A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


The Hebrew word that is translated, incorrectly, as death is מות. It is numerically equal to the Hebrew word האמת, which means The Truth. It is also equal to the Hebrew phrase הכל ישועה, everything is Yeshuah – everything is God’s Issue (Yeshuah should not be translated as “salvation”, but as Issue – that to which God gives birth.. There is no death in the Hebrew Torah – the true Torah – only ultimate Truth, which is God’s ongoing Birth (Birth is Brith – Covenant).

I’ve been watching videos about death at hospices and near death experiences. Those are the same experiences that one who learns Torah properly has every day – except that we understand them more deeply and understand the meanings of the experiences past the sensory input of the experiences. We enjoy the sensory experience, but are not limited to it. We understand what it is an expression of.It is a shame that people wait to die to find the ultimate Truth. It is the belief that we must die to get to that level that causes it to be so and delays the experience and brings death as most people know it. Understand this. Those who are absolutely convinced that we must die do die as a function of their belief. It is the incorrect interpretation of the book people think is “Genesis” that causes them to die. They think God is saying they have to. So, they do! Understand this. You die because you are utterly convinced that you must. Understand this and live!We are supposed to find the Ultimate Truth while we live. Those who do, don’t die in the sense that it is normally, and quite incorrectly, understood. You will experience what you believe The Ultimate Truth to be. Believe that it is death and you will die. Believe that it is simply the Ultimate Truth and that will be your eternal experience.

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