mandlbrot was a nice Jewish boy who had a traditional, Orthodox Jewish education.

Like many Jews who made breakthrough discoveries, Mandelbrot described his understanding mathematically such that many would be receptive to it.

But mathematicians will tell you that it is hard for them to describe what a fractal really is.

That is because it is not mathematical. It is Hebrew Alpha-Numerical.

One and the same Meta-Vision exists on an infinity of levels.

The various levels, are various iterations of God’s vision on various moral levels.

On the various levels they take on various forms and configurations.

It is not that the same shape repeats endlessly, getting infinitely larger and infinitely smaller, but remaining the same shape and containing endless iterations of that one shape in itself.

It is not that mathematical formulae produce “sacred geometry”.

The Gematriot of the Hebrew language create the various forms.

In that way it becomes clear that YisraEl can be the Right Eye, The Torah, The Land, One of our Progenitors and the People [Pupil] of YisraEl.

None of those expressions are in any way contradictory. They are not metaphorical. They are entirely actual on various levels of moral interpretation.

Those various levels are not being integrated. The gradation is less being marked by definitely demarcated level.

The Light of Wisdom of God’s Vision is reaching down to the very lowest levels. The Light of God’s Wisdom has now reached the abyss of the abyss and is illuminating it.

Keep your eye on the Mariana Trench.

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