A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues


I am transgender. I am neuter-gender inside, always was. I do not have either a male or a female thinking pattern or emotional structure. I live in the female body I was born in without dysphoria, for the most part, except when I’m expected to react in a specifically female way and can’t and then people don’t understand why I’m not reacting as expected. If I woke up male one day; I’d make a comfortable adjustment after the initial surprise.
So, I *know* Transgender is a real thing – because Tag! – I’m it.
Now that I’ve laid out my Trans bona fides I’ll get to the point: Most transgenderism is engineered and bullshit and dangerous and society needs to take this bull by the horns for the sake of the Children. Real Transgenders are rare. I personally know *one* woman whom I accept as a true M-T-F transgender and consider her a Soul Sister. She was trans long before it was a trend – before anyone talked about it, as I was.
This is a program of the cruelest abuse and infliction of mutilation, population reduction and crazy-making. This is being used as the poster cause to keep real economic issues from being dealt with. All of the “liberals” and “progressives” are being steered to this issue. What bathroom someone pees in is a more hotly contested issue than homelessness and wars for profit and illness for profit and….
This has to stop. It’s beyond sick and cruel.
There is a difference between being open-minded and having one’s brains being knocked out and spilled over the floor. Know when you’re being played and Children are being cruelly, perhaps irreversibly, compromised and damaged.
Listen to me now: Children are being mutilated and emotionally and psychologically tortured to the purpose of controlling society. Going along with the encouraging kids to be transgender agenda isn’t being progressive or liberal or living and letting live or being sensitive or unconditional love. It’s being a zombie.

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