A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


To all those lost in translation:

wow. Yet again, I was reading some of the really and sincerely anti-Semitic, oops I mean anti-Zionist, comments one sees in the internet every day.

For the information of those who are willing and able to be deprogrammed: It is the People of Israel who are occupied in the state that calls itself Israel. That state is what Theodor Herzl called “the final solution”. It is supposed to put an end to Jewish morality and the true Torah once and for all. 80-90% of “the Palestinians” are Hebrews who were forcibly converted to Islam and some to Christianity as well. See the research of Tsvi Misinai.

It’s not working though. What is actually happening is that the real Jews are coming out of the trance of the Babylonian Talmud (which was written by the same rabbinic heretics and renegades who wrote the intentional mistranslations of HaBrit HaChadash that you know as “the new testament”) and we are returning to true Torah and the true Land of Israel. Those mistranslations are the “template” of the corrupted Earth we have been living on. When they are pronounced, the vapor of your breath becomes the concrete reality, the obdurate horror we have been living. We are few, but HaShem is with us.We are returning to the learning of genuine Torah and, in so doing, the breath we breathe is creating the Earth that God is God’s original Vision of Earth.

All of the lies are about to be cleared away, the thick crust that was laid over the Land of Israel (the Talmud and “the new testament”) and both being broken up and the true Brit HaChadashah – renewed Terra (Torah made into actual Land) is about to be revealed in all its holy pristine purity. In this Generation, the rectification of all of the Generations is even now taking place and you can enjoy it and live in Heaven on Earth eternally or be plowed under. Free will is granted. That is the true Tziyyon. That is what you are never supposed to know is real Torah and that is why you’ve been taught to blaspheme and curse Tziyyon with all of your ignorant hate speech about Zion.

The breath of hatred that issues from your own mouth and nostrils creates impenetrable barriers between you and the Holy Land that is even now begin revealed. You will be lost in the floods and volcanoes if you continue to hate. Earth is renewing herself and becoming a fitting Mirror for God. The abstract, spiritual principles and ideals that once existed only in Heaven are becoming terra firma – actual, physical Torah.

If you do not contribute to that purification, if you hate and speak ill of true Israel to whom you own every moral thing you have ever learned, if you do not admit that in every generation morality has only continued to exist because of a few moral Jews who kept the world from being sunk in mire – you will be lost in the mistranslation of your “new testament” and you will be erased. Have mercy on yourselves and stop blowing ill wind all over your creation. You will reap the whirlwind and wind up in FEMA camps. You already are.

I don’t expect you all to be able to understand what I am saying to you, which is true Torah as only a few Jews in every generation are able to see it – but at least stop hating and recognize the pure Jews when you see them.

You owe your very existence to them. Know this for a certainty. They are your Yeshuah. There is no other.

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