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THE SECRET FAMILY” – Expose describing how Israeli Judges are flown to “courses” where they are totally immersed in George Soros Brainwash Vats

George Soros is in control of training Israel’s most strategically-placed judges. Soros founded The New Israel Fund, which jets Israeli judges who are slated to advance to important positions to training courses, where they are totally immersed in the Soros way of thinking and are wined and dined. Soros gets full support in this program from the most influential former head of the Supreme Court of Israel – Aharon Barak, who, like Soros, is a deeply-traumatized survivor of the Holocaust who deals with his trauma by identifying with those who persecuted the Jews. While George Soros may be the most extreme case of Stockholm Syndrome in the world, Aharon Barak, who endorses Soros’ courses for judges ran by his New Israel Fund, is not far behind.

Please, translate this most important expose from 2010, the title of which is “The Secret Family” and you’ll see just how deeply compromised the entire judicial system is and will see immediately what the ramifications of this compromise necessarily are. Imagine what it is to be a Jew in the state that masquerades as Israel and to fall afoul of the Soros-funded and inspired court system in this state.

Would a Jewish Democratic state keep a law from the Ottoman Empire on the books that makes insulting any public servant punishable with 6 months in jail? We may criticize the elected officials, but not the lifers, not the paid public officials. The Deep State agents are buried among their ranks. Judges are not elected in Israel. They choose one another in very secretive proceedings.

Aharon Barak stated publicly that he is against any reforms in the choosing of judges in the State of Israel (a system said to be less democratic than its counterpart in Iran) because they are a *family* and only those who belong the *family*, are loyal to its objectives and operate in its spirit are able to be judges in this state. Yes, he actually said that just recently. We have moral Jews languishing in jail for the “high crime” of being moral and speaking out against Child Trafficking in the state that masquerades as Israel.

Here you have it: “The Secret Family” of the state that presumes to call itself Israel while deliberately and systematically disgracing everything Holy and precious to the Jews in the eyes of the Peoples and Nations and works tirelessly to destroy the Jews behind the smoke screen they generate.


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