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OK, Folks. Heads Up. This is a leg up.

The Hebrew word HaAretzot means the lands. It is numerically equal to the value 702, which is the value of Ben (Son) and Shabbat and the phrase You returned.

If I add the letter Vav to it, it becomes V’HaAretzot, which means and the lands. An anagram of that is HaOtzarot – which means the treasures. Now, the value of that is 708, which is the value of the words Shvut (returning) and Toshav (a resident).

The Hebrew word Lashonot means languages or tongues. It is equal to 792, which is also the value of Yeshuot – all manners of Salvation. That value is equal to the phrase a Son is born. It is also equal to born in the lands. But it is also equal to exist in the lands perpetually.

The word Ger is equal to 203, which is the value of the word Bara – the root that means to create. Because the letter Aleph is equal to both 1 and 1000, the name Ger is also equal to the expression Em Em, which means the Mother of the Mother.

The Hebrew word HaGerim (the plural of Ger) in equal to 818, which is the value of the word T’chait – which means the resurrection.

The phrase the resurrection of the dead is T’chiat HaMetim. But the word HaMetim, which is translated as ‘dead’ is an anagram of the word HaTamim – the perfect ones.

The resurrection is the returning of the perfected ones to their lands of origin – their Mother Mother lands – the roots of their Soul (Soil).

And now we know what the prophecy of the Son being born really means. It is the Salvation of the Gerim, all of the tongues in all of the lands returning to the lands from which they were hewn, with the treasure they have gleaned.

Your Diaspora has come to a completion too. You too are returning to the Mother Mother lands in which your Soul (Soil) originated.

Proofs in Hebrew on my Hebrew blogs. You’ll find them right below this post.



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