A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues

Let’s understand what this means:


Small Jewish boys are inducted into learning Talmud. Instead of learning Torah and breathing the World that Torah learning would create, they are creating Babylon.
Understand this! Understand it well. Understand that Jewish boys have been forced into the slavery of creating Babylon for the rabbis who rebelled against the Prophets.
In order to keep them enslaved as they grow they are told: “If it were not for the Talmud we wouldn’t know how to do the Mitzvot.” Really? We, Israel, are the Mitzvot, the living, breathing Mitzvot. Torat Moshe tells us how to be the very holiest and best Mitzvot that we can be IFF we know how to read Hebrew correctly. The rabbis have also discouraged the use of gematriot and other means of interpreting Hebrew alpha-mathematically, calling them “flourishes” to “the real thing” and they also learn in Aramaic a great deal, instead of exclusively in Hebrew.
This is the world you live in! The laws of nature that they create serve as the basis of the laws that states can devise to torment and enslave us.
The laws of nature are not supposed to be this way and would not be this way if the rabbis were not learning their Babylonian witchcraft and, worst of all, forcing the Children to work for them.

What I have just described to you is the real truth of this scene from the Matrix movie – only it’s much, much worse.



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