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Sof in Hebrew in end in the meaning of absolute completion.
From Sof derives the name Sophia.

Let us understand it as in Torah:

Sof is usually used in the term Ein Sof, which means no end – unending.

The Hebrew word Ein is equal to 711, which is the value of the word Ishti – which means My Wife. Ein Sof, the Unending, is Sof My Wife.

Now the name Eve in Hebrew is Chava. Her Name is equal to 19, which is the value of the word hogeh or hogah, which means to meditate or to meditate in learning. You can hear that Hoga sounds like Hagia.

The Greeks called Holy Wisdom Hagia Sophia.

Hagiah in Hebrew is meditative learning and refers specifically to learning Torah. Hagiah Sophia would be meditating on the absolute completion of God’s wisdom.

The Name Yishayahu (Isaiah) is equal to 401, which is the word את – You in Hebrew in the female singular. It is the Aleph and the Tav – the Beginning and the End. When we reach the level of being absorbed into ultimate Wisdom, we come את – the Aleph and the Tav.

And Solomon said:

Give me now wisdom and knowledge, that I may go out and come in before this people; for who can judge this Thy people, that is so great?’

And Elohim said to Solomon: ‘Because this was in thy heart, and thou hast not asked riches, wealth, or honour, nor the life of them that hate thee, neither yet hast asked long life, but hast asked wisdom and knowledge for thyself, that thou mayest judge My people, over whom I have made thee king;
– Chronicles II 1:10-11

This is The Way. This the the Bat Kol – the Feminine Voice of God. In Hebrew the word for Wisdom is Chokhmah – the power of God in the Female.


There are no ceremonies in Torah. Life does not do ceremonial simulations of Itself.

Ask HaShem for Wisdom, as did Shlomo ben David, and it will be given to you – as it was to Shlomo ben David. You will understand the real meaning of doing the Mitzvot and you will do them as part of your normal Walk of Life which will become increasingly more loving and accepting of all that Lives, pure, holy, true and meaningful – even as it comes naturally to you. You will also be granted Sovereignty and everything you need to maintain Sovereignty.

Ask the Rabbis to teach you the minutiae of their made-up ceremonies and you will be living the same obsessive-compulsive, frustrating, unnerving, ultimately meaningless simulation that they are and you will need the same put-on of total self-assurance to cover your self-doubt that they do.

Have Compassion for the Rabbis and want them to do real Tshuvah with all your Heart. But, for God’s sake and yours, don’t be fooled by their cultured personae and techniques of public speaking, do not learn from them and do not emulate them. Above all, do not internalize their dark interpretations of Torah.

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