A different take on Israel and Other Important Issues



The time has come for the Redemption of the Jewish People from the heresy of the Babylonian Talmud and Babylonian avodah zarah. This material World that HaShem created for us and so dearly desires a Home in is not a simulation, not a trial, not an anteroom. Our Lives are not practice sessions.

This is the highest Heavens on Earth. This World is HaShem’s greatest accomplishment. It is infinitely higher and infinitely greater than any spiritual world. We are not here to do weird ceremonial re-enactments of Life. We are not here to suffer and await a better world “in heaven”. We are in the highest Heaven and we are meant to rejoice in it in Holiness. But the rabbis would not have it so.

This World is not a test and it is not a practice run. We are here to live Life in holiness and Torah teaches us how to do just that.

HaMikdash is our Bodies, our Societies and everything we build in holiness to be shared with one another. That the rabbis do not understand that the World to Come is the World that is always Coming and they do not see Who is coming to us continuously to deliver this magnificent Gift to us Personally is because they have rubbed their eyes in Babylonian mud so that Eretz YisraEl does not touch them and they do not see it or feel it – though they are smack, dab in it.

It is not enough that you have destroyed the Jewish People. Because of your lying teachings my People did not know that we are the Masters of the Material World, because you kept that knowledge from us from the times we are helpless Children. So they died in their many millions in the Material World never knowing they could save themselves. Now you want to bring your horrors to the B’nei No’ach too.

The witchcraft of the Babylonian Talmud has taken innumerable Souls and Bodies out of this world by treating it as a trial run. Only the worst kind of ingrate cannot see the holiness of this World. And you rabbis, you purveyors of prozbul and heter mekhirah, will make an accounting to HaShem and to all the Souls and Bodies that you have harmed with your witchcraft by busying them with meaningless ceremonies instead of teaching them that We are The Temple. I promise you. You will stand before all of our Holy Mothers and Fathers and Prophets and you will tell them why you sold their Children to Ba’al.


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