A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

It helps to view being born Jewish like being born rich. Being born Jewish means being born into a Family of tremendous moral wealth.


As a rich Child, I was born with an advantage. But so long as I am a child, contributing very little, the wealth in which I live is not mine, but my Parents’ and Grandparent’ and so on.

Having very rich Parents, I am taught how to make wealth when I come into my own, but if I am not careful I can squander the wealth that was accumulated over many generations. If I do that, not only will I be poor, but I will have squandered that which others worked so very hard for. If I do that, I am a disgrace to the Dynasty into which I was fortunate to be born.

The Jews who think that they are automatically tremendously wealthy morally, but have done little to contribute to the wealth by actually devoting their blood, sweat and tears to making Peace, are like snotty rich kids. And they are likely to be the first to fritter the wealth away and become disgraceful to the whole Family.

Let us not presume that we are automatically morally great because we were born into a morally fabulously rich home.

Those of us who have not actively made Peace, have not worked at Peace over many years and decades, have taken no personal risks for Peace are not contributing to Jewish wealth and are a disgrace.

They are the first to think that anyone who criticizes them is automatically wrong and to think that if they are not at Peace with their neighbors, it’s the neighbors’ whole fault.

Let us not say: Hey, I’m a Jew! I’m all about Peace automatically. I don’t have to lift a finger for Peace. I’m rich!

I see too many Jews walking around with that attitude. They are the Valley girls of the moral world.

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