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The equivocation between HaSatan and Lucifer was deliberate.

Lucifer is the bringer or, more correctly, the bringers of light. The quality and quantity physical light that is available to us is a function of how much Wisdom we allow ourselves to see. Wisdom generates physical light. The Prophets were the bringers of the light of HaShem’s word and the light in which HaShem can be seen, which are both the light itself. The light is generated by Joy and is Joy. The light is also all power. To diminish the Joy of the Jews, was to diminish the light available to the world and to diminish the ability of the Jews to bring about good in the world. This is what the rabbis did, quite deliberately and in a most systematic manner. I will demonstrate this, with God’s help, with the gematriot – which those of you reading my WordPress blog can find on the link at the end of this writing and on Blogger, will be directly below this writing.

The root in Hebrew that means Prophecy is נבא. Together, the value is נג, which is 53. This is the value of the Hebrew word מביא, which is to bring.

The value 53, נג, that of the Hebrew root נבא, which is the root of Prophecy, would be pronounced very much like the English word nag. And nag the Prophets do. Prophecy is the Hebrew word נבואה, pronounced Nevuah. It is a Feminine word. It is equal to 64, which is the gamatria of the word מידי, which is both from my hand, or from my hands and immediately.

HaNevuah, הנבואה. which means Prophecy itself, is equal to 69 and that is the value of the Hebrew word אבינו, which is translated as our Father – but which actually contains the identity of not only the Father and the Son, but I, and all of us, as well as the identity with the Mother, as I’ve already demonstrated, but will, with God’s help, show again below this post.

Prophecy comes from the level of God as Mother. The Name אלהים, pronounced Elohim, is actually Mother. The Rabbis hid that. They teach that Elohim is the name of the Judges, which is true, but the gematria of the Judges in Hebrew, השופטים, is 1010, which is the same as העתיקה הקדושה, the Ancient Holy One *in the Feminine*. In fact, the gematria of the Name אלהים is 646, which would be written מום, and is pronounced Mom in English. Another substitution that also equals 646 is מותר – pronounced Mother. Elohim is God as Mother. So is the Holy Name of four letters. I’ll show all this below in Hebrew, with God’s help.

Prophecy comes from the level of God as Mother, which is higher than the level of God as Father. The rabbis pay some lip service to the fact that the two highest levels of Heaven are reserved for righteous women, but they would rather isolate them there so as not to hear their nagging, morally demanding, voices. The rabbis do not want to hear the voice of Mother, or Daughter, for the simple reason that it is the Voice of high morality. (The Talmud relates a narrative of the rabbis ignoring the Voice of the Daughter and relegating it to Heaven, not letting it find a place on Earth with them even though they know Her decision is correct.)

Like every Mother scared out of their wits that her Child will hurt himself or herself, God’s voice of advice becomes admonition if it is not heeded while it is still in the form of gentle advice. The voice of the gentle advice of Wisdom is the Garden of Eden. The wise hear, heed and act in accordance with God’s Voice while is it still gentle. The trees עצים, in the Garden are the עצות (teaching of advice) of God and their tastes are all sweet.

If She is not listened to, God as Mother resorts to warning. Here her tones are not longer euphonious and sweet. She begins to sound bitter and her voice rankles. Her tones become ever more strident if she is not listened to and her advice becomes threat, threatening to reject the Child and, finally, putting the Child out of the House so that they don’t damage the entire House if the situation becomes that dire. That is what happened between God, the Mother and the rabbis.

If we have left the Garden, in order to return, we have to hear the Voice of God as sweet once again. One must trust in God’s love enough to be able to hear the love even in the admonition, even in the threats, even when She says: You are not my Child! I don’t recognize you as my own! Get out of this House! A loving Child knows that, in Her heart, She does not mean the things she says as they sound outwardly and wants the Child to stay more than the Child wants to stay. But there are rules of conduct that one must abide by in order to remain home. A Child cannot be allowed to destroy the House. The rabbis could not abide by the rules of conduct to live in God’s House. They were outed from the House and, instead of making their way back, found that Babylon was more to their liking than the Holy Land of YisraEl, wherein God’s Law reigns supreme.

The rabbis set out to shut up the Female voice, which is the higher voice of God, and associated the Feminine with evil. They did not distinguish between bitter and bad. Anything they found not to their liking was taken to be bad. They didn’t go so far as to say that the Prophets, who were bringing the message of the light of God’s true word, were evil. They wouldn’t dare to be that outrageous. They simply said that Prophecy no longer exists (as though the eternal can cease to exist!) and taught the doctrine of what Lucifer and HaSatan in such a manner that no one would dare approach the light of Prophecy for fear of being in cahoots with Lucifer and Satanic.

The rabbis forbade certain modes of thinking that would have led the Jews back to Prophecy and understanding Torah correctly. They intentionally taught distorted interpretation and they changed the definitions of some of the terms in Torah too. They didn’t change the Text. They didn’t have that much chutzpah. They just applied negative connotations where they did not belong, as I explained in other threads.

So, the rabbis, in order to live in their artificial world of Babylon, made a mish-mash of shutting up the Feminine voice and strongly discouraging women from learning Torah, forbidding Women to teach Torah to men, absolutely forbidding Women to determine Torah law, and equating the Female with evil in order to shut down the Prophetic tradition.

The rabbis completely distorted the narrative between Chava [Eve] and HaNachash [HaMashiach] in order to keep us out of the Garden wherein the truest light of God is found. We were never “run out” of the garden. The root גרש, equaling 503, which the rabbis teach means to run out, is actually באשר, meaning with Joy – and is found in the first word of Torah בראשית. If we add the letter ה to that root, the value becomes 508. That is the value of the word dawn. That is why Lucifer became associated with the coming of the dawn. Within that light of Joy are the secrets of the Creation and formation and this is what the rabbis wanted us to forget utterly. So, they associated it all of the knowledge that leads to knowing how to create and form with Lucifer. I’ll show some of the correct interpretations, employing the gematriot, with God’s help below. I cannot show all as I am quite sure that I will be greatly misunderstood. Little by little, I hope, with God’s permission, guidance and help, to show the whole truth of these matters. For the time being, I cannot, as the rabbis, Christians, Muslims and Satanists have all so obstructed the light that it must be brought back into our consciousness gradually or we will surely go off half-cocked. My best advice at this point is to jettison your unhappiness and work on being happy independent of any circumstances. When we can do that, we have gained the self-mastery necessary to begin to learn about Creation and Formation.

Rabbinic tradition was, and is, calculated with the utmost sophistication to keep us in the dark. Today, most rabbis take the teachings they are given as truth and are not aware that they are in a control grid preventing them from seeing Torah Truth. But some know this. They are the ones known as “Masons”. Why do they call themselves Masons? Because the Hebrew word בונה, builder or mason, is equal to the Hebrew word נביא, meaning Prophet. They are both putting themselves in the place of the Holy Prophets and scaring us away from Prophecy by making us associate Masonry with evil. In fact, the Prophets are the Builders of the Temple – which is not a building in which odd ceremonies are performed, but a World so pure and strong and good that God can dwell in the actuality of it. I showed that the gematria of נביא is that of בונה under the entry נביא, with God’s help.

It is only in the mud of Babylon that the rabbis can maintain control. It is only if we are unhappy that we do not have access to the light directly, which is Joy itself and is the power to create and form all. In the Holy Land of YisraEl God reigns supreme. Babylon is not a geographic place, neither is Eretz YisraEl – they are states of consciousness determined by our moral structure and we take them with us wherever we go. Everywhere the rabbis learn Babylonian heresy is Babylon – even if they are sitting in the Old City of Yerushalayim, they take the dirt of Babylon with them in their shoes. And so it is with Yerushalayim. If we are living the moral lives that generate Yerushalayim, we take it with us wherever we go and everywhere become Yerushalayim.

The rabbis knew that Women are closer to Prophecy than men. They knew that Women would be able to see the love in the voice of the Prophets even when they berated and even threatened us with rejection because the Prophets sound so much like we Mothers sound when we feel our Children are in danger and are not listening to reason and we begin to become desperate to save them.

It is absolutely essential that *wise* Women determine Torah law. The Name Sarah, which equals 505 is הלכה למעשה. Women are constantly told by the rabbis that none of us reach the level of Sarah our Mother, but the rabbis also teach that the Mother and the Daughter are identical – which is true. So, every Jewish Woman is identical with Sarah Our Mother. If only we are not demoralized and bullied and made to believe we are good for nothing but drudgery, we can all return to the level that is called שרה. Please see the gematriot of the Name שרה.

In order to reach the level of Prophecy one must be able to see the light and love of God in the harshest words of the Prophets. Only when we can see through that mask can we see through every mask – and Women are best suited to do just that because we put on that very same mask when we have to discipline Children who are endangering themselves and can’t, or won’t, be reasoned with.

The rabbinical tradition has given birth to three ugly daughters: Christianity, Islam and Satanism. All of them derive from the rabbis’ intentional misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the Bringers of the Light – who are the Holy Prophets, not “Lucifer”.

The rabbis didn’t start out being evil. They were weak. They could not hack the moral rigors of true Prophetic Torah. But, as Justice Brandeis observed, weakness is the progenitor of evil. One has to be strong to be Holy and the rabbis do not possess that strength. So, their interpretations and their progeny become ever more corrupted.

The rabbis wanted a watered-down version of Torah – so they could get some sweetness of Torah flavor, and have some of the power, but not bear the full burden of the yoke of creating a holy world. Rabbinic teachings bear the same relationship to Torah as does a can of orange-flavored soda, that has 5% chemically preserved orange juice in, bears to a real, organic orange. We are not meant to settle for the taste of a few artificially preserved drops that have been unnaturally sweetened that vaguely remind us of the real fruit and think that if we drink more and more of it, our thirst for Truth will eventually be satisfied. We won’t be satisfied. We will be poisoned – and have been.

The only way to eradicate the horrors of Christianity, Islam and Satanism from the world is to return to the Torah of Moshe as interpreted by our Holy Prophets and that means recognizing the rabbinic establishment for the impediment to holiness and happiness and truth that it is.


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